How To Make Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Making music is something that has been done for centuries, even pre-dating written language! Creating new sounds and structures of songs comes down to how you use tone and rhythm, as well as the instruments used. With technology constantly changing, it’s easy to get distracted by all the ways you can make your music sound cool, but what really matters is using these tools in an effective way to create music you love that fits you or your style.

There are many great resources out there to help you learn about making music. YouTube is a rich source of information, with lots of beginner guides as well as intermediate and advanced lessons. There are also plenty of free online courses available via sites like Udemy and Coursera. All of these have their place, so do not feel that any one type of lesson is better than another!

This article will go into some detail about each instrument and how they work, before looking at some recipes to put all those pieces together. After reading this, you’ll know the basics of every instrument and how to apply them towards creating your own music.

Record and edit your music

how to make rock music

Now that you have learned how to play an instrument, it is time to record yourself playing some songs! This can be done several ways, depending on what software or equipment you have access to. Some good resources to learn this are YouTube, Logic Pro, GarageBand, and Cubase.

Once you are able to record yourself performing, the next step is editing the recording. Depending on the size of your song, there will be different steps for both beginners and advanced users. But overall, these three steps apply!

The first step in editing your recordings is usually “de-essing”. This removes any high pitched sounds such as voice cracks, fingernails scraping against guitar strings, or whispers. For removing background noise, you could use the compressor tool. After those two things are fixed, the next step is lowering the volume of the rest of the instruments and tracks. Then you can increase the volume of the vocals, if they were audible before.

Connect with other musicians

how to make rock music

Being a musician is more than just picking up a instrument and playing what you have learned, it’s about connecting with people who share your passion for music.

Music is a universal language that brings us together, so why not use this as an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals?

Join a band or start one yourself – your chances of success will be high if you work hard and treat your craft with respect.

There are many ways to connect with other musicians, from social media groups and forums to in person get-togethers.

Many artists and aspiring musicians organize open mic events where anyone can show off their talents for some feedback and encouragement.

Practice regularly

In music, practice is more than just going into your studio every day and playing for hours across many instruments. It’s about spending time every day working on your craft – creating songs and practicing them is an easy way to do that.

Practicing does not need to be longer than one minute of work each session! A lot of artists spend lots of time perfecting their craft during the week but then fail to put in the necessary effort on the days they are allowed to play.

By investing some small amount of time consistently, you will start to see progress which will give you confidence and inspiration to continue practising beyond what you are currently doing.

You can also try recording yourself playing a piece or song and listening only after the voice-processor software has done its job (or as close to it as possible).

Develop your craft

how to make rock music

Being able to play an instrument is one thing, being a musician is another! The term ‘musician’ applies to all areas of music production, from writing songs to recording and producing them, engineering (mixing) them, and playing them for people or instruments. It can even apply to performing them live if you are talented enough.

As artists develop their skills, there are many things they must learn. Some of these include: how to use software such as GarageBand to write and produce songs, what equipment will work best for recording and mixing songs, how to manage your studio space, etc.

Use software to compose

how to make rock music

Recent developments in music technology have allowed anyone with access to tools to create their own songs or at least parts of them! Technology has made it possible to produce, edit, and share musical pieces using free and paid apps and programs.

There are many ways to use this software to make music. Some people use it to write lyrics, other to record vocals, and some to program instruments and gadgets such as guitars or pianos.

By using these applications, you can easily achieve your goal of producing your own song or album. There are even websites that will take all the work out of formatting and publishing your new track!

We will go over several types of software and what they can be used for.

Connect with your audience

how to make rock music

As we mentioned before, music is a powerful tool for motivating and inspiring people. It can be used as an instrument to influence others, or it can just be enjoyed for its pure beauty. Either way, it’s great music!

But making rock music isn’t easy. Technically, anyone can do it — all you need are some instruments and a microphone.

However, writing songs is very different from playing one. Most musicians have someone who helps them write their lyrics first, then they work on the rest of the song together.

You will probably want to start by taking notes on things that inspire you – something that moves you- and incorporating those elements into your own music.

Be consistent

how to make rock music

Consistency is one of the most important things when it comes to music making. This could be consistency with practicing your instrument, practicing music theory, or just being consistently productive throughout the day.

As you probably know by now, creating new songs is mostly writing! Writing a poem about how much you loved someone’s look this year would make for some great lyrics.

Writing a song is usually started with either an idea or a fragment of a melody that needs developing into something longer. Once those two are in place, then what? You have to put the pieces together!

This can mean starting with the voice part (laying down the main parts of a song), then adding the chord progressions and melodies (writing the bridge and verses) before linking all three together.

Build a website

how to make rock music

As we already mentioned, creating your musical genre is mostly just developing your writing skills. With that, what kind of music you want to make and how to promote yourself as an artist are pretty universal concepts.

Your website is one of the most important tools in promoting yourself as an artist. It’s also a way to get more exposure for who you are as a musician!

Having a site means having a place online where people can access your work, read about who you are and what you have to offer as an artist, and possibly connect with you or like your work.

It’s totally possible to create a great looking site free through various resources such as Google and YouTube, but professional sites usually cost money upfront then some monthly fees. Luckily, there are ways to earn enough money to pay those costs.

You could start off simply making a really basic site at first before expanding from there. There are plenty of free template sites you can use to do this.

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