How Talented Were The Beatles?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

The Beatles were not your average band. They did not play music that most people could learn to like, nor do they fit into any one genre. While many musicians use their songs as inspiration for other works, the Beatles constantly reinterpreted themselves.

They never settled on one style or approach. Many of their songs sound completely different from each other, even when they are about the same topic. This is because every member had his/her own musical influence growing up and incorporated these things into what song he/she wanted to write.

The members also infused their lyrics with a variety of literary styles and metaphors. Some examples include references to religion (“God Must Love Me”), politics (e.g., “Give Peace A Chance”) and science (“Paper Noose”).

Not only did the Beatles create unique melodies and rhythms, but they also experimented with instruments and structures in ways that have since been repeated by others.

They were talented musicians

how talented were the beatles

As we discussed earlier, music is a very powerful tool. It can motivate you, inspire you, influence you, and even sell you things! The thing about music is that anyone can pick up the instrument and play some songs well.

It’s not necessarily until they are able to perform them in front of an audience, however, where their talent truly comes out.

For example, someone who has never played guitar before could sit down and learn how to play a few notes really well by watching YouTube videos or listening to music alone.

But it would be hard to tell if these people actually enjoy music or not unless they are shown examples of good music and listened to different styles.

Furthermore, most people do not know the proper rules and techniques for playing the violin or piano, two other common instruments.

So, it is quite difficult to determine whether or not someone is truly skilled at music without looking into their skills more thoroughly.

The same goes for the Beatles!

They did not have any formal training as professional musicians, but they all had strong fundamentals when it came to music.

They were talented songwriters

how talented were the beatles

As we discussed earlier, The Beatles was not just an artist group, but they were also very skilled writers. All four members wrote most of their songs when you factor in both lyrics and music.

John Lennon is usually considered to be one of the greatest lyricists ever, if not the greatest. Many consider his best work to be those written with Paul McCartney.

Paul has been called the “Fifth Beatle” because he often got overshadowed by John, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr as a writer, but he still left his mark. He collaborated frequently with Lennon and shared writing credits for many songs.

George Harrison is known mostly for his guitar playing, which influenced other musicians, especially Eric Clapton. But few know that before becoming a musician, he was a professional accountant!

He only took up music later in life, however, choosing it as a more lucrative career path. His talent as a guitarist didn’t go unnoticed though-he received several awards and honors for his performance skills.

Ringo Starr is famous for being the drummer who doesn’t get too much attention outside of his instrument, but that’s about to change now. More people are realizing his incredible talents as a composer.

They were talented designers

As we discussed earlier, The Beatles was a group of four individuals with separate styles and aesthetics they infused into their music.

John Lennon’s artistic style can be seen in everything he wrote and produced as well as his fashion choices. He always dressed in leather jackets and pants that fit very snugly to show off his toned physique.

He would also dye his hair various shades of brown and black for an earthy look. Many people say that John influenced young musicians to experiment with psychedelic colors and patterns.

Lennon often used bright, bold colors in his paintings and designs. These include dripping blood red covers for some of his albums and his signature yellow sun logo.

For his songwriting talent, he penned many songs that have become classics such as “I Am The Walrus,” “Give Peace A Chance,” and “All You Need Is Love.”

Paul McCartney is known for writing catchy melodies that stick in your head. Some of his most famous songs are “Hey Jude,” “Twist And Shout,” and “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

George Harrison loved nature so much that he incorporated this love for nature into several of his songs. His favorite genre of music was called rock meditation which focused on the lyrics and how they relate to our daily lives.

They were passionate artists

how talented were the beatles

As we have discussed before, talent is something that you are born with, but passion for what you do can be learned. The thing about talented people is that they show an interest in things early on; they are invested in the field or area of art they pursue.

This investment usually starts at a young age when they learn how to create their own artwork. Some people may even find it entertaining to draw from birth.

For the most part, as kids get older these talents fade away because they choose to focus more on other things. School seems like a higher priority than keeping up artistic skills.

