How To Make Pop Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Making music is something that we all have our own style of. Some people are very creative, finding new ways to combine sounds and instruments into songs and loops. They express themselves through their music!

Other people focus more on the lyrics and how well they communicate what you want help you feel or know yourself. Still others use music as a tool for emotional expression. We can listen to their songs and be inspired by different emotions they convey.

Some people even make money off of their music! A few artists manage their social media accounts, website pages, and sponsorships so that they can fund their musical career.

What if I told you that you could create your own song? That you would get to pick the genre, the instrumentation, and the lyrics of your song? You would also get to choose whether it was acoustical or electronic. It’s true!

We are going to take a look at one of my favorite genres of music: pop rock. These types of songs contain catchy melodies and strong vocals paired with upbeat rhythms and guitar licks.

Become familiar with famous pop rock songs

how to make pop rock music

There are many ways to learn how to make music like your favorite bands. You do not have to be trained as a musician to start creating your own music!

Many people get into making their own music by copying what others are doing. This is definitely an effective way to begin, but it will not give you the opportunity to add your personal touch to the songs.

By learning the basics of songwriting and music production, you can take some of these tools and apply them to create new songs that sound just like the ones you love.

Two of the most important things to become familiar with are song writing and music production. Both of these skills can be learned for little or no money at all!

You can pick up enough knowledge to start producing your own music quickly via free resources online and through social media groups.

Learn to sing along with the song

how to make pop rock music

A lot of people who want to make their own music start by recording themselves singing or humming a part of a song. This is called learning how to sing along with the song!

Many aspiring musicians begin this process by singing one note, then two notes, and eventually whole songs. By doing this, you’ll learn how to mimic the way professionals singers tone and emphasize certain parts of a song.

Once you have that down, you can work on making your voice sound more like a pro! Many professional vocalists use technology to track their voices and find new ways to strengthen it.

You might also want to consider investing in a good microphone so your vocals come through clearly.

Learn the lyrics to the song

Even if you can’t play any instruments, you can still make pop rock music! All you need is an understanding of the lyrics to the songs you want to compose.

It’s not enough to know just the first line or two of a song like “The Girl From Ipanema” or “Happy Birthday.” You must understand what everything means in a full length song for it to make sense.

That means knowing the context of each word, the verse-chorus structure, and how all the parts relate to each other.

Find your own unique voice in pop rock music

how to make pop rock music

There are many ways to make pop rock music, but there is one thing that very few songwriters do these days- their own personal musical style. A lot of artists seem to be copying other people’s styles or trends instead of creating their own!

It is extremely important to develop your own artistic style. You will not feel creative if you do not use any materials or strategies in your art.

It can be hard to find your inner artist at times. This may be due to several reasons including life events like having a kid, marriage, and retirement. When these things happen, it can take some time to rework how you approach creativity.

Thinking about what kind of songs you like and learning from your favorite musicians is a great way to hone your craft.

Make a playlist of your favorite pop rock songs

how to make pop rock music

Now that you have listened to some music, it is time to start creating yours! While most people use their ear as their main tool for determining what kind of music they like, making playlists can help in defining your musical style.

Making a list of your favorite songs is an excellent way to do this. By doing so, you will be using the song lyrics and the sounds of the songs to determine if a piece fits into your music genre.

By listening to several pieces at a time, you will also get a better sense of how each song differs from the other ones. This will give you more information about which types of songs go well together and which don’t. You may even find one or two gems hidden among the others!

You should try grouping similar songs into categories to make adding new songs easier. For example, you could create a “Rock Songs That Tell A Story” category, a “Power Ballads” category, and a “Fun Party Music” category. Having such a structured system helps keep track of all of your songs and gives you easy access to specific styles.

Now, pick your favorites- just because a song made the cut doesn’t mean it is technically a part of your genre. Many musicians include songs with catchy melodies and/or lyrical content that are not necessarily categorized as hard rock, alternative, or anything else.

Become familiar with famous artists in the genre

how to make pop rock music

Famous pop music genres like rock, folk, new wave, punk, hip hop, etc. all share certain characteristics. They are often considered to have an energy source or spirit that makes them unique. This energy is typically derived from their lyrics, melody, rhythm, and/or instrumentation.

Many musicians start out learning how to play their favorite songs on their chosen instrument before moving onto another. By doing this, they develop skills in their instrument while also enhancing their ability to add flavor to the song by changing what part of it they use.

This process can be applied to any musical style you want to learn how to make your own. It’s not limited to just one!

You can start small by practicing using only one instrument at a time or focus more fully on one thing each week. Or you could try experimenting with different instruments until you find one that fits you well.

Write down your own version of a pop rock song

how to make pop rock music

In writing your own versions of a popular music genre, there are two main components. The first is creating an intro or opening for your song. This can be done in many different ways, but one of the easiest is by alternating between shorter and longer phrases depending on what part of the song you are trying to mimic.

For example, if your song consists of a verse, then start with a short sentence followed by the next longer one. When this gets repeated several times, it creates a rhythm which makes up the beginning of the song. After this, add some more lyrics that match the rest of the song!

The second component comes after the first ones have been written. What happens next is called breaking down the song into its individual parts or chords. Once these are done, you can create your new songs by adding other melodies, riffs, or notes to combine them together.

Collaborate with friends

how to make pop rock music

As we mentioned, making music is an ever-evolving process that always brings in new tools and strategies. One of the most important things about being a musician is collaborating with people!

As you start creating your own songs, try sharing them with other musicians or professionals so they can give you tips or feedback on how to improve them. You could even team up with others for writing lyrics or recording vocals!

Another way to collaborate is by working with other artists’ material. For example, if your song contains a cool bass line, look no further than to add some guitar licks on top of it or use the bass part as a template for your own riff.

The same goes for drum patterns — take what someone has already done and make it yours! And if there are great vocal lines in their track, add your own similar ones to create another good piece.

You get more exposure when you share your work, which may help you win the battle against the endless amount of content out there.

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