How To Make Rock Music In Fl Studio

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Creating music is something that has always fascinated people. It seems like there’s never enough time to make as much music as you want, so many artists have made it their career to create as much as possible.

Music making software comes in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular alternatives is called FL Studio. Many musicians use this tool to produce their songs.

FL Studio was first released back in 2007 and since then it has grown into a very well-known piece of software. There are several ways to get more information about how to use FL Studio to make music, but our article here will go over some basics for anyone who wants to start creating music with this program.

We will talk about what equipment you need, how to use the instruments, song writing, and other important things.

Read reviews to pick your favorite color

Choosing your main instrument is really up to you! Depending on what genre of music you want to make, what colors look best, and what software you have access to, different types of instruments are better than others.

For example, if you wanted to make pop music, then the guitar would be perfect as it can replicate that sound easily. If you want to make hip hop or R&B songs, the bass could be used for that. Electronic music such as dubstep, house, and techno all use synths and samples so those would work well.

There are many free programs that people have made their own music with so why not give them a try? Some of the most popular softwares that people have made music with include GarageBand, Ableton Live, and FL Studio. All three of these have a classic version and a professional edition.

The professional editions usually cost around $30-40 but they come packed with lots of features that create an even more immersive music making experience.

Research recording studios

how to make rock music in fl studio

As mentioned before, what kind of music you want to make depends heavily on your inspiration and what types of songs you have listened to. If there are no clear inspirations, then just pick any type of song and learn how to play it!

The best way to start is by listening to as many different kinds of music as possible. Many people begin experimenting with making their own music by writing or singing simple lyrics about something they love or creating melodies for other songs that they like.

By learning the basics of music theory (the study of time, pitch, rhythm, and other components of music) and practicing them, you’ll know more ways to use those tools to create your own music!

There are several free resources available online and in digital-music stores that can help you get started. Some of these apps and programs include features such as automatic tone generation, pattern mixing, and drag and drop interface layouts.

Decide where you want to record

how to make rock music in fl studio

Recording music is a very expensive process! Depending on what kind of song you want to make, how professional you want it to sound, and your budget, you will need to decide where you want to record your songs.

There are two main types of recording locations – home studios and professional studios. A home studio can be anything from a small room with speakers that you have set up correctly, to an empty space like a bedroom or garage with some equipment already installed.

A professional studio has larger rooms with better quality equipment so they can produce higher quality sounds. These are usually costlier to use than regular audio gear because professionals pay for top-quality tools.

The best type of location depends on your musical goal. If you just wanted to make simple songs that anyone could understand, then a normal house setting with good earbuds would do the trick. However, if you want to explore more complicated music modes or styles, then a professional studio is needed.

You also should know whether you prefer using guitar effects or not. Some people feel more comfortable using software effect packs instead of hardware ones, whereas others enjoy the tactile experience of having physical pedals.

Set up your recording studio

how to make rock music in fl studio

In the next step, you’ll be taking all of those wonderful songs that you have written and recorded yourself and creating an environment where you can record them again!

First things first – what kind of music do you want to make? If it is for fun, then anything goes! You may choose more complicated genres like jazz or classical, but if this is just for entertainment, stick with something simple.

For the purposes of this article, we will be making rock music. That means there should at least be an element of guitar, bass, drums, and voice in the song. A good rule of thumb is to start by writing the lyrics, then the melody, and finally getting down to business with the instruments.

Now that you know how to write songs and how to use the software to produce music, it’s time to get started! Let’s take a look at some easy ways to get started as a musician in the production field.

Make a recording contract

how to make rock music in fl studio

If you want to make rock music, then you need to have a record label! This article will go into more detail about what kind of label you should create and how to get started with that.

The first thing is to decide if you want to work independently or not. Independent artists must manage their own social media accounts, website, etc., so they hold responsibility for their success. It can be tough at times, though, as people may not like your style or you could very well break through and hit big.

If you’d rather remain independent, great! You already know what tools are needed to run an artist’s account. Now, it’s just making sure you keep up with them and don’t forget where you left off when you were managing yours before.

There are many ways to launch an album onto different platforms, but the most common way is via a digital distribution service such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Google Play. These sites offer users access to your new album, which helps spread the word.

However, there is no cost to use these services, unless you want to add additional features later. Some of these sites also offer premium packages, which give you more storage space, special features, and other perks. The choice really comes down to what you want and whether or not you plan to expand later.

Create your band

how to make rock music in fl studio

Now that you have picked an artist, genre, and name for your band, it is time to create your group! If you are just starting out with music making, this can be done easily online via sites like JamTrader or SoundClay. They both offer free trial accounts so you can test their software before buying a premium account.

Either one of these will give you the opportunity to make your own group which you can then access through their app or website. You can then add members (more about them later) and start creating!

The next step is to choose your instrumentation- what instruments you want to use to make music. The most common ones are guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and vocals.

You do not need every tool to make music, but it helps! Having at least one of each element makes writing songs much easier. Starting off with nothing more than a microphone and computer program is totally fine! Many people begin by learning how to play the piano first before moving onto other types of keyboards.

There are many ways to learn how to play the violin, trumpet, etc.

Write your songs

how to make rock music in fl studio

Writing music is not like writing any other type of prose. It’s more like creating a story or painting a picture, only you are composing notes instead of sentences!

In fact, musicians usually describe it as coming up with dum-dums (no real words) or melodies or lyrics.

A melody is a simple set of notes that people recognize as being pleasant to listen to. A lot of famous tunes are just repeated patterns of notes. That’s what the bass line of a song is!

A lyric is something short that describes a feeling or event. Like the melody, most songs have at least one verse and a chorus that repeat themselves throughout the length of the track.

The thing about music is that every note, rhythm, and sequence has been done before. Even if someone never recorded it, you can still use their work as inspiration for new pieces.

That’s why there are so many ways to learn how to make music — you can find tutorials for almost anything: guitar, piano, drumming, singing, etc. There are even free resources online and apps designed to teach you theory (musical concepts), composition, and recording.

But my favorite way to learn how to make music isn’t from watching videos or reading articles, which can be boring at times.

It’s by doing! You can practice making music by copying and remixing existing songs and pieces.

Practice recording and editing

how to make rock music in fl studio

Recording music is the first step towards making your own songs! Recording yourself playing or singing can be done many, different ways. There are very professional studios that have you use their software to record what you do- this is called using direct recording.

Another way to do it is through computer programs that offer pre-made sounds or templates of instruments. These tools make it easy to add intensity, rhythm, and features to your sound, which can then be modified and adapted for your song. Some examples of these types of apps are GarageBand, FLStudio, ProTools, and Logic.

These applications all work similarly so should not pose a problem unless you happen to already know some from another program. But they are all pretty similar so if you are ever looking to hone your skills more seriously, there are things to look out for.

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