How To Get Ideas For Songwriting

Posted by Mike Schumacher

A writer is always in search of creative ideas. You can’t be a professional writer if you don’t find new ways to approach writing and publishing your work.

Finding inspiration for song lyrics or story lines are easy – just watch TV, read magazines, listen to music, etc. But what about creating songs from scratch?

Thinking up melodies, phrases, and rhymes that sound good together is hard. It takes time and effort to do so. Even then, there is no guarantee your idea will feel natural and catchy.

That is why it is important to get some brainstorming done before coming up with an inspired piece of writing.

You must have spent enough time developing your writing talent to know how crucial this step is.

This article will talk about several different types of brainstorming you can do as well as strategies and tips when doing so.

Develop your own style

how to get ideas for songwriting

A lot of great songwriters develop their styles over years through frequent writing, ear-training, listening to music, experimenting with different genres, and incorporating what they like into their songs.

They also keep a notebook or diary of ideas that they write down and then organize in order to pull out the best pieces.

By doing this, you will eventually find yourself using the same chords, melodies, lyrics, and patterns over and over again!

These bits and pieces can be easily adapted and mixed together to create new songs.

You don’t need an elaborate collection of notes and snippets to start writing songs either.

Some simple notes and phrases can help get those creative juices flowing.

Find inspiration in art

how to get ideas for songwriting

A great way to get inspired is by looking at other artists’ work. You don’t need to be a professional artist to do this, but studying the works of those who are can inspire you!

Artists create stories through their paintings and sculptures. Looking at the different styles and techniques used makes an impression on you. The beauty of it all comes down to how the artist conveyed his or her message.

You get messages from the artwork that artist created. Your job is to interpret these messages and add your own twist to make what you write more powerful than the one before.

Music has a special place in people’s hearts. If you want your songs to connect with others, then learn about music. Listen to lots of genres and modes and compare them to see which ones influence you.

You may also want to look into musical instruments and theory. There are many ways to pick up tricks and tips for writing lyrics and melodies.

Take up songwriting as a hobby

how to get ideas for songwriting

A lot of writers get into it later in life, when they feel that their career has slowed down or is about to come to an end. If you’re already having trouble coming up with new songs, why not try doing it as a side thing? You could even make money from it!

If you love listening to music and want to write your own lyrics and melodies, then learning how to play instruments is very important. There are many ways to learn how to do this — some free, some more expensive.

You can pick any number of instruments to start off with, depending on what you like listening to and whether you enjoy using them. The most common ones are the piano, guitar, bass, violin, flute, drums, and clarinet/alto saxophone.

Once you have learned how to use your instrument, you must know what notes and chords to play in order to be able to writing songs. Chords are sets of notes used together to create a tone or melody, while a note is just one sound (like a B).

There are several types of chord, such as major, minor, suspended, augmented, and deceptive. Learning how to play the right amount of each type of chord will help you write your songs.

Create a writing environment

how to get ideas for songwriting

Even if you are not in the middle of creating music at this moment, you can start thinking about song ideas. Creating a writing environment that is conducive to brainstorming will help you get creative juices flowing.

There’s no need to spend lots of money on fancy equipment, but having some simple tools or resources close by can really boost your creativity.

You can make your own notebook and index cards, for example, or use available technology like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Or even just take a few minutes each day to read poetry or lyrics to inspire new songs.

Whatever method works for you — and we know what works for us! — do it with passion and focus so that it becomes second nature. When you feel relaxed and comfortable, inspiration will come more naturally.

Practice makes perfect

how to get ideas for songwriting

A song is a very personal expression, so it’s important to practice your writing skills in order to get great lyrics. When you start trying to write your own songs, don’t worry about what others say or how well other people’s songs sound!

Your music should always be written from the heart, and only then will people appreciate its true value. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, try brainstorming or journaling, making lists of things that make you happy, thinking about times in your life when you felt happiest, and incorporating those qualities into your song.

You can also do some research and look at examples of songs with similar rhythms and melodies to see if their styles appeal to you.

Write to a theme

A song is about something, so writing about that thing can get you started as a writer. But what if you’re stuck?

The hard part of songwriting is not coming up with the idea for the lyrics, it is actually putting those words onto paper. When you are struggling to find the inspiration to write new lyrics, try writing down the effects your songs have on people.

This could be how some lines sound or examples of metaphors you use in your lyrics. Take a look at your old songs and see what effect they have and maybe you can pick up an idea or two.

If you’re having trouble finding ideas, consider looking into things like motivational psychology, sociology, anthropology and/or literature. Any of these areas could give you insights into why certain lyrics work and how to apply this to your own music.

Brainstorm your ideas

how to get ideas for songwriting

A lot of songwriters get into their groove when they are in the middle of writing or recording songs. They have a topic that they feel is missing, so they add it onto what they already have.

A great way to find new lyrics or melodies is by looking at existing poems, quotes, or rhymes. You can even make your own! There are many free rhyming apps and websites where you can easily create your own.

You can also use poetry as inspiration for other songs. The writers’ style, rhythm, and flow will inspire you. Some poets write about everyday things, while others use more complex styles.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t care about how well written something is; it only cares about the message it receives. So don’t worry too much about grammar and word choice- instead, focus on whether the verse flows naturally and if the tone is strong.

Come up with your best stories

how to get ideas for songwriting

A story is anything that has events, characters, and setting. Yours can be about something you’ve experienced or things you have observed around you.

With music, there are several ways to use stories as an inspiration for lyrics. You can write your own songs, compose instrumental pieces, or learn how to play an instrument and create your own music!
As long as you’re listening to what’s going on in the world, you’ll find it helpful to include some references to stories in your song writing.

You can also look at stories of others to get ideas for songs. Many people publish their diary entries, notes, and other materials online for everyone to see. These shared experiences can help give you inspiration for your own songs.

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