How To Explain Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

What is rock music? That is one of the most difficult questions to answer because what people refer to as “rock” music has changed over time. For instance, many would argue that classic rock such as Adele, The Beatles, or Pink Floyd are not really considered to be rock due to their inclusion of songs with lyrics.

On the other hand, some may include artists like The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin in the category of rock simply because of how hard they played their instruments!

Regardless, if you want to call yourself a true rock fan then you should at least know what makes for a good rock song. This article will go into detail about what makes up a lot of the genre and why these songs belong here.

History of rock music

how to explain rock music

Many people associate rock music with big hair, flashy clothes, and large bass drums. While those are some defining features of most rock songs, they’re not what makes them rock!

Rock is more than just a style or genre; it’s a mentality. Rock artists want to inspire other people, make them feel good about themselves, and give them hope for the future. They also tend to be humorous and direct.

Music videos feature lots of energy, action, and spectacle. A lot of today’s popular rock songs were made during the era of MTV when the channel was new and needed catchy tunes that could get many views.

Many musicians credit their success to learning how to play an instrument and then taking chances by mixing styles in their songs or writing lyrics that appeal to different audiences.

Themes in rock music

how to explain rock music

What is rock? Is it an genre? If you were trying to describe what kind of music people usually listen to, then “pop” would be the right term for it. Or maybe “dance-rock” or even just “rock and roll.”

But if you want to really get into it, then try defining “rock” as “something that sounds like this!” And hit play.

That seems pretty definitive, but I assure you there are very few things that sound like rock music.

Most musicians wouldn’t call their style “hard rock” nor would they say their songs contain lots of guitars and drums. They might instead refer to themselves as purists, traditionalists, or classicists.

And while some think heavy metal is the most authentic form of rock, only a small fraction actually consider themselves part of that subgenre. (For example, Alice In Chains never referred to themselves as metal.

Popular rock music artists

how to explain rock music

Most people know what kind of songs make up the genre of popular music, such as Adele or Taylor Swift singing about love or Katy Perry singing about partying. These types of songs are usually called “pop” songs because they attract many listeners and go viral quickly.

Other genres of music may be described as having an album that is made mostly of one type of song, but popular rock bands have been known to mix it up by adding in other styles into their albums. This article will talk more about these different types of songs and how to describe them to someone who has no idea what any of this means!

I’ll also include some helpful tips and examples for describing the lyrics to someone who might want to listen.

Popular rock music genres

Many people get confused when it comes to defining what genre of music someone listens to. This is totally normal! It happens to all of us. As humans, we develop internal categories or labels for different types of things. For example, you may have a category in place for movies that you watch almost every week, so when The Girl With The Golden Hair came out, you picked it up right away without thinking about it too much.

Other examples of this are books you read and songs you listen to. You might have a book group where everyone chooses a different book, and then you find yourself listening to only those songs while listening to music.

This can be tricky trying to figure out what genre some music belongs to. There aren’t really hard and fast rules, but most definitions relate to three parts: style, mood, and narrative.

Music styles are like colors – they each convey a specific vibe. A lot of groups use these styles as inspiration for their own music, making it seem very linked to the same thing.
For instance, say one of your favorite bands has a song with lyrics about how life is a joke and nobody seems to realize it. That could easily inspire you to write your own song full of similar jokes and remarks.

Examples of rock music

how to explain rock music

What is rock music?

Rock music can be defined as songs with strong themes that use instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, piano, and/or vocals. The instrumentation and lyrics combine together to create an overall mood or theme. Some examples of classic rock are “Happy Birthday” by The Beatles, “You had me at hello” by Taylor Swift, and “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” by Katy Perry.

Themes of some popular rock genres include love, life, freedom, hope, faith, unity, nature, etc. These types of songs make for great listening if you need help feeling relaxed, inspired, hopeful, or motivated.

Music genre categories such as folk, jazz, blues, classical, soft rock, heavy metal, hip hop, pop, and others exist because people put their own personal touches into what makes up this very universal type of music.

Definition of rock star

how to explain rock music

What is a rock ‘star’? This term applies to anyone who is popular, well known, or famous. They have a large social media audience that loves their work and music. It could be for an individual artist like Taylor Swift, or it could be a band like One Direction!

Rock stars typically make lots of money due to the popularity they enjoy. This can include through album sales, concert tickets, t-shirts, and more. Since their followers want what they have, there are always new things to buy.

Some people may not know how to listen to music properly, but this doesn’t stop them from being able to identify which artists are rock.

History of rock stars

how to explain rock music

As we have seen, music is a very powerful tool for communication. It can motivate people, inspire emotions, and influence how others feel about you or your songs. Artists who focus on their craft and spread their sound messages are considered rock artists.

Many musicians begin playing guitar at a young age. They learn how to play some set pieces (like the song “Happy Birthday”) and add lyrics to create their own songs. Some stick with it longer than others, developing their skills and exploring different styles of music.

Some musicians eventually take their talents more seriously and devote time to practice and creativity. These individuals work hard to establish themselves as musical experts and gain recognition for their talent.

They also interact with other professionals in the music business, attending events and sharing knowledge. When they find an area that they are not quite expert in, they try to gather information and learn from those around them.

These efforts increase their skill sets and help them succeed in their field. While most do not become famous musicians, many achieve success outside of the music industry!


Heck, even singers and dancers sometimes describe themselves as having a passion for music.

What makes a rock star?

how to explain rock music

What is it that people recognize about someone as a rock superstar? What are some of their defining characteristics? Is it how they dress, what music they listen to, or what kind of cars they drive?

None of these things alone make up the whole story of who the person really is. It takes a lot more than that to be considered a rock legend.

With all due respect to those who fit into one of the above categories, there’s just something special about someone else. A thing you can’t quite put your finger on but which you know when you find it. You feel it in your bones.

It’s like knowing why you have always loved chocolate even though you hate sweets. Yeah, maybe not the best combination, but still – you want it.

That’s what it is with certain artists. Even if you don’t understand everything they say or do, you feel for them. Like, seriously, you get it, they get you, and it makes you happy.

This article will talk about five songs by artist that come close to having this effect on most anyone.

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