How Kennedy Violins is Helping Students Get Quality Violins

Posted by Ben Heckler

In the enchanting realm of music, the sound of the violin evokes profound emotions, from intense passion to soulful nostalgia. The quality of a violin, coupled with the dedication of its player, can make or break a musical performance. 

While many beginners often struggle to find a good violin that doesn’t break the bank, Kennedy Violins, under the vigilant eyes of its founder, Joel Kennedy, has been making a substantial impact in this domain.

Face to Face with Joel Kennedy

joel kennedy

Joel Kennedy, Founder and President of Kennedy Violins, is not just another businessman; he’s an accomplished musician with a fervent dedication to his craft. Joel’s musical journey spans over three decades, playing the viola and violin. An alumnus of the renowned Eastman School of Music in New York, Joel isn’t just academically trained; he carries the torch of professional orchestral experiences from across the United States.

Joel’s endeavors are not just about selling violins, but also fostering the next generation of musicians. Many of his students have found their way to top conservatories in the U.S. and overseas, a testament to his commitment and prowess.

The Inception of Kennedy Violins

kennedy violins exterior

When asked about his journey with Kennedy Violins, Joel shared, “I officially began Kennedy Violins in December of 2000. However, even before that, as a stringed teacher, I had been providing instruments to my students and friends.”

But what really makes Joel’s heart resonate with Kennedy Violins? “My favorite aspect,” Joel states, “is having the opportunity to effect change. The influence of Kennedy Violins isn’t just local; it’s national.” Joel’s vision is clear – to dismantle the stereotypical elitist perception of classical music and ensure that bowed stringed instruments are accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background.

On being questioned about his favorite instrument, Joel endorses the Ricard Bunnel, “It’s cost-effective and serves as an optimal starting point for any beginner interested in classical music.”

Joel’s musical tastes lean towards the masterpieces of Shostakovich, although he fantasizes about collaborating with Beethoven – perhaps to discuss the necessity of those repeated notes! And beyond the realm of music, Joel harbors an unexpected passion – auto racing!

Meeting a Gap in the Market

Joel’s journey into selling violins started from a genuine concern for his students. Many would turn up with low-quality instruments purchased from the then “wild west” of the internet. Recognizing the dire need for affordable yet playable violins, Joel tapped into his luthering background (a skill learned from his father, a professional instrument maker) and began supplying well-set instruments. Word quickly spread, and soon, Kennedy Violins was born.

As Joel candidly puts it, “The biggest challenge I’ve had as a business owner is containing the growth of the company.” Such is the demand for quality violins that Kennedy Violins’ team often feels like “Santa’s little helpers,” working diligently to get instruments ready and out the door.

The Art of Choosing a Violin: The Kennedy Violins Selection for Beginners and Intermediate Players

kennedy violins luthiers

Kennedy Violins, as its reputation suggests, is no ordinary violin establishment. They’re the proud stewards of the legacy of violin craftsmanship. 

Just as the great luthiers of Cremona, Italy shaped the destiny of the violin, so Kennedy Violins curates a collection that is as much about the journey of music as it is about the instrument. For beginners and intermediate players, understanding the Kennedy lineage of violins is key to finding the perfect instrument.

For the Novice: The Promise of Beginnings

Ricard Bunnel Premier Student Violin Outfit: Think of the Bunnel Premier as a wise old teacher, patient and kind. It’s an upgrade from the Bunnel Pupil, crafted for those who are stepping into the world of violin for the first time. Its wood quality offers a richer, warmer sound, setting beginners on the right path from their first note.

Antonio Giuliani Etude Student Violin Outfit: This violin echoes the tales of countless music classrooms. Often recommended by teachers, the Antonio Giuliani Etude is known for its resonant tone, a hallmark of quality for those beginning their musical journey.

Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin: For those still growing, both in age and musical prowess, this violin offers a resonant tone that belies its size. The Primo Student Outfit is a testament to how even smaller instruments can deliver grand emotions.

Charting the Intermediate Path: Embracing Growth

Louis Carpini G2 Violin Outfit: Often, growth is about pushing boundaries. The Carpini G2 is renowned for being a standout violin under $600. It’s a superior student instrument, perfect for those looking to challenge their limits.

Franke Henner Violin and Fiddle Outfits: When intermediate players reach for the Franke Henner, they’re connecting with select tonewoods that bring out the nuance in their play. The outfit is tailored for those who’ve surpassed the basics and are seeking the finer hues of sound.

Renée Nicolette Violin Outfit: Evoking the French traditions of violin-making, the Renée Nicolette carries an artistic flair with heart-shaped tuning pegs and unique construction. It’s for those who see music as an evolving canvas.

Nicholas Gand Violin Outfit: This violin whispers tales of concert halls and intense practice sessions. With its deep, resonant tone, Nicholas Gand is perfect for the intermediate player with an eye on mastery.

The journey of a violinist is deeply personal, and Kennedy Violins offers a range of instruments to resonate with each phase of learning. From the beginner’s cautious first steps to the intermediate player’s confident strides, there’s a Kennedy violin that’s more than just an instrument—it’s a companion on a musical odyssey.

Joel’s Digital Symphony: Guiding Violin Enthusiasts on YouTube

Joel Kennedy makes weekly tutorials on how to help beginner and intermediate violinists out with their craft.

Joel’s presence isn’t just limited to the realm of violin craftsmanship. He’s carved a niche for himself on YouTube, amassing over 25,000 subscribers. On his channel, Joel weaves his expert knowledge of violin playing with tips and tricks that benefit beginning and intermediate players alike. 

Regularly posting informational content, he has become a beacon for budding violinists and enthusiasts, guiding them through the intricate world of strings and resonance. His passion for the instrument is palpable in each video, making his channel a go-to space for anyone eager to delve deeper into the art and science of the violin. Here’s example of one of his blog articles that helps beginner and intermediate players alike.

Harmonizing Passion and Craft: A Final Note

Kennedy Violins has made an indelible mark in the realm of stringed instruments. Through dedication, passion, and sheer hard work, Joel Kennedy and his team have successfully challenged the status quo, ensuring that students across the U.S. and Canada have access to quality, affordable violins. 

As students embark on their musical journeys, Kennedy Violins stands as a beacon, guiding them towards a harmonious future.

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