How Effective Is Songwriting As A Tool For Change?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Changing how you talk about yourself can help you achieve your goals. Starting with your own personal narrative is one of the best ways to do that. Your personal narrative is what people know about you, whether written or spoken.

The thing about narratives is they’re easy to insert into other stories. A story about someone who has done something great will always be told along the same basic beats: person, action, reaction.

So if you want to learn more about self-help books, start looking at those tellers of tales. And if you want to write your own tale, get writing!

Songwriting is an excellent way to do this. By using music as a form, it becomes much easier to connect with others while also expressing yourself.

This article will discuss some tools and strategies for changing how you narrate your own life’s journey via songs. You are welcome to use these in any way you like, either as a standalone tool or as part of a larger system.

Examples of songwriting for change

how effective is songwriting as a tool for change

Changing your life can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. You’re constantly fighting yourself or things that are not working, and it takes a lot of effort to push through.

Changing external forces is one thing, but changing what you’re doing with your own life is another.

It’s hard to get past the first stage, which is just starting to put some efforts into improving your lifestyle. Once you do that, the next step is figuring out how to motivate yourself to keep going beyond the initial changes.

That’s where music comes in.

Music has long been used to enhance motivation, and studies have shown that it can be effective at changing behaviors. It works by altering brain chemistry and psychology, and most people recognize some songs from early on.

This article will discuss several examples of using music to promote healthy changes. These include changing what type of workout you want to do, giving up something you enjoy, and investing in better health. All of these apply to any individual, and can be done at any time.

Ways to be more intentional with your songwriting

how effective is songwriting as a tool for change

A few things can get in the way of writing effective songs that help you achieve your goals. For example, when you’re trying to write an inspiring track, there may not enough motivation to do so.

You could feel tired or stressed out, which makes it hard to devote time to writing. You might also have no clear goal for the song, making it difficult to focus on what should be done next.

When you’re in this state of mind, effective songwriting is almost impossible! Luckily, here are some ways to increase your effectiveness at songwriting so that you’ll always have something to say and use those words wisely.

Connecting with your audience through songwriting

how effective is songwriting as a tool for change

Writing songs is a great way to connect with other people. Yours may be more powerful than you think!

Writing songs is an effective tool for changing attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs. After all, music has been around for centuries as a motivating force for change.

Music can motivate you to do things such as exercise or eat healthier foods. It can also inspire you to achieve goals that matter to you — like quitting something harmful you’re investing in.

And yes, it’s totally possible to use this tool to promote positive changes in yourself and others.

In this article, we will discuss some strategies for using songwriting to help you learn more about yourself and improve your life. We’ll look at how effective songwriting can be when used for motivational purposes.

I’ve compiled a few examples of songs that were written with inspiration to create inspiring messages. If you’re looking to push yourself to make big changes in your life, these songs can serve as a starting point or motivation boost.

Taking control of your music business

how effective is songwriting as a tool for change

A lot of people get stuck in a rut with their songwriting process. They may have spent years writing songs that no one ever heard, or they may write only songs that are already popular and thus do not push them to create new material.

If you’re in this boat then it is time to break out of that mold. It’s time to start writing what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Writing your own songs is a great way to do this. Not only can you use the lyrics yourself, but your melodies and rhythms can be re-used and adapted to fit any genre.

This article will talk about some ways to get started writing your own songs and promoting them online.

Connecting with your audience through storytelling

how effective is songwriting as a tool for change

As we mentioned, song writing is an effective tool in changing attitudes about something or someone. Using songs to connect with other people’s emotions can create strong reactions that motivate them to action.

This was seen during The Beatles‘ final tour when fans expressed grief at their breakup while they sang along to various tracks. Then John Lennon would emerge onstage with his signature white shirt unbuttoned to show off his bandolier of guns!

In another example, music has been used effectively to promote socially responsible behaviors like recycling and vegetarianism. Many musicians use their lyrics to appeal to our emotional sides by telling stories about issues such as environment damage, poverty, or violence against animals.

These messages get stuck in our heads because they are word-for-word reflections of how these problems make us feel. Therefore, they influence our actions.

Use creativity to inspire change

Changing how you talk about yourself can help you feel better about your career, self-image, and relationships. When you discuss your skills and abilities, you start by thinking of things that you like doing and then work from there.

Talking about yourself in a positive way is more effective than saying nothing or criticizing yourself harshly.

It’s much easier to be kind to yourself than to be unkind!

When you begin with “I am so good at _________” you are probably going to leave out the part where most people get stuck — they lack confidence in their ability to do something related to their field.

Maybe you’re not sure if other people find you interesting enough. Or maybe you don’t have the courage to pursue your dreams because you think it will cost you money or prestige.

Whatever the reason, silence becomes a problem once you reach your goal.

So you spend all day every day dreaming about what you could be doing instead of actually doing it. It creates a vicious cycle that doesn’t break until you give up.

Effective songwriters know that songs can motivate us and push us towards our goals. That’s why we often hear music while working or studying.

Using lyrics to strengthen your psychology degree or business thesis might be another way to refresh your motivation.

Here are some examples of using songs to promote personal growth.

Take action to make change happen

how effective is songwriting as a tool for change

Changing your life does not usually start with a big announcement or a dramatic event. It is typically made of small, consistent actions over a long period of time.

Changing how you treat someone else will take more than telling them their bad behavior is wrong. It will take you doing something different every day that they would know about.

It will take you being there when they try to do things that would hurt them- like calling them names or throwing things at them.

It will take you ignoring their calls and messages so they feel isolated and lonely.

It will take you refusing to be around them so they don’t get the chance to hurt you anymore.

All these little actions add up and help you keep yourself separate from people who no longer have control over you.

Your patience and resilience are what keeps you strong. You’ll need both to show other people it’s okay to lose control over you.

Focus on what you want to see happen

how effective is songwriting as a tool for change

A lot of people try writing songs about how life is a struggle, or how things are never going to change. This kind of song can be catchy and well-written, but they fail to stick with you.

It’s like if I wanted to buy a car, and the lyrics in the music were “I need my space to move away, there’s too much stress here” — obviously, that would not make me want to get into a car with this person!

We have to go through a process of changing ourselves before we can really expect to see a difference in our lives. It’s similar to trying to lose weight — you cannot truly hope to achieve your goal until you address your diet first.

You must do something to shift your eating habits before you will ever consider it as a success. The same goes for quitting smoking – you cannot say you succeeded unless you also took action by avoiding places where you usually smoke, buying new cigarettes, etc.

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