How To Find New Alternative Music – Tips To Follow

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss how to find new alternative music and how you can participate.

Have you found a new favorite band you like? Have you been getting excited about a new alternative music band?

Are you excited about another alternative music band’s newest album release?

If you want to experience more alternative music, you need to begin looking for more music online.

Finding music is easier than you think

Seated man listening music on this phone

Listen to the radio and you’ll find several artists that you might not even be aware of that have something to offer. These can be bands that are out there, or bands that have come and gone in the past.

Usually artists that are new break up or fade away as they find themselves to be no longer “cutting edge.” You will find that by staying abreast of new music, you’ll stay on top of the news.

Ana August Smiley, The Music Department Executive Director at NPR, talks about how important music is in shaping your life. By listening to different music, you find yourself.

You may end up with a whole new musical genre. Find out the truth about how people feel about music and the type of music that best suits their needs.

What are you looking for?

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As I mentioned earlier in this article, you will find different groups of music that you will listen to and enjoy.

Usually groups are made up of 2 or 3 musicians. The combination of their individual strengths adds another dimension to the music and a whole new level of sound and style.

There are also special music needs that you can find out about in the reading of this article.

There is a universal language of music, and it goes far beyond the more familiar genres of pop, rock, jazz, blues, and country. It’s far more than that.

Every type of music can be broken into the following 3 categories.

People who buy and play records have a preconceived notion of what constitutes good music.

This is why I’ve made you aware of some common misconceptions about music. Also, I’ve discussed the very special meaning music has in the world.

There are several websites out there that are focused on finding alternative music. Here are several alternative music websites that are worth checking out.

The Internet Music Project (IMP):

IMP is a group of college students from the Music Business program at Berklee College of Music. The focus of this organization is to compile an internet database of alternative music that ranges from the 1960s and 1970s.

It is a great way for new and older listeners to access different types of alternative music. IMP is available in Spanish.

New Music Scroll (NMS):

The aim of NMS is to share unreleased new music that has not been played on commercial radio stations. The NMS also features information about unreleased alternative music artists as well as interviews with musicians.

This website offers a free download of every album on the site.


Songkick is a website that is designed to give alternative music fans access to tickets to alternative music concerts.

They provide the opportunity to pre-order tickets and get access to events that may be going on in the near future. They also offer their subscribers access to the concert lineups for hundreds of alternative music artists.

You can also follow these alternative music blogs to learn more about alternative music.

The Alternative Underground (AU):

Chill time

The aim of The Alternative Underground is to promote new alternative music. The AU is the #1 Alternative music blog on Blogger.

The Alternative Underground also posts reviews about new alternative music bands.

Alternative Underground Music Show (AINSM):

The aim of AINSM is to share alternative music with fans and music industry people. They post new music from alternative music artists and provide reviews.

Alternative Connection:

This website is a great way to discover new alternative music. It gives the user a chance to enter their email address and then you will receive updates about alternative music that is being played around the world.


Mozian is a blog that reviews new alternative music that is being played on alternative radio stations. Mozian also post reviews about new alternative music artists as well as interviews. is another great way to find new alternative music. gives you the opportunity to create a petition regarding alternative music. You can also create a petition that has a message that you want to share with other people.

You can also follow this alternative music blog on Facebook.

Alternative music blogs can also give you more information about new alternative music artists.

New Music Addict (NMAC):

The aim of NMAC is to provide fans with information about new alternative music. NMAC also posts reviews and interviews with musicians.

Alternative Music Headlines:

The aim of Alternative Music Headlines is to create new alternative music that is being created by young artists. They also post reviews of music from alternative music artists.

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