How To Play Rock And Roll Music By The Beatles

Posted by Mike Schumacher

The music of the Beatles is one of the most iconic styles in all of popular music. They left an incredible legacy that has inspired many musicians today, including you!

The brilliance of the Beatles comes from their songwriting, how they sang their songs, and what style of music they incorporated into theirs. When it came down to it, the Beatles were just very talented musicians who wrote great lyrics and played catchy melodies.

Their musical style was influenced heavily by other genres such as jazz, folk, blues, and classical. However, no matter what genre the listener chooses to include the song in, there’s always at least one element in the song that is clearly Beatle-y.

This article will go over some easy ways to learn how to play some of your favorite Beatle tunes by ear.

Watch how the Beatles performed

how to play rock and roll music by the beatles

It is very important to learn how the artists you admire music style and technique of performance. What songs they sang, what instruments they used, how they interacted with each other, etc. When it comes to The Beatles, there are several different styles they use in their performances that have influenced many musicians today.

The first thing we should talk about is vocal styles. Paul McCartney’s singing voice has heavily inspired singers since his initial career break as a musician. Not only does he own one of the most recognizable voices in all of music, but he also uses luscious vibrato in his vocals which creates an incredible effect.

Another key aspect of The Beatles song writing process was using melodies and lyrics that already existed or had been written before. This is done so not only do you get credit for creating your own material, but you also get to use materials from others and add your own flavor to them!

Their instrumentation also changed over time, but eventually everything was tuned into a G major chord (with some exceptions). This gives their songs a nice, steady feeling which makes them more accessible to non-experienced guitarists and/or music listeners who feel comfortable playing along with whatever part of the song they can recognize.

Lastly, when performing The Beatles songs, try to mimic their natural rhythm and intensity.

Listen to their songs to identify key points

A lot of people assume that once you know the song structure, music theory, and some basic guitar techniques, then you’re set! This is not true at all. Once you learn the basics of how to play a piece of rock music by The Beatles, it can sometimes be tricky to come up with something new to try.

The great thing about this band is that there are so many different styles they have written in their career! You don’t need any formal training in music theory or instrument technique to experiment and add your own touches to theirs.

In fact, one of our most helpful tips for anyone who wants to play along to The Beatles is to listen to their songs to identify important parts of the music. When someone like Lennon starts singing, start listening!

By now you should be familiar with some of the main chords and chord structures used in most pieces made famous by The Beatles, right? Great! Now what if those chords were replaced with another tone (also known as a harmonic second) or mixed up slightly?

That would totally change the feel of the song and make it sound more interesting! If you ever get stuck on a part of a song, take a look at the lyrics to see where things go down. Sometimes the end of a verse, a line or even just a word will give you a clue as to which notes match up and how to play them.

Learn the chords to their songs

how to play rock and roll music by the beatles

Chords are one of the most important parts of playing any music genre, not just rock. If you want to learn how to play some sizzling guitar licks or know what chord progression is, then learning your notes in the right patterns is essential!

The trick is to understand that not every song has a key change (where the melody shifts) nor will every song use all 12 tones (of the major scale). But if you’re looking to connect with other people, learn how to identify keys and apply them to popular songs!

There are many ways to approach this. You can either look up each song individually or find groups of related songs and work from there.

Practice performing the songs

how to play rock and roll music by the beatles

There are many ways to learn how to play a song by The Beatles. Some of these methods seem very time consuming, but I promise you that they will not take too long!

One of the most efficient ways to learn how to play a new song is to use a method called “Practice, practice, practice”. This approach works because music theory teaches us that every note we ever need to know can be broken down into other notes that have similar sounds. By practicing this process repeatedly, the brain eventually connects the two sets of notes and you end up sounding like you know what they mean!

For example, let’s say you want to learn your way through one of The Beatles’ best melodies – Get Happy And Make Somebody Else As Mad. You could spend hours listening to the song and trying to figure out each individual note, or you could just practice the chord sequence until you can easily play it.

The same goes for their rhythm patterns – If you really wanted to become familiar with Beat It!, you could try copying the pattern in any number of different styles, or you could simply focus on the drum beat alone and add some flavor to it.

There are so many strategies like this, and all of them work. Pick one you think would help you grow as a musician and give yourself a goal to achieve every day.

Learn how to sing along with the recording

how to play rock and roll music by the beatles

A lot of people can listen to a song like “I Want To Hold Your Hand” or any other Beatle hit and know the lyrics very well, but they cannot actually sing them properly.

Many people use their voice as an instrument by emphasizing certain syllables and tones, which is great for speaking, but not when you want to play music!

If you are looking to take your singing skills to the next level then it is time to learn how to sing along with the songs that you love. You will also need to be able to recognize what key a song is in so that you can choose appropriate pitch ranges.

There are several ways to do this. Some people teach themselves through YouTube videos while others find books helpful.

Learn the lyrics to their songs

how to play rock and roll music by the beatles

Many people have made a career off of singing popular music, learning all of the parts and mastering how to play them. This is definitely an impressive feat that takes years to achieve!

However, there’s another way to do it — learn the song’s lyrics first! By doing this, you already have some of the tools needed to become a good singer.

You can then use your knowledge of the song’s structure to figure out what part of the song goes where. And since the lyrics are already done, you won’t need to search for the exact same rhythm or tone anywhere else in the song.

And even if you don’t plan on becoming a professional musician, knowing the basics of music theory will help you understand why certain parts sound right.

Read expert reviews of the Beatles

how to play rock and roll music by the beatles

Recent artists who have influenced The Beatles are almost too many to name, but one group that is often mentioned as having had a major influence is the band the Beatles themselves.
As you probably know, the term Beatle sounds like it refers to any member of the band, but it actually only applies to the music writing, singing, and/or rhythm-guiding talent of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, or Ringo Starr.

However, even though they do not get the full title of “Beatles”, each of these men did write quite a few songs that fit into the classic rock genre.

Listen to other songs by the Beatles to compare

how to play rock and roll music by the beatles

It is very important to understand how the vocals, instruments, and lyrics play into how you perceive the song. The voice of the singer, the lilt of their tone, and even what note they are singing all contribute to who the artist is!

Music artists spend time developing their vocal quality, instrument mastery, and writing talent to convey their messages and influence others.

By listening to several songs from an album or group, you can learn something about the artist’s personal qualities, such as their vocal range, how much energy they put into each song, and whether they emphasize strong themes in their work.

You also get a sense of how well the members of the band worked together as a unit. For example, when listening to Let it Be, you will hear that Paul McCartney usually handles the lead guitar parts, while John Lennon typically plays the bass, and George Harrison often plays the rhythm guitars.

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