How To Keep Rhythm On Guitar While Singing

Posted by Mike Schumacher

When you are singing along to a song, it can become difficult to keep time when your hands need to be somewhere else for something like a chord or a vocal line.

When this happens, your rhythm is sometimes slightly off and it may even feel like you have lost control over what part of the song you are listening to. It can also get really annoying because not only do you lose focus on the song, but also the person that is listening to you!

This article will go into detail about how to stay in time while singing by using some basic guitar techniques.

Practice singing with the guitar muted

how to keep rhythm on guitar while singing

When you are practicing your vocals, there is an easy way to keep rhythm! You can do this by having yourself sing into a microphone while playing the guitar. This is called vocalizing or using your voice as a tool to learn how to play the guitar.

By adding the drum stick to the music, it becomes easier to pick up the beat since you have a source of information for that. If you are learning how to play the bass line, then every now and then add the bass pedal to get the groove going!

This technique works great if you are trying to learn the basics of lead singing or song writing.

Listen to music while singing

how to keep rhythm on guitar while singing

It is very important to understand that not only does rhythm influence your singing, but also the song you are listening to! If you are trying to learn how to sing with more of an authentic feel, then finding the right songs to listen to is crucial.

Music has many different components including lyrics, melody, bass line, and overall feeling or tone. All of these contribute to creating great vocals.

By learning how each part of the music works, you will be able to use it for other things such as playing guitar solo or even writing your own music!

You should always strive to know what instrument(s) every part of a song was written in so that when you go about practicing your voice, you can add some extra features onto the song.

Watch a video of yourself singing

how to keep rhythm on guitar while singing

As we mentioned before, one of the hardest things when it comes to learning how to sing is knowing where your vocal cords are in relation to each other.

If you pay attention to what you’re listening to, you will notice that some singers have their voice go up at the end of a song or during an intro then drop down as they breathe. That’s their instinct telling them when to use their lungs as a source of air for speaking or singing!

The same thing happens with rhythm.

Singing along with a music piece will show you that some parts need more rhythm than others. The part that has most of the lyrics usually doesn’t require much rhythm since you know why it’s moving quickly already.

But if there’s no reason for the speed, you would want to slow it down slightly so that you can understand everything being said. Or maybe even add some silence between words to emphasize something important.

This article will talk about how to learn guitar rhythm by paying special attention to the beats per minute (BPM) of a song. It’s totally fine to just skip over this section if you feel like you’ve learned enough about music theory.

However, I recommend giving this section a few minutes of your time because it will make playing faster songs easier.

Record yourself singing

how to keep rhythm on guitar while singing

A lot of people start playing guitar by first figuring out how to play some chords, then moving onto simple songs with lyrics. Chords are definitely an integral part of music, but there is another very important element that many musicians leave out — rhythm!

Music without a strong sense of rhythm is like eating only one food for your whole life, you know what it is, but you would probably lose taste for it. Rhythmic patterns make up around 70% of all sounds we hear, so knowing how to develop yours is essential.

In this article I will go into more detail about how to learn rhythmic guitar licks and phrases. We will also look at some easy ways to practice them.

Learn to use your voice as an instrument

how to keep rhythm on guitar while singing

As we mentioned before, rhythm is just knowing when to put in a note or a sequence of notes. It’s about keeping time!

When you sing, you are using your voice as one of your instruments. You can practice singing without any music, but that won’t help you unless you learn how to use your voice effectively while performing with music.

You can also learn how to play guitar solo, which is another way to develop your rhythm skills. When playing alone, no one else is listening for good timing – it’s only you!

So, why not work on developing your vocal rhythm? Once you have them down, you can start trying to match the tempo of a song you like.

Use a backing track

how to keep rhythm on guitar while singing

A back-up band or background music is very helpful in keeping rhythm while you are singing. There are many ways to use a bass guitar, keyboard, or drum machine as a background music source for your song.

You can play along with these parts of the music and it will help keep time!

Some people also add percussion to this like tambourines or cowbells which adds some extra fun to the song.

By having a background music source, your song will have more consistency than if there was no music supporting the lyrics.

Connect with a friend

how to keep rhythm on guitar while singing

It is very common for guitarists to learn how to sing separately, but not connect them together. When you are singing, what uses of vocals you have can make it hard to find the rhythm or tone of your voice.

When learning how to play along with music, start off by playing just one note at a time. Once you get the hang of that, add more notes onto the chord and create some melodies!

Next, choose a song that you know well and take it step-by-step. Use a computer software like GarageBand or Spotify to help you pick up speed quickly.

Finally, be honest about whether you feel confident in your ability to read music and understand rhythms.

Read music closely

how to keep rhythm on guitar while singing

The first thing you need to do is to understand how music works. You must be able to read music in order to play guitar!
Having this understanding of what notes make up a song and how to recognize them is an important part of playing rhythm guitar while singing.

You don’t have to know every note, but knowing some basic chords and learning how to interpret the lyrics can help you keep time.

By recognizing parts of the songs, you will also learn when to break away from the source material and add your own touches.

Reading music is like studying a language — it isn’t something that everyone is naturally inclined towards, but once you get into it, you quickly realize that there are lots of applications beyond just entertainment.

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