How To Play Fast Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will go into great detail about how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar! If you’re looking to learn how to play this style of music, then you are in the right place. We will be breaking down each chord pattern as well as giving tips and tricks for playing along with the bass, drums, and lead guitars.

There are three main instruments that make up the bluegrass sound-the bass, lead (or melody) guitar, and drum set. The bass usually has two or four strings and is used to create low frequency sounds such as drops, grooves, and rhythms. The lead guitarist uses six or more strings to create melodies and licks.

The drummer sets up their kit using tuned sticks which produce different tones depending on length. They use brushes called rackets to tap out the steady pulse needed to accompany the bass and lead guitars. Lastly, the rhythm guitarist typically plays either an acoustic guitar, a pick like device, or both.

This article will focus mostly on the first instrument — the one who creates the lowest notes of the song! What I mean by this is the bass player. When someone else is singing or leading, it is their job to add flavor and depth to the songs they are performing. A lot of musicians have strong bassists so sometimes they are overlooked.

Work on power and speed

The next thing you will need to do is work on your power and tempo. Power comes from how hard you press down on the guitar string as you play it, while tempo is determined by how fast you are able to play the notes.

Power can be adjusted via your pick or finger strength, but improving your picking hand first ensures more powerful playing. As you learn how to play bluegrass rhythm guitar with ease, you will begin using less of a light touch and faster tempos!

You should strive to pick up the bass string about half way through each note, and then slowly lower it until only a few inches remain before pressing down fully. This creates a smoother tone than quickly lifting and setting down the pick all at once.

Your fingers should also get closer together as you play, which helps create a steady pulse that adds to the groove effect we want to achieve.

Tone your guitar

how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar

When starting out as a beginner, your first choice of guitars will depend on what tone you want to play and how you desire your music to sound. There are many types of electric guitars!

The best way to learn how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar is by experimenting with different brands and models. You can start off simply buying a cheap plastic or solid-body electric guitar that has around five strings.

These beginners’ model instruments usually have two bass strings and one treble string and one chord button (also called a pick up). By adding volume and reverb effects, you can create lots of tones and shades of blues, reds, oranges, etc. — just like real steel guitarists!

After learning the basics of playing chords on this type of instrument, move onto the next level by purchasing an acoustic guitar. These are typically hollow bodies that have six strings and are designed for singing or instrumental use.

You can also choose to buy a double top guitar which has two separate pickups, one for each position in the song.

Learn the chord chart

how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar

The first thing you will need to do is learn your chords! This can be done in many different ways, but one of the most efficient methods is learning an index-positioned chord system. With this method, you only have to know the root position chord (or sometimes just the first position) to fully understand how to play almost every song.

The second position chord is usually referred to as the major chord, so knowing that would get you started very quickly. By adding the third, fifth and seventh degree notes into the chord, you create what is known as a harmonic minor triad. And by adding the ninth degree note, you create a dominant 9th chord.

These are all important chords for bluegrass music, and it is good to have a basic understanding of them before moving onto faster songs. It is also helpful to recognize which chord goes with which beat or rhythm pattern, but that is something that comes with practice and experience.

Practice consistently

how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar

Even if you are already able to play some chords, there’s still more you can learn about playing bluegrass rhythm guitar! Thankfully, it is very easy to pick up once you have mastered the basics. All you need to do is practice every day!

That’s not always possible though, so here are some tips to help you be as efficient as possible when practicing your bass line.

Practice with a metronome

A metronome helps keep time by ticking like a clock. You can use a digital one or make your own using a regular alarm clock and a steady hand.

By setting the tempo of the song you want to learn, the metronome will automatically adjust itself for you. This way, you don’t need to worry about making the bar too fast or too slow-the meter keeps time!

Use either a complete version of the song or only the part that you struggle with. Chords tend to stick in memory much better than melodies so choosing a bit of a fragment makes it easier to remember what note comes next.

Practice at a pace that feels comfortable to you, and repeat out loud as many times as you feel needs doing before moving onto the next part.

Mix it up

how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar

The next step is learning how to play some bluegrass guitar licks or rhythm patterns. These can be done slowly, quickly, using different techniques, etc!

There are many ways to learn this. Some say you should start with the open position of the third string (the A string) as your starting place. Then move down the scale by playing two notes per string. This method works well for beginner players because they do not need to know any chords to get started.

Another way to begin is picking out simple rhythms such as ones that use quarter notes or half notes. Once these basics have been mastered, more complex rhythms can be added in!

You do not need to know all the same styles of music, but being familiar with at least one style will help you develop your skills even more.

Learn to read music

how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar

The first thing you need to do as a beginner is learn how to read music! This will not only help you pick up rhythm guitar faster, but also give you some basic concepts for playing chords.

There are many ways to approach reading music. You can either use staff or cursive notes. Staff notation uses lines to represent the note heads, and then numbers between the line and note head to indicate the pitch. For example, using our same song again, the third beat would be numbered 1 in the second measure.

This article will focus more on staff notation and learning blues scale patterns, which can be applied to any style of play. To start off, choose a position where the bass string (the one closest to your hand) is an open tone. Then, take the treble strings (those next away from your hand) and move them down a half step.

Now press all of the strings closed with your left thumb. Your left index finger should rest on the new lower pitched string, while your middle and ring fingers should hold onto the old higher pitched string. When you open your hands, the notes will come out naturally according to the melody and the rhythm of the song.

These are very basics of staff notation that every guitarist should know! If you want to speed up your practice, try experimenting with different songs and positions to see what works best for you.

Learn to use a metronome

how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar

A good way to learn how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar is by learning how to use a metronome! There are many types of metronomes out there, but the most common one is the basic spring-loaded clicker type.

This works best if you know what tempo you want to achieve an idea or song at first. You can then press the button down (or up) to make the clock go faster (slow down the timer) or slower (speed up the timer). Some have additional buttons that can be used for other instruments like a bass drum, snare, triangle, etc.

Some people also use the same device as a music stand where they put the instrument and hit the button to start playing right away! This helps you get into the habit of playing without having to invest in another tool.

Practice until you can play along with music

how to play fast bluegrass rhythm guitar

Even if you’re not very good at playing guitar, you can still pick up some cool tips and tricks for playing bluegrass rhythm guitar. You don’t need to be experienced at reading music to learn how to play this style of music, but you do need to know what an important part of the song is before you start trying to figure out the chords and rhythms.

By learning how to play some basic licks and patterns, you will have enough tools to get started! There are many great resources available online and in books that teach you how to play these easy songs or even how to make your own bluesy riffs and beats.

Practice as quickly as possible without getting too complicated. Take your time to really understand the parts of the song, and then move onto the next one.

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