How To Play Rhythm Of The Rain On Guitar

Posted by Mike Schumacher

When it comes down to it, playing rhythm guitar is just using the right hand as a tool to create music! By learning how to play some basic chords and licks in time with a bass line or drum beat, you can start creating your own songs and melodies.

There are many ways to learn how to play rhythmic guitar pieces, but one of the easiest ways to do so is by practicing what’s called tapping. Tapping is when your left index finger trails the notes of a chord while your right hand plays a syncopated pattern above the chord.

The trick is making the two hands work together seamlessly! Here are some easy tap patterns that anyone can pick up quickly. Add some percussion instruments like drums for an even more immersive experience!

We will be going over these rhythms sequentially, so make sure you have them all set before moving onto the next one. Keep practising until you feel comfortable.

Find the beat in the song

The first thing you will need to do is find the main rhythm or pattern of the music! This can be tricky at times, as not every part of the song has a clear main theme or pattern.

However, there are some parts of most songs that seem to go along pretty consistently– these are your guide to playing the guitar rhythmically. These sections usually contain a repeated sequence of notes or chords, which help tell the story of the piece.

These patterns are called ‘metallic sequences’ because they resemble beads on a necklace – each one is made up of a series of identical notes or chords.

The best way to identify this pattern is by listening to the song several times and looking out for it. Once you have found it, write down the chord shapes and note values so you know what to play! (Make sure to look out for any extensions or trimmings on these chords too!)

Once you have identified this pattern, start singing or humming the notes of the song, while simultaneously picking out the same set of notes on the guitar.

Find the notes that make up the beat

how to play rhythm of the rain on guitar

The first part of playing rhythm is figuring out what note or notes make up the “beat” of a song. A music chord, or group of chords, are used to define a piece of music as having a steady pulse. These chords typically contain one of the notes in the scale used to play the guitar (for example, if your guitarist uses the G major chord, then you would use the G string to play this chord).

By using the right strings for each chord, your musical intuition will begin to pick up speed. Different musicians have different recommendations about which strings they like to use for which chords, so do not worry too much about which ones are “better�” than others!

The important thing to remember when choosing strings is whether or not you can easily access the pitch. If you cannot, then it is probably better to go with something less difficult. For instance, instead of investing in an E bass string, try buying a D bass string. This way you will be able to more clearly hear the lower end notes of the chord.

Practice identifying the different beats in the song

how to play rhythm of the rain on guitar

The next part of this lesson will be fun! We are going to practice playing our own version of the song “Rhythm of the Rain”, which is known as ‘I Got My Eyes On You’. This can easily be done by listening to the music and learning how to play the main rhythm pattern twice before adding any other patterns or melodies.

The first note of the pattern is an eighth-note beat followed by two sixteenth notes, a half rest, and then another eight-notes hit. This sequence repeats throughout most of the song.

To play this pattern correctly, you must know when each pulse feels steady. If there are too many short pulses, it does not feel consistent and therefore cannot form a strong basis for the pattern to sit on.

Likewise, if every note is very long, the ear cannot tell whether these notes belong together or not and thus fails to connect them. There should be enough time between each note so that they bind together.

Learn the chords to the song

how to play rhythm of the rain on guitar

The next part is learning the chords to the song! If you have already learned some of these chords, you can move onto the rhythm pattern now.

There are two main reasons why musicians use patterns in songs. First, it helps organize the music to make it more understandable. A second reason is to create a sense of tension or anticipation during a piece.

A common pattern that goes with this song is an alternating bass line. This means that there is one note that repeats throughout the song. In this case, the bass player will play the same note over and over again.

The guitar chord for the first measure of the song is G-F-E. You can also call this the root position major scale as it has no other notes beside itself. After one round of this chord, the bass player adds a C natural (sometimes called a “crotch”) to create the second chord.

These two chords form the basis of the rhythm pattern we want to learn here. By playing these together as a set, the bass player creates a steady beat every four measures of the song. Let’s look at how to do this on your own guitar!

Practice using our beginner guide above and below. When you are ready, try singing along to see how the rhythm fits into the lyrics.

Learn the lyrics to the song

how to play rhythm of the rain on guitar

The first thing you will need to do is learn the music or rhythm of the song! This can be done in many ways, some more professional than others. You may choose to use an online tool such as Song Theory which has interactive guitar diagrams that help you get the basics of the song’s rhythm.

You can also take your time to figure out the pattern yourself by listening to the song several times and counting down what note each syllable sounds like. Many people begin practicing this way when learning any new rhythm pattern.

The second part of learning how to play the rhythm of the rain on guitar is picking out the notes of the song. To do this, you must know what key the song is in first!

Finding the right key for a song can be tricky at first because there are no rules saying that every song needs to have a specific number of beats per minute (BPM). That being said, most songs are usually written in one particular key due to ease of singability and memorization.

Find a recording of the song to learn from

how to play rhythm of the rain on guitar

The next step is to find a recording of this song so you can directly listen to it and then copy what each part sounds like in order to create your own version!

There are many ways to learn how to play rhythm guitar, but one of the most effective strategies is learning songs first. By listening to music that feature this piece or pieces as parts, you will be able to clearly identify the notes, chords, and rhythm pattern that make up each section.

Try using a metronome to help you keep a steady beat

how to play rhythm of the rain on guitar

A rhythm pattern is one way to play an instrument! With this technique, you use a timer to provide a constant pulse that you sync your notes with.

A good source for this is a device called a metronome. You can find them in music stores or online sites such as Amazon. They typically have a button or switch to turn it on and off and some even have adjustable beats per minute (bpm).

The easiest way to start playing using a rhythm pattern is to choose a simple song structure that uses a standard chord progression. For example, if the song had a verse, then a normal chorus, then another verse, then a coda (or outro), you could learn the chords and play the rhythm pattern over the whole thing.

Once you get the hang of how to play a basic rhythm pattern, you can expand upon it by adding extra patterns or instruments.

Learn the song by singing along

how to play rhythm of the rain on guitar

It is very helpful to know how to play this song already because you can simply learn the music from start to finish by just listening! This will save you lots of time in your guitar playing career, especially if you are a beginner as there is no need to go through the process of learning the notes before figuring out how to put them together.

You can also use software such as YouTube to teach yourself how to play the rhythm of the rain easily. There are many videos that show easy ways to pick up the rhythm pattern for this song so that you know what part of the song to focus on next.

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