How Many Letters Are Found In The Musical Alphabet?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Let’s take a look at another way to identify an alphabet! The musical alphabet is an easy way to recognize all of the letters of the English language because it uses music to help you.

The first step is to learn the song sequence for each letter of the alphabet. Then, you simply connect the songs together to make words and see how many notes there are in each word!

This method of identification is very helpful as a tool to teach students their own language. Not only can they quickly find any letter or word in the written form of the language, but they can also understand the meaning of the word better than just looking at the spelling.

Having trouble thinking up different tunes? No worries! You will be using these songs several times throughout this lesson so no need to feel nervous about that! All of the songs used here have free sound files or downloadable apps where you can listen to them.

There are even some sites with large collections of music! If you would like to add more songs to your collection, you can visit Amazon, YouTube, or Google to find them.

Musical notes

how many letters in the musical alphabet

Let’s look at some examples of music!

We have already discussed major, minor, and seventh chords, as well as how to identify them.

Now it is time to learn about musical notes! A note is defined as anything that has a sound or voice. Almost every song contains notes somewhere.

A note can be a tone (such as an octave), a semitone (like a half-step or whole step), or a chroma (like a perfect fifth or trichord).

By learning the names of these types of notes, you will know what they do in songs!

The term “scale” may also be used for this type of knowledge. Scales are just ordered lists of notes. For example, the natural scale is made up of seven notes, which means there are seven steps between one pitch and the next.

This article will focus only on using white, black, and brown notes for practicing the alphabet. More advanced musicians may recognize other colors, but these three are the most common.

Step 1: Identify your base note

Choose any note, then find out what letter corresponds with it. Your base note does not need to be spelled correctly, so feel free to pick whichever one looks cool!

Your base note should always begin a new row, or part. So, if the choice was B, start a new column called B.

Musical symbols

how many letters in the musical alphabet

The next major category of musical terminology is called musical symbol. These are things like notes, chords, rhythm patterns, or melodies. Some examples include the first note of a song (the tonic), a chord with its name, a drum pattern, or a melody!

There are an infinite number of songs out there, so it’s impossible to know what every possible music term means. However, you can learn some basic ones by taking some general music courses via YouTube or other online resources.

General music courses will typically teach you about intervals, rhymes, meter, and formal poetics such as rhyme schemes and parallel structure. Beyond that, though? Eh, who knows. 😉

Written down, spoken words have their own set of vocabulary that we use to describe them. Music is no different! It has its own special language that applies to everything from bass lines to lead vocals to rapping to rhythms to acoustics to introductions to endings.

Musical terms

how many letters in the musical alphabet

Another way to identify how many syllables an individual word has is by looking at the musical alphabet. The musical alphabet is just another way of spelling out the sounds that make up words. You see, when musicians create music they usually start with a note, then add a second note, and so on until all the notes have been used up. These are your songs!

The letters we use to spell out these melodies are called roots. Roots can be any length, but the most common are one, two, or three beats long. When you’ve got a song with a chorus, the term “refrain” refers to a repeated line or sequence of lyrics or thoughts. A refrain will always contain either one root longer than its neighbor, or no root at all!

A rhyme is a word or phrase that goes together logically, typically starting with a similar sound and ending with a different one. Meter is the patterned rhythm of a verse, a pre-chorus, a chorus, and a conclusion. A meter strip contains three parts: a strong foot, a weak foot, and a little bit of silence between them. This creates a kind of balance to give us more time to process the rest of the song.

You probably know what a vowel is and some of the other consonant sounds, but a really great trick is to listen to someone speak those sounds and see if you recognize it.

Popular musical instruments

how many letters in the musical alphabet


Famous composers

how many letters in the musical alphabet

The musical alphabet is made up of notes, which we refer to as scales. Within those scales are specific letters or notes that make up what we call chords. These are referred to as scale degrees or modes.

By knowing how many letters there are in the musical alphabet, you have now learned some basic music theory!

There are seven major scale degrees, which make up the root chord of most songs. Learning these can be done through practice and repetition. By learning the order of the roots, you will know how to play your first few notes of any song!

This article will go into more detail about the different roots and their corresponding intervals.

Famous songs

how many letters in the musical alphabet

Let’s look at some of our favorite musical styles, and how many letters they have! Some may not sound like music to you, but they are definitely worth looking into as you get more familiar with music.

The famous song “Happy Birthday” has three notes (no silence in between). The first note is an A-flat, the second is an F sharp, and the third is a G natural.

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