How To Play Rock And Roll Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Learning how to play rock music is definitely not easy, but there are some basic concepts that every beginner should know. This article will go over these basics, as well as some of the most common chords for playing rock songs!

The first thing you need to do when learning how to play guitar is learn your index fingers position. The index finger positions we’ll be talking about in this article can be found here.

Once you have those down you can move onto the next tip which is figuring out what string to hold down with your index finger. For beginners, it’s best to start off using the middle strings (the A, D, G) until you get comfortable moving up to higher levels.

Next comes knowing how to pick notes, or creating a pattern by picking one note and then pressing down on another to create a lower tone. There are many ways to learn how to pick notes, so choose the one you feel more confident with and just practice, practice, practice!

That brings us to our final topic: chord structure. Chords are an essential part of any type of song, whether it be blues, jazz, pop, classic, etc.

Learn to read chord charts

how to play rock and roll music

Chords are one of the most fundamental building blocks in music. There are many types of chords, but all begin with an interval. An interval is two notes that sound together. For example, the first note of your hands can be A and the second note can be E. That pair sounds like an A-E flat.

The term “chord” comes from the word concord, which means harmony or agreement. When those two notes combine, it creates a feeling or emotion that you get when listening to music.

There are several types of chords you can create with intervals. The easiest way to remember this is by thinking about shapes.

You have stacked major thirds, parallel minor sevenths, and alternating perfect fifths. These chords all start with a root (A for the A-G-D shape), so they’re not too hard to learn!

Given that beginners often struggle with reading musical notes, learning how to identify chord types is a great way to play some music! You will also need to know what key each chord belongs to.

Learn to sing along

Even if you can’t carry a note, there are lots of ways to play music easily. You don’t need to know how to read or write lyrics to enjoy most songs!

Many people these days use an app called YouTube to create musical experiences. By creating a song or chant and then singing either along with it or slightly faster than what is written, you have made your own accompaniment!

For example, say you wanted to learn how to play The Star-Spangled Banner. Rather than trying to figure out the exact notes for each line, you could instead just make your own version of it.

A great way to do this is by using the lyrics as inspiration and then adding some flavor to it. For instance, saying “Oh my God oh my god” twice in a row would be perfect to add some bounce to your rendition!

There are so many ways to use music to enhance your life, from learning new skills to giving yourself a little boost after a hard day at work.

Become familiar with the song

how to play rock and roll music

One of the most important things about playing music is knowing what songs are, how they work, and how to play them! If you’re not sure where to begin, no worries because we have some tips for you here!

We will talk about how to learn your first verse of a rock song or the chorus of a pop song. Then, we’ll go into detail by learning an easy guitar riff that can be practiced anywhere!

After that, we will discuss how to sing along to the lyrics in order to fully understand the meaning of a song. Last, but certainly not least, we will speak about how to play the main licks (harmony notes) and melodies in a song.

Find a comfortable seat for yourself

how to play rock and roll music

When you are learning how to play music, one of your first jobs is figuring out where to sit when playing. What kind of chair or stool you have depends on what position you want to be in while you play!

You do not need a fancy instrument to learn how to play music. All you really need is something you can hold onto and use as a pointer to make notes and sounds!

For example, if you like holding an upright guitar body with a pick at your mouth, that is definitely a beginner’s tool. An easy way to start is by using your index finger as a pointer to make notes and sounds.

Learn to take breaks

how to play rock and roll music

After you learn how to play an instrument, your next step should be figuring out how to make time to practice! It’s very tempting to just keep practicing and trying new things until you feel like you’re doing well, but this is not the best approach.

Practicing too much can actually hurt your progress by overloading your brain with information. This may also discourage you from practicing because you don’t want to spend all that time studying something that you might eventually give up on.

It’s important to recognize when it’s time to stop learning a song or a section of a song. You will probably know when this is if you are able to listen to the part several times without playing any of the notes correctly. If you cannot, then it’s time to move onto another part or start working on the whole song.

I recommend giving yourself a week to focus on one element of a song every couple weeks. For example, if your goal is to learn the bass line of a song, pick a day where you will only work on that bass line for a few hours. Make sure you have enough sleep and eat healthful foods so you do not get distracted during the lesson.

Also, try to avoid music while you are practicing so that you do not influence your own natural rhythm.

Practice making eye contact

how to play rock and roll music

In music, what makes someone play well is their ability to listen to themselves and how they perceive their own skills. People who can’t seem to look in the mirror and have self-confidence in their abilities probably don’t quite understand why people are listening to them!

As musicians ourselves, we feel that our musical skill level comes more naturally to us than it does for most people. This could be because we practiced very frequently as kids, so we developed an instinctive understanding of music, or maybe because we learned to play by ear, instinctively picking up rhythm patterns and tones.

Whatever your reason, understand that this natural talent is just that — a gift that you were born with. You cannot force yourself to play, and you will not become good unless you use your intuition and learn how to appreciate your strengths.

This may mean realizing that some songs simply do not appeal to you and therefore should not be included in your repertoire. It may also mean acknowledging that certain chords, notes, or melodies are too difficult and thus limiting your potential as a musician.

If you find yourself becoming discouraged when you try to practice, then stop for a few days until you feel like playing again. Don’t give up! Keep trying, and you will eventually get into a groove and start to enjoy music more.

Be familiar with the song

how to play rock and roll music

In order to play an album you have to be familiar with at least one of its songs, this is important to know. You should be able to recognize some parts of the music or at least be able to sing along to it!

It’s great to learn how to play an artist’s most famous songs, but what if there isn’t anything that well known? That’s okay too! There are many ways to pick up new pieces of guitar music even if you don’t totally understand the lyrics yet.

You can learn about rhythm patterns and theory (the basics of playing notes) and apply them to any genre and any level. It doesn’t matter who the musician was, all genres contain basic structures and rules.

Know the lyrics

how to play rock and roll music

Even if you don’t know the song very well, that is totally okay! Many people start listening to rock music with little knowledge of the songs beyond the first few lines or the chorus.

Luckily, there are some great resources available these days for anyone to learn their favorite songs or get familiar with new ones. You can use YouTube as a tool to learn all about a artist or genre!

There are many sites where you can find out not only what the songs are but also how to play them. With technology moving at such a lightning speed, it is easy to access every aspect of a music file.

You can choose whether to learn how to play the guitar, the bass, the piano, or any other instrument used in popular music. All of these tools seem to have an easier way to navigate through the chords and riffs so that you can really understand the music.

General online courses will give you tips on practice routines and how to manage your time to achieve your goal of learning a piece fully.

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