How To Play Rockin With The Rhythm Of The Rain On Guitar

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will show you how to play rock music using your guitar as a rhythm instrument! It is important to know that any chord, scale or riff can be used for this technique, so there is no need to have a song with lyrics before trying it out.

By learning how to use your guitar effectively as a rhythm instrument, you can add some new depth to your playing. You can also apply this concept to other instruments! For example, if you are proficient in piano, you could learn how to do rhythmic tripping by sticking certain notes next to each other on the keyboard.

There are many ways to learn this method, so which one(s) best fit your musical style and skill level is up to you! Here we will go through the basics of how to play this cool trick on guitar.

Practice playing along with the recording

how to play rockin with the rhythm of the rain on guitar

It is very helpful to learn how to play this song as it comes down to what are called ryhmes. A rhyme can be defined as a word or phrase that sounds similar to another, thus creating a tone or pattern in the music. In this case, the rhymes are run up the guitar string followed by drop off the other end.

The first line of the lyrics goes: “Rockin’ with the rhythm of the rain.” The second line contains the same structure but reverses the order of the words and drops one note at a time. This creates a funky beat!

Practice doing both together for full effect. There are many ways to learn how to do this. You can use a software instrument such as GarageBand or any type of online video tutorials. Both of these have free versions you can test out to see if they work for you before buying.

Find a partner

how to play rockin with the rhythm of the rain on guitar

When learning how to play guitar, one of the first things you will need is a good pair of headphones or earbuds that can connect to your device. This way you can practice alone with no distractions!

You also want to make sure your headphone source is clear so you can easily hear what you are playing. For example, if your music has both an internal microphone and external speaker, make sure neither is acting as a noise maker.

Since we are talking about practicing, it is important to find a piece you already know well and learn the chords and rhythm for that song. Once you have those down, you can move onto another track!

Practice makes perfect

If you are struggling to pick up the notes and rhythms quickly, try doing it slowly. But once you get the hang of it, you can speed up!

Take your time to understand the basics before moving forward. You will be much better able to master this skill than rushing through it.

Try singing along with the recording

how to play rockin with the rhythm of the rain on guitar

A great way to learn how to play this song is by learning it as a sung piece first! This can be done easily by listening to the music, or even creating your own track if you are talented enough as a singer.

By doing so, you will also get an extra boost in understanding the lyrics which may help you figure out the rest of the songs on the album.

You could probably start here and work your way up from there, but make sure to take your time and listen to all the parts before moving onto the next one.

Use a metronome

how to play rockin with the rhythm of the rain on guitar

Ametronomes are very helpful when it comes to music! They help create a steady flow of music by keeping time for you to play along with.

You can use an app-based ametronome or just a simple clock that you sync your device with.

A good way to start is to pick up the guitar for ten minutes every day, and only increase the length if you feel like you’re making progress.

Start playing short songs, maybe one note per string at a time, then move onto two notes, three, and so on.

When you have mastered this technique, you can expand to longer songs! This will also aid in developing your timing sense as well.

Learn to play using a drum kit

how to play rockin with the rhythm of the rain on guitar

In playing guitar, one of the most fundamental things you can do is learn how to play along with music. You can read songs off-tune or in a different key, you can use ukeleles (a plastic instrument that sounds like a regular guitar) to practice, and you can even teach yourself how to play by listening to music and putting your own spin on it!

One easy way to get started is to pick up a set of drums. A beginner’s drum set will have a bass drum, kick pedal, snare drum, and cymbal (or crash, ride, and splash). These are all very important parts of any drummer, so don’t be afraid to explore them!

The best way to start playing along with music is to simply hit the foot pedal and wait for the sound to stop before starting to add something else to the mix. For example, if the song being played has a steady beat, then you could slowly pull down the handle of the bass drum and let the stick bounce back up while hitting the side of the shell as quickly as possible to create a syncopated rhythm.

Once those beats come together, you can add some additional touches such as rolling the edge of the hands across the top of the frets or brushing the thumb across the strings to give it more resonance.

Learn to use effects

how to play rockin with the rhythm of the rain on guitar

Effect placement is an integral part of song writing and guitar playing. Effects can add depth, flavor, and fun to your music!

Effects are powerful tools that you can apply correctly to enhance your songs or play with wrong and get weird results.

There are many types of effect, such as reverb, chorus, flange, phaser, delay, distortion, and others. All of these have different uses and applications.

With the right amount used at the correct time, effects can totally change the way you write songs and play guitar!

In this article, we will discuss how to use one of the most popular effect types: Reverberation (also known as echo).

Learn to use your own voice

how to play rockin with the rhythm of the rain on guitar

As we have seen, rhythm is one of the most important parts of playing guitar. You will not be able to play anything if you do not know how to use your own voice as a guitarist!

Your tone, your speed, what notes you play – it’s all dependent on who you are as a person and what things mean to you. What kind of music you like and what style of music you want to learn how to play can all help determine what notes you play and how fast you play them.

If you ever feel that you get stuck or lose motivation when learning an element such as rhythm, try finding out why this happens and see if there are any solutions. It could be because you don’t really understand the concept, or maybe you just need a little bit more practice.

Learn to dance

how to play rockin with the rhythm of the rain on guitar

When it comes down to it, playing guitar in the rain is just like learning how to dance. You have to be willing to spend time practicing, even when you don’t feel like it.

Just because you can’t play well outside doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t practice. In fact, I would say that experiencing some sort of challenge makes perfecting your craft much more important.

The thing about dancing is that once you get the basics down, then you can start adding things onto the basic structure. For example, if you know how to hold a strong stance, then you can add rhythm to your feet or using body movements instead of hands only!

Likewise, by knowing the basics of playing an instrument, you can start adding additional features such as chords or percussive accents to what you are playing.

So, whether or not you’re feeling like it, there’s always something that you can do to improve your skills.

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