How To Like Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

What is liking rock music? Is it listening to very hard, heavy music with lots of guitars, bass, and drums? Or is it appreciating songs that use metaphors or have references to other things?

Some people may not like rock music because they feel that all rock musicians are self-involved individuals who spend most of their time thinking about themselves. They believe that artists only put out good music when they are feeling strong emotions directly related to what they are writing about in their songs.

Other people might dislike rock music because they think that it is too mainstream and catchy. Some even claim that most rock music sounds the same and has become totally overdone.

Yet others may enjoy rock music but cannot identify with any specific genre. These people usually listen to a variety of styles while also defining rock as an overall style rather than one particular element.

This article will discuss some ways to get past these different types of objections to learn how to like rock music.

Watch how people react to it

how to like rock music

A lot of people get really attached to music, whether you like their songs or not! Why would you not like a song if you grow connected to it?
As we have discussed before, music can be an incredible tool for improving your life. It can boost your mood, help you focus, and promote overall wellness.

However, just because you do not like a particular song does not mean that it will not make you feel something. You may find yourself getting very emotional about it, which is totally normal.

It’s important to realize that what makes someone “like” a certain piece of music is not always logical.

For example, some people may enjoy listening to songs with violent content such as heavy metal. This type of music usually includes lyrics that discuss anger, hatred, and violence.

Some individuals may even associate those concepts with self-confidence and empowerment. Therefore, they may admire the artist’s ability to express these things well.

Alternatively, there are other types of music that contain more positive messages. These could include songs about love and hope, or maybe a motivational song like “Give More Than Your Best To Others.��”

There is no clear reason why one person might connect to one song but not another.

Pay attention to the lyrics

how to like rock music

A song’s lyrics are an excellent way to determine how much you like a rock song! The lyrics tell us about who the song is for, what they feel, and what actions they want listeners to take. If there are no clearly defined characters in the song, then it probably isn’t very appealing to most people with different personality types.

The lyrics also help explain why the song is important to the artist. An example of this would be When The Kicker Comes (I Wish I Was Your Lover). This song was written by Trent Harmon, lead singer of My Chemical Romance. He wrote the song after his girlfriend broke up with him.

He wanted someone else to know how he felt – so he made a heart-felt ballad out of it. His music career has since taken off because of this powerful ballad!
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What kind of person likes hardrock songs? People that love nature or animals might enjoy listening to loud guitars and heavy bass beats. Others may like alternative songs that emphasize creativity as well as introspection.

Pay attention to the tone of the song

how to like rock music

There’s a reason why some songs are universally loved while others disappear quickly into obscurity. It has nothing to do with the lyrics, or the melody, but the overall tone of the music. Songs that make you feel good are way more likely to be listened to repeatedly than ones that leave you feeling stressed out or even depressed.

There is a difference between songs that make you happy and songs that make you feel good. The first type of song can sometimes actually hurt your relationships because people will constantly be listening to them instead of interacting with each other.

It’s like when someone eats too much food and then feels tired and sick for the next day. People who love you should not be exposed to excessive amounts of negative energy unless it is intentional.

If you find yourself struggling to enjoy certain types of music, try changing how you respond to it. If you want to listen to one particular song, try just letting it play for a minute before getting work done. Or, if you’re already working on something related, stop what you’re doing and focus on that for a few minutes.

Enjoy the energy of the song

A lot of people get stuck on what style of music they like, but there’s another important element that makes or breaks the song for someone is actually listened to properly.

The first thing you should do when listening to a new rock song is focus on how much you love its melody.

Most people enjoy songs with catchy melodies, so make sure to appreciate those!

But beyond just liking the notes, you also need to feel the energy of the song. Does it make you want to dance, sing along, or even tell other people about it?

This will depend on whether the lyrics are upbeat or not, and whether the singer seems in control or not. Make no mistake, good vocalists are masters of their craft, but some have strong vocals and ekphrastic eyes while others seem more distant.

That doesn’t matter though, because it depends on your personal energy level whether you can relate to the song or not.

Pay attention to the instruments

how to like rock music

As we have seen, music is made up of notes that are organized into melodies and rhythms. But what about the other parts of the song?

The instrumentation part includes all of the sounds you hear coming from the vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitars, keyboards, drums, etc. When someone calls their favorite band “the best” or says they love listening to this artist because of their drum set, it usually means they like the sound of the drums.

You do not need to be an expert in any one instrument to enjoy instrumental songs, but knowing at least the basics of each one will help you understand how they work and identify where the voice comes from. For example, if the lead vocalist does not seem to be there, try re-tuning your microphone or adjusting the volume! (AKA turn up the speaker system.)


Certain instruments require more explanation than others. For instance, when people refer to the piano as being like a little box with hammers hitting keys, that analogy really doesn’t apply unless you take out your phone at night and play some catchy tunes!

Drums typically have two main components: A stick hited by a cymbal or metal plate. The battery component hits the side of the shell which produces the solid beat we know and love, while the metal piece creates the rolling accent needed for some songs.

Pay attention to the singer

how to like rock music

As we have discussed, what makes music powerful is how well the song is written and who the artist is that writes the lyrics. The person singing the songs and their voice are a huge part of what resonates with people.

If you want to like rock music, learn to appreciate the vocals in it. A lot of musicians think they are very talented so they use flashy techniques and gimmicks to draw more attention to themselves.

These tricks may appeal to the audience at first, but eventually they get tired of them and dismiss the piece as fake or self-serving.

The true artists know what works and what doesn’t. They stick to tried and tested methods!

Heck, some of the greatest singers never uses any special effects when performing. Why not? Because they believe in their own talent enough to not need them.

Learn to read chord charts

how to like rock music

While some people may already have a knack for music, most do not. Most people can sing along to songs they hear on the radio or in movies, but that is about as far as their talent goes.

Most musicians must learn how to play an instrument, however. They must be able to read music and understand what all of those notes mean before they can truly call themselves artists.

Reading music is more than just identifying which note sounds like another one and writing down whatever song you hear, you need to know how to interpret it!

You should be aware of at least the main chords used in most rock songs and what each one means so that you can write your own melodies and bass lines using them.

There are many ways to approach reading music, but my favorite way is by learning how to read chord charts. These diagrams show every position in a guitar chord and what finger to use to play it.

It is very helpful when playing the piano or violin because then you know what letter to look up correspondingly with the chord. For example, if you wanted to play the first major chord in this article, you would pick the index (first) finger on the third string (G string) and press down hard.

Now try doing that with no diagram next to it! Only thing is, you will probably mix up which strings get pressed down since there is no indication of which ones go where.

Learn to sing along

how to like rock music

One of the most important things about music is how it makes you feel. If you can’t relate to what you are listening to, then it’s not your favorite song or artist!

Music has powerful lyrics that tell stories, convey emotions, and influence how people respond to them.

If you don’t understand the words, though, you will be missing out on half the fun!

You should try singing at least one verse of every rock song you like so that you know what part everyone else is talking about. This way you’re still enjoying the songs, and also improving your vocal skills.

And for anyone who wonders if they’re bad singers — I bet you’re not! There are always newer, better singers than you in any genre. So never hesitate to give yourself a high praise for your voice!

Another good tip is to compare your own pitch with those of other artists. When someone sounds close, use their tone as a model and practice copying it.

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