How To Enjoy Noise Music – The Rules

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Find it difficult to enjoy noise music? This article will discuss how to enjoy noise music and everything that is meant by it.

Just for the record, noise is a non-musical genre of music, which has a set of rules to keep it together. In fact, the moment you start listening to noise, you will realize it is the most crucial part of the music.

Therefore, it should be handled with utmost respect and in its right context.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know what noise music is all about, and they are fooled into thinking that it is simply boring. Here are the 5 things you should know about noise music and its rules.

1. Noise music is non-musical

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Actually, this is the most misunderstood term in all of music. In most of the popular music courses, noise is understood as a non-musical genre.

It is actually a broad genre that includes a variety of musical genres. For instance, noise rock, post-rock, psychedelic rock, ambient music and many other genres belong to this genre.

The moment you hear something like ‘all right noise rock music’, this is what it actually means.

Noise is usually defined as a completely non-musical genre of music. However, if you listen to the most famous and interesting noise music, this definition does not make much sense.

So, how does noise music relate to music?

Noise can be defined as a non-musical and highly unusual musical style or production. The more non-musical a genre is, the more noise it becomes.

Moreover, if you listen to very loud noise, it will even affect your hearing. It is similar to saying that if you hear a high-pitched voice, this voice would be considered to be as loud as the bomb explosion.

2. Noise rock is non-music

While people think that noise music means metal or rock music, this is completely wrong.

In fact, a majority of popular noise rock bands have a very extensive background in classical music and even music of other genres like jazz, world music and classical music. Most of them learn to play their instruments by listening to classical music.

When people listen to music of the classical genre, they can understand how the instruments are created in the right way and the reason behind the meaning of each instrument.

They will have the knowledge about rhythm and dynamics of music and how these things affect the overall composition of music. These things will make them understand noise music.

3. Noise pop is a majorly non-music music

Listening to the sounds of nature

While there are popular music bands like Radiohead, The National, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, etc. who have a huge fan base, most of the mainstream bands are not very popular.

Most of the popular music bands like Bloc Party, The Stains, The Dead Weather, The Hives, etc. belong to this genre.

These mainstream bands try to emulate the contemporary music acts by using the same set of instruments.

The fact that a vast majority of these bands are formed after the grunge era actually proves the fact that it is not as popular as it is considered to be.

4. Noise cuts harmony and Gives Chance to Distorted Surround Sound

Even if it is said that this genre does not belong to music, it still has one great advantage. This is the fact that noise does not try to sound like any particular genre of music.

Noise music uses more unique techniques to generate the sounds and then compress them. This, in turn, can result in a reduction in the degree of integration between the sound waves.

This is not an easy thing to understand but the less you know about the music of this genre, the better it is for you.

It gives a chance to create distorted, angular and abrasive surround sound. This has been proven to be pretty effective when you listen to music with headphones.

This is exactly what the music of this genre does.

5. Noise is an emotional machine

music sounc

We cannot even think about something like this without trying to learn about the social, psychological and medical aspect of this genre. The background of this genre and its effects on your mind and soul will be very evident as soon as you listen to this kind of music.

The theme of the music has a lot to do with madness, destruction and alienation. You will feel completely alienated in the minds of these music composers if you listen to them.

We cannot give a more detailed view on this aspect. You can listen to the numerous examples of this in this extremely in-depth article.

In conclusion

While there are many beautiful things in this world, there is one less-known and very strange thing. This phenomenon is something that we were never taught about in school.

We were never told about how the human mind is affected when it listens to music with or without lyrics.

We were not told about how the unconscious processes occur when it listens to sound with or without lyrics. We have only been told how sound influences the mind.

We are merely listing out the many benefits of listening to the music of this genre. We feel that you should definitely give it a try.

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