How To Know A Talented Musician

Posted by Mike Schumacher

A musician is someone who creates music or conducts an orchestra. They use instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, flute, violin, etc. to create their songs and melodies. Instruments are learned and used properly so that they produce sound beautifully!

Musicians also work very hard to perfect their craft. They practice every day, which can be done physically (playing the instrument) or mentally (practicing technique on the instrument you already know).

Many people call themselves musicians, but only a few really understand what it takes to be considered talented. In this article, we will go over some important things about how to tell if another person is truly gifted.

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How to Tell If Someone Is Truly Talented

There are many ways to determine whether or not a professional artist is skilled beyond their natural talent. Here are several tips for determining this!

Reading books and listening to music is something all humans do, which makes it easy to learn how to do. Almost anyone can pick up the basics of writing and singing lyrics and notes!

However, there are some professionals out there who have mastered their fields to a degree that it seems almost impossible to improve upon without taking advanced classes or training. These artists have invested in their field heavily by going through rigorous courses and/or working under experienced tutors and teachers.

Watch musicians perform

how to know a talented musician

While most people are already familiar with this as “listening to music,” it is actually watching musicians perform that helps you identify talent.

If you watch enough music videos or attend concerts, you will eventually see someone who stands out from the rest. They may have flashy stage decorations or interesting wardrobe choices, but beyond that, they never change.

Their facial expression always looks like they are having fun, even while performing a difficult song. Their hands remain steady during songs that require some physical movement. And when they sing, their voice does not shake or wobble.

These things all contribute to how professional their performance is. It is impossible to tell if these qualities come naturally to them or if they worked at it, but either way it is clear that they know what they are doing.

By learning more about talented singers and musicians, you will also learn why they are successful and what types of styles they prefer.

Learn to read music

how to know a talented musician

The next important thing is learning how to read music! Almost anyone can pick up a guitar now-day and learn some basics of reading music, or you could choose piano or violin as your instrument.

Reading music is like speaking a language — it’s not intuitively understood by most people at first, but with time, practice, and discipline, you can understand what notes are being used and how they relate to each other.

You will also need to know about musical instruments, theory (or “what all those weird markings mean!), timing, rhythm, and more. There are many great resources available free online and through music schools or libraries.

Practice constantly

how to know a talented musician

A talented musician is someone who practices consistently. It’s not enough to have an interest in music, you must put in time and effort to develop your skills.

Music theory, how to play a note on the guitar, chords, scales, rhythm — these are all fundamental parts of being a musician. But spending hours every day studying and practicing these things alone is very difficult for most people.

That’s why it’s important to be part of a community of musicians. You will learn from other people, help each other out, and keep each other motivated.

Practice with headphones on so only you can hear yourself is one way to hone your talent. This focuses on your accuracy as a player rather than if what you’re playing sounds good or not.

Find a good teacher

how to know a talented musician

As we mentioned before, being a musician is not something you can learn from YouTube or listening to music alone! There are many ways to learn how to play an instrument, be it guitar, bass, piano, drums, etc.

Some of these teaching methods are more formalized (like taking lessons at a university), while others may not be as structured but still very effective (such as playing in groups with other musicians).

No matter what kind of musical education you want, there’s always someone out there who is willing to teach you. And although they may not necessarily have a degree or certification, that doesn’t mean they aren’t professional level teachers!

By just looking around yourself, you’ll probably find people sharing their knowledge and offering one-on-one lessons.

Be consistent

how to know a talented musician

As you can probably tell, being a talented musician doesn’t happen overnight! It takes years of practice to develop your skills enough to recognize talent when you see it.

So how do you know if someone is truly gifted? By simply watching them play!

You have to be able to watch music-making for very long to identify true musicianship. Some people may not look like professional musicians at first glance, but who you are as a person comes through in what you do.

If you admire their style or technique, then chances are they already have been noticed and appreciated before. You could also find out more about them from other sources (for example, by looking up their songs on YouTube).

But even if you don’t know much about an artist, just listening to them put some effort into sharing their craft will get lots of signals.

Enjoy music

how to know a talented musician

What makes someone consider another person talented is not what they know, it’s how they listen to music. It can be anything from listening for sounds or melodies, to paying attention to lyrics, structure, or rhythm.

Some people may feel that their own talent lies in other areas, but creating your own talents by investing time in one area is still an impressive feat.

Everyone has different strengths, so don’t compare yourself with others too much!

Also, try experimenting with music. You don’t have to be totally professional about it – even singing along as you walk down the street or humming songs while you work are okay.

By being aware of the skills of other musicians, you will find that you are able to recognize talent when you hear it.

Make it your life

how to know a talented musician

As mentioned before, being a talented musician comes down to how you train yourself in music. Starting early is important so that the skill is ingrained into you from when you are a child all the way through college.

Being a talented musician also requires you to constantly be exposed to musical theory, instruments, and skills. This can mean attending concerts, lessons, or studying music online or via YouTube videos.

There’s no need to be limited to listening to popular songs, there are plenty of ways to learn about music! Artists such as Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven were incredible masters of their craft, so why not look up some of their works?

Music artists have spent years mastering their crafts, and now they’re sharing what they know with others.

Get an instrument

how to know a talented musician

Even if you can’t play any notes, there are ways to know what kind of musician someone is by their style. Are they in tune with other musicians? Do they listen to a lot of music and develop relationships with artists and songwriters? They may admire or emulate certain things about how people use rhythm, harmony, and melody in songs.

You don’t need an actual guitar to learn how to recognize talent in musicians! You can pick up some simple chords on your own voice and start experimenting with that. A bass guitar, keyboard, flute, clarinet, violin, or horn would all be good starting points for learning more about the music of others.

Once you find your favorite artist or group of artists, get their albums! Many times, album producers include additional credits like “songwriter” or “lyricist” to show off the talents of the person who contributed to the writing process.

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