How To Make Rhythm Guitar More Interesting

Posted by Mike Schumacher

A rhythm guitar part that sounds good is one that has interesting rhythmic figures in it. You can make your hands really easy to recognize by using some common patterns. This article will go into detail about these patterns and how to play them!

This article will also talk about some basic music theory that every guitarist should know, such as the chord structure of most songs and modes. Modes are just like tonal colors for music, and this article will discuss some major and minor modes!

By learning more about rhythms and music theory, you’ll be able to take what you have learned and apply it to other instruments or areas of music.

Play different chords

how to make rhythm guitar more interesting

A rhythm guitar part that consists of only one chord, or a series of very close chords is not very interesting. Why not add some variety? Try playing some power chords (using major or minor scales), play some sliding bass patterns, or use secondary dominants!

There are many ways to do this. You can choose any key and use your ears to determine which notes go with what time signature.

Use different picking techniques

how to make rhythm guitar more interesting

One of the most important things you can do as a guitarist is pick up some new tricks. There are many ways to choose which technique to use in any song, and it really depends on what mood or style that piece wants to have!

There are many types of picks you can use to make your rhythm guitar playing more interesting. Some people call this using fingers to produce notes, while others refer to them as touches or brushes.

Whatever name you give these tools, they all perform the same function—producing a note for the instrument to sound through. Different styles just require different uses for the tool itself!

This article will talk about some easy ways to learn how to play like a pro by adding different picking strategies into your repertoire.

Figure out how to use your hands and arms

how to make rhythm guitar more interesting

When playing guitar, one of the most important things is learning how to use your hands and arms. This article will talk about some easy ways to do this!

Many people start playing rhythm guitar by using their fingers to tap out the notes of the chord or song. While this can be done, it isn’t very effective for many reasons.

The first is that your hand will get too tired quickly since you have to keep tapping up and down with every note in a pattern. Also, if you want to play more than just a few chords, this method becomes very tedious.

Another bad thing about this technique is that your muscles must stay tight as you are using them for both keeping time and producing sound.

When practicing this way, it is difficult to know when they may become lazy or weak so it could hinder your performance.

Play using your whole body

how to make rhythm guitar more interesting

When playing guitar, one of the most important things is how you use your hands. There are two main uses for your hand when learning rhythm guitar!

The first is picking out notes with your index finger or pick – this is done by moving your index up and down across the strings.

The second is pressing down with your fretting-hand thumb or fingernail as part of a chord pattern. This is typically referred to as striking the string!

When starting off, try both of these movements and see which ones feel more natural to you. Once you can do those well, then add some other muscles to play along!

There are many ways to strengthen your muscles around the neck area. Try practicing yoga moves or exercises that focus on flexing and relaxing different parts of your throat, face, and chest.

Use your face

how to make rhythm guitar more interesting

A lot of guitarists seem to be in a constant state of having a look on their face, or trying to create a look with what they have got!
As we know, music is all about rhythm, so why not use that as an opportunity to hone your facial expressions?

By using different muscles for different beats you can add some depth to your playing. You could use it to emphasize certain parts of a song, or even just for fun!

There are many ways to do this, from sticking out your tongue (for the one-two-three pattern of a simple beat) to crinkling up the nose (one-two-three-four…).

Play while listening to music

This is probably one of the most important things to do as a guitar player. If you are not doing it already, start now! By engaging in active listening you will find that your rhythm guitar playing changes quite a bit.

Music has a very powerful effect when done right. When someone is singing or drumming, they need their own internal clock to keep up with what part of the song they are performing.

Your timing must be consistent to make the music sound good. For example, if there is a bass line then it needs to have a steady pulse that matches the rest of the songs beat.

For lead guitars there should be an easy pattern that can be repeated without too much effort. It does not need to be complicated, but something simple that people recognize easily is best.

These types of rhythms can be practiced anywhere so long as you have access to headphones and earbuds or a device speaker.

Play using your imagination

how to make rhythm guitar more interesting

A lot of guitarists these days seem to be in a hurry to pick up their instrument and music theory, but they lack one very important thing: motivation. They want to learn how to play rhythm guitar, but they don’t know what!

Many people start playing guitar with little or no theory under their belt, and then try to apply basic concepts like notes and chords to music that doesn’t use those as its building blocks. This can sometimes result in some really weird sounds and styles that may not even make sense to someone who knows more about music.

It is totally okay to go into this situation without understanding everything fully, but at least understand the basics of how rhythm works so you can mix it up and add something new to it.

This article will talk about some ways to get inspiration for your own style and how to combine different rhythms and modes to create unique songs and pieces.

Play using your sense of humor

how to make rhythm guitar more interesting

Having an interesting rhythm guitar style is not about having cool licks or funky patterns, it is about playing using your sense of humor.

Music can always find you, even if you don’t want it to. You see something funny, you think of one thing that goes with it, and then you play what you know!

You get into music because you like music, but there are some things in this world that people love for other reasons. Making music is a way to express yourself, so why should you censor yourself?

If you feel too restricted by the rules, then break them down and add new ones! It will keep your creativity fresh.

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