How To Dj Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Let’s get into it! If you want to learn how to dj, then here are our top 5 tips for beginners. These will be broken down by section and category so that you can easily find what applies to you.

We’ll go over how to mix songs, how to use software to DJ, and some basic concepts like genre and dance style. Beyond that, feel free to take things at your own pace. There is no wrong way to learn this!

If you ever need help or have questions, you can always check out our online resources or chat with us in the comments below.

Make a good playlist

how to dj rock music

As mentioned before, having an adequate music library is a key part in being a great DJ. But how you organize that music matter!

The first thing people usually do when they start DJing is make a list of songs they like and then just keep adding more and more songs until their play set is full. This can work, but it may not be the best way to begin.

Instead, pick one or two genres and create a collection of songs within that genre. For example, if you love listening to soft rock tunes, pick five or six songs from each artist so that you have a variety pack.

Then, choose a song from each artist and mix them together into a long continuous stream to make a new album. You get to decide which artists belong to what album, so feel free to add in some favorites of yours as well!

After doing this, you will know exactly where to find all your favorite songs in no time at all.

Dress the part

how to dj rock music

After you choose your music, what really sets someone apart is their dress sense. What kind of clothes they wear, how they style them, and whether or not they are in fashion will all matter to people attending to watch you play!
As we already discussed, choosing appropriate music depends on the event that you are preparing for, the genre of music you want to listen to, and your personal preferences.

But once you have picked your musical choice, then it’s time to get into fashion! Having fun clothing is one thing, but looking professional also requires some accessories and formalwear.

I know from experience that there is always over-exposed photos of musicians wearing tight jeans with a jacket and a pair of headphones. It seems like they put in a lot of effort to look good and never seem to find the time to mix up their looks. I think this is because most DJs don’t make enough money to be able to afford more fashionable clothing!

If you are just starting out as a DJ, then investing in some basic dj gear won’t do you any harm. But if you want to be seen as a true pro, then it’s time to start shopping.

Practice performing

how to dj rock music

Now that you have your music gear, what next? Performing is one of the most fundamental things DJs need to do to advance their art. When people tell you how great you are, make sure to believe them!

Perform for yourself by playing your songs back on your device or using a speaker system. If you’re very comfortable already then good, but if not it can be helpful to learn some basic performance tricks first before moving onto more advanced concepts.

Practice as often as possible so that you can perfect your rhythm and timing. The best way to do this is probably practicing once per day, every day!

Your practice should be in a quiet place without too many distractions, otherwise you might forget what song you were supposed to play next.

Connect with the DJ and the club manager

how to dj rock music

As mentioned before, your first step as an aspiring dj is connecting with other DJs! Most nightclubs have a website or at least a social media account that contains information about the night’s event and the staff members.

Check out their profiles to see what kind of music they like and learn some basic set-up tips if you are ever selected to be a guest dj!

Interviews are always a good way to meet new people so why not use it for something more productive? If you love dancing and listening to music then sharing your skills with the community would definitely earn you some praise.

And while it may sound cliché, being friendly and welcoming to others is one of the most important things in life. So don’t forget to show those around you how much they mean to you by letting them know that you appreciate their work and helping them stay motivated.

Invest in your equipment

how to dj rock music

A lot of people get discouraged when they start trying to dj, especially if you are a beginner. They feel that all their money has been wasted because they could not find or do not have some piece of equipment.

Luckily, this is not the case!

Djs usually invest in at least one good mixer (a device that mixes music) and one speaker system with built-in headphones. Beyond those two pieces, most DJs will purchase additional earbuds so they can listen to their source audio more easily.

These three items make up what is referred to as your DJ set up. Obviously, you would want to be able to mix songs before you play them, but aside from that, every other part of your setup is pretty much guaranteed.

There are many vendors who’s products are very affordable, making it easy to begin investing in your own personal set up.

Find out the house rules

how to dj rock music

House DJ’s usually have one or more of these rules set up before a party. These are typically time limits, music genres, and/or equipment limitations. Time limit restrictions are very common as most people know how long it takes to get ready for an event and also how much energy they spend during the night!

As a host, you should be aware of what types of songs your guests want to listen to and what genre of music they like. This will help them find their favorite songs quickly and will make the dance floor action faster!

Having enough headphones and audio cables can sometimes be tricky so having a little backup is always nice to have. Having less than needed can cause issues later when DJs need to use them.

Some venues do not allow outside speakers to be used which may mean no boom boxes or phone apps that play music.

Plan your set

how to dj rock music

After you choose an album or a song, it is important to know what kind of music you want to play! What genre do you want to represent? What styles are you very familiar with?

It’s great to learn new songs, but if you don’t understand the lyrics and how to perform them, then why not just pick something that you already know and improve upon it?

By learning the basics of DJing, you will be able to add some extra flavor to your sets!

Plan out your set in advance by creating a playlist of songs you plan to use.

Mix and match

how to dj rock music

There are many ways to learn how to dj, so instead of thinking about what songs you will play next, think about which styles you like and mix them together! If you enjoy listening to hip hop music, then why not try mixing some dubstep in? Or if you love dance music, try incorporating some house or techno into your set.

Music style is more than just a genre; it is also characterized by its rhythm and tone. For example, hard rock has strong rhythms that get people moving, while soft ballads have slow rhythms that encourage relaxation. Both types of music can be incorporated into any type of event, including dj sets!

Mixing different genres and tones is an excellent way to hone your craft as a dj.

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