How To Describe A Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

What is describing a rock music? Describing a piece of music typically includes telling who wrote it, when it was written, how well it flows, what genre it belongs to, and what part of the song you like best.

Many people describe songs as having an instrumental melody or lyrics that appeal to your emotions. Or maybe it’s just a catchy rhythm that gets stuck in your head. Either way, there’s more to this song than just its parts!

Descriptions such as these are usually called “features” of the song. Features are very important component pieces of any musical work. They help tell someone else about the song so they can compare their own songs with the one you’ve described.

In this article, we’ll go over some features for describing a rock music album. You will learn about: title, writer, year, genre, main theme, supporting themes, overall mood, and differences between listening and reading reviews.

History of rock music

how to describe a rock music

What is considered “rock” music these days isn’t really that close to what people usually call “the genre.” For instance, many consider punk and new wave to be parts of the rock genre, but they are actually more correctly categorized as alternative or even indie music.

The term “rock” comes from the bluesy roots of some songs in the early 1960s. These types of tunes were characterized by their use of guitar licks, bass lines, and strong vocals. They also had catchy melodies and rhythms you could sing along with.

Some famous examples of this type of music include The Beatles‘s songs like Let It Be and A Hard Day’s Night, The Rolling Stones’ classic songs such as I Can’t Get No Sleep And Your Mama Don’t Like My Jazz, and Bob Dylan’s hit song With God On Our Side. All of these musicians incorporated elements of the earlier rock styles into their own work.

Since then, other genres have mixed together pieces of different styles and made them part of the rock framework. Artists like Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead, and Muse are all well-known examples of this!

If you’re ever struggling to describe the style or genre of an album, just think about how much it has influenced others and refer to that instead.

Types of rock music

how to describe a rock music

There are three main types of rock music. They are categorized according to their lyrics, their instrumentation, or both. The term “rock” typically describes this genre because it was born during the 1960s when artists such as Pink Floyd, Queen, and David Bowie incorporated all three into their songs.

Instrumental rock is usually thought of as having drums, guitar, bass, and a keyboard or other type of instrument. A few examples include Muse, Taylor Swift, Adele, and Imagine Dragons.

A song with only instrumental music is sometimes called an album track or soundtrack. Artists like Bruce Springsteen and Joni Mitchell use them in place of a normal song.

If the music has no instruments at all but instead just vocals, then it is considered pure pop. Examples include Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry.

The notables of rock music

how to describe a rock music

In describing what makes up “rock,” we can refer back to our initial definition. A song with an instrumental melody and lyrics that use metaphors and/or describe emotions is considered to be musically rich. Songs with very short melodies are typically referred to as power songs because of their intensity.

Songs with very long melodies are usually described as having a theme or statement attached to them. Many people associate this extended length with classic pieces that have stood the test of time.

Music genres such as jazz and classical do not contain any lyrics; instead they emphasize rhythm and harmony. Some say this emphasis is why these types of music appeal to people who enjoy listening to music for its emotional qualities.

Some theories suggest that early musicians made up styles by blending together elements from other musical genres. For example, if you listen to very old blues songs, then you will hear similarities to Italian opera and folk music.

Popular rock genres

how to describe a rock music

Many describe rock as music that gets in your blood, or music you grow to love. These types of definitions are very general though, so they do not explain what makes some songs more like “rock” than others.

Specific genre names such as classic rock, heavy metal, punk, new wave, alternative, and hip hop all have their own defining characteristics.

Classic rock is typically characterized by slow tempos, melodic vocals, an emphasis on lyrics, and guitar licks and riffs repeated frequently.

Hip hop often features fast-paced drum beats, bass drops, catchy melodies, and rap lyrics. New Wave artists usually feature up-tempo rhythms, dreamy atmospheres, and experimental sounds.

Heavy metal bands typically play fast paced music with strong drums, lots of electric guitars, and powerful bass lines.

And while it may surprise you to learn this, there are no hard and fast rules for what defines punk! It can be said however that almost every element needed to identify a song as punk was done at least once in a band that people consider punk.

These elements include angry/aggressive vocal styles, frequent use of jarring sound effects and lyrics telling someone off or about how much they hurt them, and sometimes political messages (though these things don’t always need to be present).

Classical rock

how to describe a rock music

Another genre of music that has become very popular is classical rock. This style of music is characterized by using instruments such as guitars, pianos, basses, drums, and sometimes orchestral instruments. Artists can be known for their individual styles in this genre- some like Mozart, others may know The Doors or Led Zeppelin!

A classic example of classical rock is “Imagine” by John Lennon. You probably have heard this song before – it was featured prominently in many movie soundtracks and advertisements. It is well known and loved because it conveys an emotional tone extremely well.

Another famous piece is “Happy Birthday”, which was written for someone’s birthday. In this case, the person who received the song wanted to hear nothing but this song for one year so it got extended quite nicely! (lol) Many people enjoy listening to classical rock for its calming effect.

Heavy metal

how to describe a rock music

Metal is an eclectic genre that appeals to many different people for several reasons. First, music made of heavy metals has strong melodies and rhythms. Songs can be long or short depending on how catchy they are!

Second, most heavy metal songs have lyrics that relate to other topics. Some examples include: romantic love, desire for power, anti-establishment messages, etc. These are called metaphorical lyrics.

Third, heavy metal musicians use instruments that create sound harmonically, dynamically, and statically. Instruments such as guitars, pianos, drums, basses, flutes, xylophones, and others contribute to the overall mood of a song.

Heavy metals are characterized by their rich harmonic structure, dynamic range, and emphasis on rhythm. Because of this, heavy metals often feel powerful when you listen to them.

Hip hop

The term hip hop comes from the acronym for “Hip-Hop Dance”. It was coined in New York City in the 1980s where it became popular. Since then, it has spread across the globe and inspired many musicians and artists.

Many consider rap music to be a form of hip hop. Rap is usually rhymed prose that focuses on stories or accounts of daily life, often with references to drugs and alcohol. Songs can have lyrics about love, relationships, money, and politics.

Some say that rap music influenced other genres such as pop, rock, and even electronica. Others believe that those styles absorbed influence from rap. Either way, there are lots of rich musical languages built off of what began in NYC over 30 years ago!

What makes something get labeled as ‘hip hop’?

It cannot contain too much of any one genre. For example, if your song contains enough jazz, funk, and soul, it could potentially be considered hip hop.

In addition, the use of rhythm and rhyme is very important when describing whether or not a piece is classified as hip hop. Both qualities should be present to qualify it.

Why do people like hip hop music?

There are several reasons why people enjoy listening to hip hop songs. Some say that the rhymes make it fun to listen to, while others appreciate how well the artist incorporates different types of music into their songs.

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