How To Know If Your Songwriting Is Good

Posted by Mike Schumacher

As you can probably tell, this article will be talking about how to know whether your songwriting is good or not! It will also talk about what it takes to become a better writer, which is definitely worth mentioning as we all could use some help in that department.

But before getting into too much detail, let’s first talk about why being a good writer is so important.

Why being a great songwriter is so important

Songwriters are very well-respected professionals who write music and/or lyrics for other people to perform and promote. This might sound like a tall order, but there are actually quite a few successful writers out there!

Most musicians start writing songs when they feel inspired to do so, so becoming more motivated to create is one of the main things needed to truly grow as a musician.

However, beyond just having an urge to write songs, it is also important to know what makes a good song written by you. More specific than just saying “it’s okay,” these types of criticisms should really hurt, even if you’re the most talented person in the world.

It is extremely difficult to get past the skepticism of others when it comes to your craft, but investing time in improving yours is totally worth it. Starting at the level where you are now means coming up with fluff that will never set anyone else‘s teeth on edge.

You have good song structure

how to know if your songwriting is good

A good song has an intro, a verse, a chorus, and a conclusion. The bridge is typically shorter than the other three sections but it always comes back around to connect with the rest of the song.

The first part of the song is usually called the pre-chorus or sometimes just the outro. It is normally one or two notes longer than the rest of the song and features either an encouraging word or message (the lyrics) that match up with the main theme of the song.

The second part is the chorus. It can be repeated several times until you get tired of listening to it!

The third part is the bridge. This section shifts into another topic or tone completely which makes for interesting listening.

And the final part is the reprise, also known as the repeat or dropout. This is when the song returns to the original melody or idea very quickly to make people feel better after the hard work of singing the whole thing.

You have good marketing skills

how to know if your songwriting is good

As we discussed, writing is a skill that you can learn. Writing songs is a very specific craft that takes lots of practice to get right. Just like with any other profession, there are ways to determine whether your songwriting is at a professional level or not!

Here are some things that might indicate that you are ready to move up in the music business. Check out if you feel this way about the following topics and examples.

1) If you want to be successful as a writer, you should know what makes a great song.

You must understand how melody and lyrics work together and how to use each component effectively. More advanced writers will also recognize how important it is to develop your sense of rhythm and timing when composing.

They will pay attention to detail and make sure every syllable and note contributes to the overall feeling of the piece. All of these qualities are valuable assets to add to your repertoire.

2) You should have written several songs already.

If you’re still struggling to write even one tune that people would actually listen to, then you may need help figuring out what kind of material works for you. Try sharing your ideas more frequently and see where it leads!

There is no wrong time to start writing, but the sooner you do, the better.

You have good management

how to know if your songwriting is good

As we mentioned before, your lyrics matter more than you might think. Not only do they need to be well written, but they also have to relate to yourself or others in some way.

It’s very hard to write songs that people like without knowing what kind of music an audience likes and how to appeal to them.

As writers, we can get stuck thinking about the next song we want to write or the lyric for the next verse. We forget about the rest of the album!

If you are ever feeling tired or stressed out, it is probably because you spent too much time alone with your writing.

You needed help creating and editing your songs, so now you must hire professional musicians and editors.

And even though they may not always agree with everything you write, at least they will give you honest feedback. They will tell you whether your songs work and if there are ways to make them better.

How to know if your songwriting is good? Just ask around. There are many ways to gain insights into the quality of your own writing.

This article will go over several tips to help you evaluate yours.

You are consistent

how to know if your songwriting is good

As we discussed, consistency is one of the most important things when it comes to songwriters. If you write in different styles or with no structure, then people will think that you don’t like your music or aren’t passionate about it.

If this isn’t the case, though, then why not stick to writing how you usually do? The thing is, if you start adding other elements (like guitar licks, drum patterns, etc.) onto what you already have, then you might end up taking your own style to new levels.

You could also add some interesting rhymes or metaphors to what you already have, but again – keep doing what you’re already doing!

Your original lyrics and melodies probably contain enough depth for people to recognize your talent, so leave them alone! Don’t try to take the spotlight away from yourself by adding extra features. It would be better to strive to perfect the basics first before trying something else.

You have a good grasp of marketing

how to know if your songwriting is good

As we discussed, writing is both an art form and a skill that most people have trouble defining. Writing for marketing isn’t necessarily about telling people what you want them to do, it’s often creating stories or setting up scenes that help them relate to you as a person.

Your songs are a great way to test your marketing skills. What genre does the song not contain? Why don’t they sound like that exact same genre? What would be needed to make that style music?

You can use these questions to create new songs or re-work existing ones. Many professional writers will take cues from popular styles and add their own touches to fit their story.

Music has always been a powerful tool for storytelling.

You are working on your creative process

how to know if your songwriting is good

As we mentioned before, writing is a very personal process that varies for every writer. What works for you may not work for us!
As a songwriter, you must become familiar with your own writing processes so that you can identify when yours are strong and what could be improving them.

This article will talk about some ways to know if your songwriting is good and tips to strengthen your writing skills.

You have a good grasp of the fundamentals

how to know if your songwriting is good

As we discussed, being a great writer is more than just writing what you want to write and submitting it to prove that you can write. Being a great writer is about putting your thoughts into proper form, creating interesting contexts for your stories, and incorporating strong themes and characters.

It is also about developing your voice as an author and knowing how to use it to express yourself and others. And lastly, it is about using appropriate grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary to make your writings sound natural and professional.

All these things are important parts of songwriting. If you need help figuring out where you fall in terms of all of them, then that is okay! We are here to help you along this journey of discovery.

But before we get too specific, let us take a look at the basics.

You have a good sense of melody

A song with no melody is impossible to listen to, even for very short periods of time. If you can’t remember any melodies or feel that there are none in your songs, it may be time to work on this aspect of music making.

Many great artists never develop their writing skills beyond using pre-existing material as inspiration. Becoming familiar with how other people craft beautiful songs will help you do the same!

It’s also important to recognize when a musical idea has been done before. When you find yourself singing or thinking about a particular chord sequence, rhythm pattern, or melodic line, you need to refer back to see what others have written about that and try to combine those ideas into your own piece.

Your subconscious makes internal references all the time, so don’t forget these bits and pieces when they come up. Also, keep an eye out for examples of songs you like and copy some of the notes, chords, lyrics, etc.

If you ever create your own version of a tune, consider rewriting it and reworking it, or even copying and pasting parts of another song to make your own version.

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