How To Play Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

When you listen to music, there are two main things that determine how well you do it-the genre of music and what instrument is used to play the parts. With musicians having so many different instruments, learning all of them can be quite difficult unless you are motivated to learn them!

Luckily for you, we have gathered some helpful information about how to play the guitar by step. In this article, we will go over how to play your first song on the guitar! This way you can start playing from someone who knows the basics.

If you want more tips on how to play the bass or other beginner level guitars, check out our earlier tip section!

What is a chord?

A chord is an extended tone pattern made up of strings all sounding together. The term “chord” comes from early musical theory where people would use chords to describe the tonality (key) of a piece. A simple example of a chord is the major chord, which is made up of the second, fourth, and fifth string in any position of the guitar.

The second most common type of chord is called the minor chord. These are made up of the third, sixth, and fifth strings anywhere within the fretboard. Some songs only use minor chords, while others may mix both types in one composition.

Become an expert on famous bands

how to play rock music

There are really two ways to learn how to play music. You can either be a beginner who is learning theory and concepts, or you can be a professional musician who is practicing and developing their skills in performance. The first way is great for people who enjoy listening to music and want to understand more about it! Theory includes things like what key a song is in, what musicians call musical modes, and how chords work.

The second way is beyond being a master of the piano or the guitar; as a skilled performer you will have to know your instrument well, but not necessarily professionally. This includes things such as practicing daily, knowing your tone, and articulating properly.

In this article we will talk about the latter- understanding how to perform as a rock singer! Keep reading to see some tips and tricks that will help you get started playing songs by different artists.

Learn to sing along

how to play rock music

Now that you are able to recognize some of the notes, it is time to learn how to sing along! If you are listening to music while doing something else, then just knowing the song’s lyrics will not help you very much.

Singing is an integral part of playing rock music. Even if you cannot read music, there are many ways to learn how to sing. You can pick up songs with easy vocals or even karaoke-style vocals, where someone else has done most of the work for you!

There are also apps and websites that have interactive singing lessons or practice modes. These can be fun to use before moving onto more complicated versions of the skill.

Become familiar with all the lyrics

how to play rock music

Even if you are not very good at reading or writing, this can be fun to do! There are many ways to learn how to read music, so whatever method is best for you will work as a beginner’s guide to reading songs.

Most people start by listening to some music and trying to figure out what key it is in and which notes make up each chord. But there’s more to reading music than that!

You also have to know what words mean in the song, and what order they go in. For example, when someone says “and I don’t wanna live my life without you,” they are telling you something about themselves — how they want their lives to be lived.

Their voice changes while saying these things, and how loudly they speak affects the intensity of their feelings. So knowing how to decipher normal tone lyrics can help tell whether those lyrics are serious or not!

And just because a word sounds similar to another one doesn’t mean they refer to the same thing. Make sure you check the actual meaning of each word before thinking about translation.

Learn to play on the guitar

how to play rock music

If you’re already familiar with how to play an instrument, then choosing between different types of guitars is relatively easy. You can pick up a bass guitar, a lead guitar, or even a double-bass pedalboard guitar!

All these instruments have five strings that are tuned slightly off from one another. The difference in tone among each string sets the genre for your music. For example, a violin has four metal strings that create a rich, mellow sound. A cello has six plastic strings that are harder and sharper than a violin’s.

A guitarist uses their fingers to pluck or strum the strings at a desired speed and rhythm. By changing the position of your hands and the way you hold the guitar, you can change the shape and intensity of the notes.

There are many ways to learn how to play the guitar. All styles seem to blend together once you practice them frequently.

Learn to sing along with the recording

how to play rock music

Even if you can’t fully pronounce all of the lyrics, you should be able to understand the main part of the song. By this we mean you should be able to identify the melody and the vocal line (the parts that most people recognize as singing).

By learning how to play music at the level where only parts of it make sense, you will start to see some patterns. For example, when you learn the notes of a chord, you usually get the root, the third, and the fifth – but you never really learned what goes between those three points!

That is why musicians use the term interval — like “third” or “fifth” — to describe the space in the chord that isn’t included in the other two notes. The intervals in a rock chord are typically either major (or flat) second, minor sixth, or augmented fourth.

You can try practicing these by themselves or together in various combinations to create new chords.

Practice regularly

how to play rock music

Now that you have your instrument, how to play music is clearly not as difficult as some may make it seem! Playing an instrument comes down to practice time and practice space. It will take investment in both to achieve progress.

In fact, investing in the first few months could mean starting lessons now or even buying the materials yourself! This is totally okay if you are willing to put in the effort.

Practice every day is the best way to learn new things, and this goes for playing an instrument too! Even just a couple of minutes each day can help you reach your goal quickly.

There are many ways to organize your practicing. Some people start with learning the notes on the guitar then work up from there. Others who know some songs begin by singing them or listening to them while they play.

Whatever method works for you, just be consistent and do it daily! The more you use your instrument the faster you will pick up new tricks.

Know how to dance

how to play rock music

If you are not familiar with any of these styles, that is okay! There are many great songs out there that do not use one specific style as their main structure. Some songs have very elaborate choreographies that feature lots of different moves, while other songs may just focus on getting up and dancing or keeping time with the music.

Whatever genre of rock music you choose to listen to, knowing some basic dance moves will help you enjoy it more than if you did not know them. Whether you want to learn simple steps such as The Macarena or more intricate ones like those found in hip-hop or techno, there are plenty to pick from!

There are also several apps and sites that can teach you various types of dances so that you do not need to take lessons at a studio or school.

Enjoy it

how to play rock music

Now that you have learned how to play some simple songs, your next step is to get into it and enjoy music! If you want to start listening to more music, then learn what styles of music exist and what instruments are used in each style.

For example, rock music uses guitars, basses, drums, and vocals. Learning which notes make up a song’s melody and rhythm is important when playing guitar.

You can also find many people who play music for a living (called professional musicians). What they do with their instruments and how well they use them is very artistic and creative.

If you ever wanted to be able to play an instrument or at least know what some chords mean, this is a great time to do so. There are many ways to learn how to play the guitar, from beginner level to advanced.

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