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Indie music is totally unique! There are no clear genre boundaries or guidelines to what makes an indie song. It is hard to describe just how creative some musicians are when it comes to their style.

Indie artists often self-title their songs, use unconventional instruments, and write lyrics that emphasize mood over specific messages. Many people associate indies with hipster culture due to their artistic leanings and penchant for uniqueness, but there are many non-hip bands that play this music.

Certain indie genres have built up cult followings due to their effectiveness in helping listeners relax and focus on the song rather than the artist’s identity. Some of these include folk, alternative, soundtrack, and dance tracks.

This article will discuss some important points about independent musical groups and how you can learn more about them.

Origins of indie rock

how indie rock music

As we know, music can shape us as people and have lasting effects on our emotions, so it makes sense that some songs stick with us. For young adults growing up in the 21st century, independent or “indie” music is a staple.

Indie music isn’t typically categorized into specific genres like other types of music. Rather, it tends to be described by what sounds are included; examples include soft vocals, multi-layered instruments, and nature imagery.

Many consider indie music to be straightforwardly catchy, but there are also stories behind many indie anthems. They may focus on social issues, use metaphors, or describe experiences related to the song’s lyrics.

Music writers who contribute to the indiescape do not receive much recognition beyond their followers. This creates an environment where artists feel more motivated to write about things they believe in and promote messages that matter to them.

In this article, you will learn all about the roots of indie music! Read on for my top five favorite bands that play non-genre-specific indie music and inspire others to listen.

#5 The 1975 – I Would Be Yours (2017)

Song: I Would Be Yours

The band: The members of The 1975 each have unique styles that blend together to create one powerful sound. However, every member has a strong undercurrent of influence from someone else within the group.

Notable indie rock artists

how indie rock music

Many people know indie music for its catchy songs, but some appreciate it more for its messages or artistic expression. Artists such as Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and The Beatles have popularized what many refer to as “indie” or “introspective” music. This type of music is usually characterized by darker themes with poetic lyrics.

Radiohead’s “Morning Bell” is an example of this. The song narrates the story of someone who has lost hope in everything and how they eventually find happiness again. It also contains references to death which may make some uncomfortable listening at first, but once you get past that there are lots of other things the song brings up.

Modest Mouse’s “Floaty” tells the tale of a person trying to save their loved one from suicide and how even though they fail, they still believe in humanity. Their final words inspire trust in others.

The Beatles’ famous anthem “Let It Be” talks about breaking down barriers and sharing secrets with friends. These types of songs often emphasize unity and friendship over differences.

Identify your favorite bands

how indie rock music

Now that you have an understanding of what indie music is, it’s time to identify some favorites! What songs make you move or inspire you?

Some people may be able to tell you the lyrics to every song ever written, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Why? Because sometimes those lyrics don’t do much for you. They can be too obvious or not interesting enough.

I know there are lots of songs out there with indelible melodies, powerful vocals, and/or inspiring messages, so why don’t you try listening to some of them? It will take some effort at first, but I promise you’ll find something you like and eventually get into all of the best ones.

There are many ways to determine if a band is independent. You don’t need a degree in music theory to recognize the difference between recording equipment produced by large companies and software designed to sound as close to analog as possible.

However, knowing which artists use which types of production tools and how they mix their tracks can help give you insight into who they are and what kind of control they have over their art.

Popular genres of indie rock

how indie rock music

Many people associate indie with music that is not part of the mainstream. This is untrue! There are so many ways to describe indie as a genre, but one of the biggest categories is popular punk, alternative, or hardcore songs that are not very radio friendly.

Indie also includes music influenced by other styles such as dance, folk, and hip hop mixed in. Certain bands fit into all three of these areas and others have their own style they excel at.

Certain groups of musicians play an important role in defining what makes it into the indie canon-the producers, songwriters, and/or instrumentalists. These artists work outside of major record labels, which gives them more control over how their art sounds.

Major label artists like Adele and Taylor Swift make great money, but she never feels like her voice gets heard properly. As do we for similar reasons. When no one listens to your creativity, you lose motivation to create.

Quote an indie rock song

how indie rock music

Indierock songs contain lots of short, catchy lyrics that emphasize individuality. The music often uses unconventional instruments such as guitar, bass, or vocals to create an immersive experience for the listener.

Indie artists typically write their own material and develop relationships with other writers, producers, and musicians in order to finalize the project. This process allows them to incorporate the contributions of others while still holding onto their artistic identity.

Indie artists promote an overall sense of unity within individual pieces but also acknowledge differences among individuals. For example, some parts of a song may sound different from one another but all contribute to creating a cohesive whole.

Tell us a story in the comments below

how indie rock music

As we already mentioned, indie music comes from many sources. Artists can be very experimental with their sounds, which makes it hard to describe some songs.

Most people agree that indie rock is about having an emotional connection with the song. It is also usually characterized by strong lyrics and interesting melodies. Many musicians use unconventional instruments or recording techniques to create their sound.

Indie artists are typically not sponsored by big corporations, so they have to work harder to earn money for themselves and their families. This sometimes leads to independent projects and strategies that work better than others.

Independent artists tend to develop relationships with other artists, helping them succeed.

Enjoy and try to keep an indie rock-entertaining mind

how indie rock music

Independently made music is what defines indie music as a genre. Artists that fall into this category use resources, time, and money to create their songs and music videos themselves or with very few people.

Indie artists typically write their own lyrics and sometimes collaborate on the writing of the song along with other writers. Some musicians who describe themselves as independent still have outside help in producing and/or marketing their work.

Many musicians start out doing things independently before being invited by others to join them on stage for an album launch or concert. This is often due to your average musician noticing how well you do your job and offering their services to you if they are paid to do so!

Some people make a living off selling merchandise related to their career, but only because they designed and manufactured it themselves or hired someone to do it for them. Technology makes it easy to produce and market our careers, which helps to facilitate this success.

Get to know your readers

how indie rock music

As mentioned earlier, music is a form of expression that can touch upon many different things for different people. For some, it’s a way to express how they feel or what they are going through; for others, it’s a quick fix for whatever mood they are in.

Indie rock has something special that sets it apart from other genres – its audience. While not every indie song will have an incredible vocal performance or a well-written lyrics, you will find songs with very passionate vocals and messages about relationships, life, and self-confidence.

These songs usually feature catchy melodies and rhythms that get stuck in your head.

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