How To Make Rock Music Without Instruments

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Being able to play an instrument is a great way to express yourself, learn music theory, and increase your skill set as a musician. However, not every person is gifted with their hands open for learning how to play an instrument.

For some people, playing an instrument seems too difficult or expensive to invest in. Others may feel uncomfortable being surrounded by other musicians that are much more experienced than they are.

There are many ways you can make your own rock music without using instruments! By adding reverb into your voice, recording onto a smartphone, and finding the right genre of music, you will be able to create your own sound track.

This article will go over several easy ways to do this.

Use a software synthesizer

how to make rock music without instruments

A software synth is an electronic instrument that allows you to create music by using computer-based instruments and programs. Most are free to use, which is another reason why these types of tools have become popular in recent years.

There are many different softwares that offer sound libraries with hundreds, if not thousands, of sounds. You can pick and choose what type of tone or style of music you want to make and layer it together to get the desired effect!

Some of the most well known brands include Ableton (for beginner users), Logic Pro (for professional level users) and GarageBand for beginners. By learning how to take advantage of features within each program, you’ll be able to hone your skills quickly.

Use a drum machine

how to make rock music without instruments

A drum machine is like having a very expensive, professional instrument in your home! They have drums that you can program into different patterns and beats, and some even have samples or music attached to them.

There are many types of drum machines out there, so it really doesn’t matter which one you get. The only thing you need to make sure of is whether you want the more affordable models that don’t feature real drums or if you prefer the higher quality ones that do.

Some examples of drum machines include Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, and Reason. All of these softwares offer ways to create your own music with them. Some may be slightly more expensive than the rest, but they are totally worth it.

These software programs allow you to add effects, instruments, and lyrics to make your song. You can also save your songs easily too, as most come with an export function.

Combine voice with synthesizer

how to make rock music without instruments

A lot of people start playing music by learning how to play an instrument, but this is not needed at all! You can make beautiful music without using any instruments at all!

There are two main things you need to know about making music using your voice as an instrument. First, you need to be able to sing well, and second, you need to be able to use a synth or other sound generator to get some of the more complex sounds in your songs.

You don’t have to stick to singing alone though, you can also mix together vocals and guitar, bass, drums, etc. This article will go into detail about some easy ways to learn how to do this.

Combine voice with drum machine

A very popular way to learn how to make music is by learning how to use a drum machine or computer program to write songs. What are drum machines? They’re basically a device that has a microphone, a processor, and rhythm patterns (or drums) for you to use in your song.

There are many different types of drum machines out there! Some only have bass drums while others have kick, snare, hi-hats, and tom toms. Some even have special effects such as reverb or synth sounds.

By using a drum machine, you can create your own beat patternsss! You get all the benefits of having a musician play their part but without them having to physically play an instrument.

Use an effects pedal

how to make rock music without instruments

An effect pedal is something that you use to add special sounds or features into your music. Effect pedals are typically categorized by their type, such as chorus, flange, octave down, reverb, etc. Different types of effect pedals work by altering how your sound source interacts with the rest of the equipment in your studio.

For instance, a chorus effect will pull away some parts of the song from what was originally recorded and then re-assemble them later. A flanger adds more pronounced echos to any sound it is applied to, while reverbs take already extended echoes and make them longer!

There are many ways to use effect pedals in your production process. You can apply one directly onto another sound file or group of files, create different effects within a single file or group of files, and even apply several at once to achieve various results!


Effect pedals are very versatile tools for anyone looking to learn how to play guitar. They can be used to not only enhance what you currently have access to, but also to create new musical concepts completely out of habit! That’s why most professional musicians have quite a few around.

In this article we will go over some easy tips and tricks to get started playing rhythm tracks using nothing but an internal device and a computer software application. Let’s get started!

Held up off the floor, positioned about knee high, both hands move downwards simultaneously creating a steady beat.

Use compression

how to make rock music without instruments

One of the most important things that music artists use is what we call “compression.” This is when someone else’s sound or tone gets cut off because they are no longer able to play as much as they normally could due to lack of resources (like instruments).

For example, if you hear someone singing a song, but they get tired or run out of breath, their voice becomes softer and shorter. This is called compressor-ing!

When people talk about using compressors, it can sometimes mean different types of gadgets or software programs. What really matters is whether or not you have access to advanced features like threshold control and ratio settings.

Learn to use recording software

how to make rock music without instruments

Recording music is an in-depth process that usually requires you have access to a computer or laptop with some kind of audio production software installed. There are many different types of software for making music, so it’s important to know what each one can do before investing in it!

Some examples of recording software include GarageBand, ProTools, Reason, FL Studio, and more. The best ones allow you to create your own songs by putting together various components such as instruments, vocals, lyrics, and catchy melodies.

There are several ways to learn how to make rock music without using any instrumentation.

Learn to use synthesis software

how to make rock music without instruments

One of the most important things to learn as a guitarist is how to use synthesis software. There are many free, beginner-friendly programs that can help you create music in various styles, including rock!

Many people start using synthesizers by learning one instrument pack or sound set, such as VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology) for drums, ReWire (for external audio devices) and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), and then adding additional features like oscillators and filters later on.

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