How Many Genres Of Rock Music Are There?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

All music is not created equal! Some songs are so good that they fit into only one genre. For example, most people classify Taylor Swift’s latest song as pop or upbeat music because it has catchy lyrics and sounds beautiful. However, she also includes some soft guitar pieces in her song, which make it sound more like rock music.

Other examples of songs that have been categorized as both hip hop and rap include The Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and Jay-Z’s “Rock In Love.” Both of these songs contain very rhymey and repetitive lyrics, making them seem more hip hop. But then there are parts of each song that use an instrument such as the bass, piano, or drums, which makes it sound more like rhythm and blues or even jazz.

Some artists develop their style over time by experimenting with different genres and types of music. For instance, Adele started out writing mostly acoustic ballads before moving onto harder styles. Justin Bieber first sang mostly pop songs, but now he adds other musical elements to his repertoire.

The number of genres in music can be confusing at times. There are actually just five main ones! So why do we have so many? And how well does this theory hold up in practice?

This article will talk about the five major genres in music, what makes them separate categories, and the differences between each.

Hip hop

Hip hop is a genre of music that originated in America during the 1970s. It was pioneered by artists and producers from New York City such as Tupac, Jay-Z and Drake!

Hip hop music typically includes raps (spoken word), bass lines, drum beats and melodies. These components all contribute to making hip hop sound unique.

Some examples of well known hip hop songs include “La La” by Ariana Grande, “I’m Real” by The Notorious BIG or “The Formula” by Dua Lipa. You can check out these and other famous rap songs here!

There are many different sub genres within hip hop music. Some of the most popular ones are:

Rap – This type of song usually contains lyrics that focus on stories and themes related to life experiences and relationships.

– This type of song usually contains lyrics that focus on stories and themes related to life experiences and relationships. Emceeing – An artist who uses rhymes to talk about various topics while incorporating musical pieces into their songs is an emcee.

– An artist who using rhymes to talk about various topics while integrating musical pieces into their songs is. Graffiti or Grapfitti – Artists add rhyme and/or poetic features to their songs by adding words and phrases that relate to the theme of the song.

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