How I Rock King Von Apple Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

As we all know, music is a powerful medium that can influence us for good or bad. It touches our hearts, motivates us to do things, and helps shape who we are as people.

Music has always been an integral part of my life. My parents would always play classic rock songs in the car when I was little, which helped me develop my love for music.

I also grew up listening to lots of hip hop and R&B songs, so I have strong roots in both genres.

As I got older, I started exploring other types of music such as jazz, blues, funk, alternative, and more. I still actively listen to all these styles and consider myself very well-rounded!

Since I had already developed an ear for music at a young age, it made sense to learn how to make my own. So I did! In high school, I learned how to write my own songs, recording them and mixing them down using GarageBand. (Note: You don’t need to be professional level to produce your own songs!)

After college, I didn’t really focus too much on production skills since I loved what I was doing already. But now that I am a working musician, producing my own music is something I enjoy doing.

Update your listening preferences

how i rock king von apple music

A lot of people start off with music streaming services by choosing the “Free” option at first. This is great if you are new to streaming or need to try out the service before investing in a paid account.

However, being free comes with some limitations. Some of these include limited song choices, no high quality audio, and only certain types of music (no indie or rock songs).

Listen to a lot of music

how i rock king von apple music

There’s an app for that! With all of your devices linked through iTunes, you can take advantage of some features built right into the service. You can stream music, create playlists and add songs to favorites from anywhere, easily and quickly.

By adding an extra level of organization to your music collection, it becomes much easier to find what you’re looking for.

For example, say you want to listen to something upbeat after work. Create a playlist called “After Work Beats” and add some tracks to it. Then, every time you get in the car, turn on the radio or whatever device you use to listen to music, hit refresh and enjoy!

You also have the option to download most apps directly onto your computer, so there’s no need to sync them via mobile carrier networks. Once they are downloaded, you can manage and organize them just like any other app on your phone or tablet.

Become familiar with famous musicians

how i rock king von apple music

There’s no need to be rich or have a lot of money to listen to music. You can easily find new songs, artists, and genres by listening to popular tracks and artists.

There are many ways to do this. You can explore new music via Spotify, Google play, YouTube, and other streaming services, or you can use sites like Songza or Pandora to create your own playlist of songs.

By becoming familiar with some of the most well-known musical artists in the world, you will discover an array of great content. These artists include people who were very successful before the advent of digital media, such as The Beatles, Jay Z, Adele, and so forth.

These artists have made their names through their creative work and incredible talent, and thus they remain important figures in music even today. By exploring their works, you will understand why they are considered masters of their craft!

You also can learn from newer artists how they approach songwriting and music production. Doing so may inspire you to produce your own music or take up another instrument.

Purchase music

As mentioned earlier, you do not need an Amazon Prime account to use Apple Music. You can directly purchase songs from the iOS app or computer web interface!

The best way to find new music is by listening to what you have already listened to. The mobile apps for iTunes and Spotify both have search features that are very powerful.

You can also make use of the radio feature in the app or website. By choosing genre or artist as a field, it will create playlists based off those parameters. Some of the most popular ones include “Rock”, “Soft Jazz”, and even “Old School Rap”.

By creating your own playlist, you will be exposing yourself to new music within those genres! It is easy to upload your favorite songs into the app too, so instead of buying a song, you could just download it as well.

Create a wish list

how i rock king von apple music

With every new music service, you get to test out their feature set and see how well they work for you.

With Apple Music, one of the features that may be missing is an easy way to create a collection or album shopping cart.

You can add songs to your library by downloading them directly from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, or any other source but this doesn’t give you access to some of the best music apps like Albums Plus or Gaana, which are great resources for expanding your music collection.

Albums Plus and Gaana both have free trials as well so you don’t need to invest in the app right away! We recommend trying either one out for at least 30 days before making your final purchase decision. Both sites offer very high quality audio and video content so it’s not limited to just listening.

After you’ve found the albums/tracks you want, simply copy and paste the link into the app to save it.

Make a playlist

how i rock king von apple music

After you create an account, you can start streaming by clicking the link in the dashboard that says “Welcome to Apple Music!”. You can now either pick from your device or make a new one to stream music from here.

Once it is loaded, you will see all of your devices listed along with some basic information. To add more songs, tap the drop down menu next to Albums and choose Add New Source.

You can browse through My Channels to find what artists and albums you want to listen to and add them into playlists. Create a new channel to organize everything into groups and give yourself a quick way to access different genres.

Enjoy music without watching a video

how i rock king von apple music

As we mentioned, you can create an account free to Amazon Prime with their smartphone app or desktop software. Once you have done that, you will be able to stream songs and listen to podcasts directly from the site!

You won’t need to download any apps, nor will there be anywhere for users to type in their password. You just pick your artist or song name and bam – it starts playing immediately!

The best part is that the site has a shuffle feature which doesn’t require you to choose an album or playlist as a starting point. It simply picks a random piece of a song or music event and begins listening!

This way you don’t have to worry about picking an appropriate length movie or audio book, because it does that automatically for you. Also, if someone else wants to add something new to the mix, they can easily do so by adding an item to your queue.

I know what you are thinking, how hard is this already? Well, not only is it easy to use but also very cost-effective! With the 30 day trial, you get two full months of unlimited streaming access which usually costs around $10 per month.

That means two whole months of totally free music entertainment! If you love listening to tunes, why wouldn’t you try out Amazon Prime? They offer one year memberships too so even when the short term offering ends you still receive great value.

Become familiar with new artists

how i rock king von apple music

As much as it may sound boring, listening to music you have heard of is the best way to start exploring new genres. What I mean by that is get some media out so you can listen to it for what it is- an album or song with lyrics and vocals!

My favorite genre to explore is called New Wave. This term has different definitions depending on who you ask, but one common feature is their use of electronic instruments in songs. Some examples are synth, bass, drum machine, etc.

I learned about this style of music through YouTube videos. You can search all types of video games (like The Legend of Zelda) and music inspired by them to learn more. A great source is the music website Spotify where you can check out artist pages to learn more about their work.

New wave seems to be coming back into popularity too! Many big name groups like One Direction incorporated some elements of it into their songs.

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