How To Be A Talented Musician

Posted by Mike Schumacher

As we already mentioned, being a talented musician comes down to having natural talent that is built upon practice. But there’s another important factor in becoming a professional musician – motivation!

It sounds kind of obvious, but too many musicians don’t make it because they lose motivation to keep practicing and learning new things. This can be due to a variety of reasons, some internal (feeling insecure or overwhelmed by the amount of music you need to know) and external (no opportunity to showcase your skills).

If this article inspired you to start investing more time into your musical studies, here are 10 ways to strengthen your motivation for music lessons.

Practice constantly

how to be a talented musician

A lot of people get distracted by other things when it comes to music, whether that’s spending too much time on the computer or TV show watching, or staying up late partying instead of practicing.

If you want to be a successful musician, you have to believe in yourself and spend your hard work towards your goal!

Practicing is an easy way to do this. It can be for minutes, hours or even days at a time, but no matter what length of time you choose to invest into music, keep coming back.

Music is a skill that anyone can learn and become good at, so don’t feel like you are wasting your time trying to pick it up. You are not!

There will always be someone who has more talent than you, but if you work hard and consistently, then there is no telling where your talent will take you.

Create a good routine

how to be a talented musician

A lot of people get discouraged when they can’t seem to be improving as musicians, but there is a reason that things have remained the same for years!

It’s because most people don’t create a good music making habit.

A good music making habit means going through your daily routines with intensity and focus. It means practicing every day, not just some days.

It means investing time in what you know how to do well, and developing other skills if necessary.

And it means keeping yourself organized so you don’t forget about what you need to practice or where you put all of your gear.

Tone your muscles

how to be a talented musician

As mentioned before, tone is one of the most important things to have as a musician. However, many musicians forget about it due to how easily you can get distracted in the music business.

Fortunately, this article will talk you through some ways to develop your toning skills beyond just practicing them.

Learn to read music

how to be a talented musician

Being able to interpret music is one of the most fundamental skills that aspiring musicians have, and reading music is the best way to do it.

Music theory is an incredible tool for every musician! It helps you understand how music works, which can be applied in many ways.

For example, song writers use music theory to structure their songs and develop their writing talent. A well-developed understanding of music theory also helps when creating your own songs or melodies.

There are several methods to learn about music theory, so whatever method feels comfortable to you is great! Some very famous people were trained in music theory, such as Yo-Yo Ma and Robert Plant. They both now contribute heavily to the field.

Know your musical history

As we have discussed before, talent is not learned or developed overnight. It takes years of practice and dedication to grow as a musician. So how do you know if someone is talented?

A lot of it has nothing to do with how many instruments they can play or what music styles they are familiar with. Being a talented artist comes down to two things: knowledge and creativity. They both come together to form the perfect mind-muscle connection.

People who say they cannot learn new skills usually don’t try hard enough. You will always be able to teach yourself something new by just doing it and thinking about it.

Knowing how to play an instrument is definitely a way to determine if someone is talented, but being creative is another key factor.

How many times have you listened to a song that sounds good? Or read a book that stuck with you for some time? There are very few songs that don’t sound like everyone else’s copy written by the same person. And off course there are no books that don’t make you think about other topics and put different pieces together in interesting ways.

These types of experiences are part of what makes art so special. People may talk about their ideas when they listen to a song, but none have ever said “I tried to write a song like that!” until now.

So start looking around you and see what you can pick up.

Connect with other musicians

how to be a talented musician

As we mentioned earlier, being a talented musician doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes years of practice, dedication, and hard work. But one thing that most people never do is connect with other aspiring artists in their field.

Whether it’s taking lessons from an experienced teacher or joining a music group, meeting like-minded individuals can provide much needed inspiration as well as supportive peers.

By sharing your passion for music, you’ll be encouraging others to pursue theirs. And more than anything, talent will speak for itself.

Take classes

how to be a talented musician

Being a great musician doesn’t just come from practicing your instrument for hours every day, it comes from investing in yourself by taking music lessons.

Music theory is an integral part of being a guitarist, bassist or drummer! Theory teaches you how music works under the surface, making it easier to pick up new pieces and understand what makes something sound good.

Music theory can be learned through formal courses at university or online resources that are free or low cost. There are many genres of music that require different theories so don’t feel like you have to know everything!

Some popular theories include understanding intervals (such as thirds and sixths), rhythm patterns, scales, modes and arpeggios. All these concepts work together to make songs and parts of songs fit nicely.

If you’re ever struggling to put things together, try looking into some theory! It will help take your song writing skills to the next level.

Read constantly

how to be a talented musician

As we already mentioned, reading is one of the most important things you can do as a musician. Whether it’s music theory, how to play an instrument, or anything related to music business, there’s always something new to read about it.

This will give you more knowledge in the field, help develop your skills, and establish you as an expert in your area. Plus, if you are ever struggling with what to study next, you can refer back to these resources to find answers.

Reading alone may not make you a great guitarist, but by investing time into studying the art form, you’ll definitely become someone who knows their stuff. And really, who wouldn’t want to be known for knowing their craft?

There are many ways to read about music, from listening to podcasts, to YouTube videos, to talking with musicians and industry professionals. Take some time every day to start tracking down information so that you know what they teach you and how you learn best.

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