Some teens who want to continue drawing might not be allowed to use certain tools so they give up and look elsewhere. This is why some people never really develop their creativity as adults — there is no outlet.

The Beatles understood this! Even though they weren’t very skilled when they started, they always wanted to make music and put effort into it. They constantly practiced and spent time improving their craft by listening to and studying music and art.

These studies didn’t just consist of looking at pictures and copying shapes and colors, but instead focused on finding inspiration from the lyrics, melodies, and overall message. All three components play important roles in creating your own songs or pieces of art.

That’s one reason why many people think the Beatles were intelligent – due to all of the studies and notes they took while writing and performing songs.

They were consistent workers

how talented were the beatles

After leaving their native England, The Beatles needed to prove themselves in America. Fortunately for them, they had already built up a solid fan base back home, so there was no need to worry about that!

They spent most of 1962 touring North America, performing for packed houses across the continent. Many music critics consider this period to be when The Beatles truly hit their stride as musicians.

You can tell how talented these guys are by looking at all three albums released during this time frame – Let It Be, With The Beatles And Live At The Hollywood Bowl. These recordings showcase not only what great songwriters each member is, but also how much talent it takes to play along with others and contribute your own style while still keeping the piece cohesive.

The songs on those records illustrate this beautifully.

It’s easy to look past the band’s young age when listening to some of their hits, like I Want To Hold Your Hand or She Loves You – but aside from the lyrics, you have to listen closely to understand just how skilled Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon really are.

Listen to the bass line in Almost Like A Love Song, the arpeggiated guitar licks in Something New or even the way Ringo drums around a pre-existing beat in Baby Come On. Each musician adds something unique to the mix, creating an incredible soundscape that supports the other two’s contributions.

They made good business decisions

how talented were the beatles

The Beatles were not only talented, but they also knew how to manage their career and money very well. Many people talk about their talent as the main reason why they succeeded, but what is often overlooked are their smart financial strategies.

The first thing most people miss out in the success of The Beatles is that they did not have famous parents or mentors who helped them succeed early on.

They instead learned how to be successful by doing things on their own and making their own mistakes.

Another important factor in The Beatles’s success was that they always wanted to keep improving their craft. They never settled on creating their best music because they always felt there could be something better next time. This passion for songwriting and music inspired them to continually strive to achieve their highest potential.

And lastly, The Beatles understood the importance of investing in other creative projects outside of music. John, Paul, George, and Ringo all had separate careers beyond music aside from touring and recording with each other.

They capitalized on their talent

how talented were the beatles

The Beatles were very talented musicians who played many different instruments and did so fluidly. Even though they are now considered legendary, it took them awhile to get there.

They struggled with being categorized as just “rock singers” or “pop/ballads singers.”

Their musical style changed throughout their career, making it difficult to tell what songs and genres they fit into. This is because no matter what genre of music they sang, every song had an incredible amount of influence from other artists.

Many famous songs include licks, riffs, and melodies that have been borrowed and incorporated into other songs. Some examples of this are When I’m 64 (Bob Dylan), Like A Man (Dionne Warwick), and You’ve Been A Good Girl Now (Whitney Houston).

They were not afraid to try new things

how talented were the beatles

The music industry is full of artists who are known for trying new styles or types of songs, experimenting with lyrics and concepts, and incorporating new technologies into their craft. Some musicians never seem to reach the top echelon of success, but as they climb the ladder, you can see them exploring newer territories and developing an identity that makes sense to them.

With this trend towards experimentation, it seems like most talented artists have at least one album where everything just clicks together. When that happens, it’s clear to see how much talent the artist has, and why they are so successful.

It may be because they understood what messages in music appeal to different people, and incorporated those elements into their own music, or learned how to use instruments or software tools to express themselves more effectively. Either way, it’s undeniable — these artists know what they are doing!

For example, look at John Lennon‘s song “Instant Karma!” As soon as he sings the word instant, his voice gets higher and sharper. His tone changes slightly, and his rhythm becomes faster and heavier. All of this adds up to make his call about karma something very powerful.

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