How Does Rock Music Sound Like?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

When people talk about rock music, they usually refer to three main components: lyrics, melody, and rhythm. These are all important parts of any song, but how much weight each part carries depends largely on what type of song it is and who is listening!

Music that sounds like other types of music is typically referred to as “referential” or “generic” music. Songs that too closely imitate one genre or style can be hard for some listeners to enjoy because they feel out-of-place.

Other songs with strong melodies and rhythms include features such as guitar solos, bass drops, and/or vocal acrobatics which make them sound more unique. Part of this uniqueness comes from the instruments used in the recording and the artist’s personal stylistic touches, but also due to the genre the band fits into.

If you ever wonder why someone may not like a particular song, try to determine if it is because of the reference it makes to another genre, whether it is its instrumentation or what the artist adds to the mix to make it special.

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