How To Produce Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

A lot of people take music very seriously. They spend lots of time studying it, listening to a ton of music, and developing their skills in singing, playing an instrument, or both. Some even make their living off their passion for music by performing it or teaching others how to play.

However, not everyone is passionate about music. Some may learn an instrument as a child but give up trying to develop his/her skill set because they just do not like being able to use their talent. Others may listen to music, understand what part of it sounds good, and be able to reproduce some small pieces, but never truly explore the potential music has.

There are also people who simply cannot appreciate music. These individuals will tell you that whatever you are listening to is horrible and should be erased with a large metal object. Luckily, these types of people are becoming less common. More people are realizing that there is no reason to completely dismiss an album if you don’t like its individual songs.

It is important to realize that whether you are interested in learning more about music or you want to start creating your own music, it can be done! No matter where you begin, you can always pick up tips and tricks from other musicians. You might not fully grasp the concept until years later when you read someone’s diary and discover what they were thinking while they were producing their music, but you can at least admire their work and maybe find inspiration from it.

Develop your skill set

how to produce rock music

Being able to play an instrument is one of the most fundamental things that will help you develop as a musician. Whether you choose to learn how to play guitar, bass, piano or another instrument, it’s important to understand that music comes from sounds.

The way a note is shaped, the length of time it is held for, and what key it is in are all part of creating sound. There are many ways to acquire this knowledge so whatever instrument you pick up should be to your taste!

For example, if you like jazz then learning about chords could be your next step. If you prefer rock then maybe playing notes quickly would appeal to you more than playing longer notes. It depends on what style of music you want to create!

There are many ways to learn how to play an instrument. Some people may already know how to play and just need guidance going beyond simple lessons. This can be through YouTube videos, apps or books.

Practice often

how to produce rock music

A lot of people think that being a musician means just picking up a instrument and playing what you want to play when you feel like it, but this is not true at all! Being a musician takes work beyond just creating music.

Musicians are in constant training mode. They must practice every day or they will lose their talent. Plus, most musicians spend a good amount of time developing their skills so they can improve upon earlier mistakes.

Practicing is mostly done solo, which makes sense because everyone knows how hard it is to find someone who practices as much as you do.

Finding practicing partners is tough, especially if your goal is to hone your craft and perfect your instrument. Luckily for you, there are some easy ways to gain helpful tips from other aspiring artists. Some of these strategies include using technology, meeting with others in the field, and sharing your talents.

This article will talk about one such tool: YouTube.

Create a studio environment

how to produce rock music

A lot of people start trying to learn how to make music by creating a space with instruments in it and writing songs about things that happen every day. This is great, but you need to know what kind of music you want to make before you invest in all these resources!

It’s very difficult to be consistently successful if you don’t have a strong concept for your song or yourself as an artist. Starting off without this can lead to creative paralysis and quitting.

Before you take any music related lessons, try thinking about something you already love doing? What features do you think are important to making that type of music?

For example, when someone listens to heavy metal songs they usually listen for two main components: drums and guitar. Why not focus on learning those skills then adding other layers like bass, vocals and etc.

Connect with other artists

how to produce rock music

A lot of musicians start by writing their own songs or at least composing music in parts before bringing it all together into one piece. Others get inspiration for new melodies, lyrics, or structural patterns directly from things they see, listen to, or experience out in the world around them.

Interacting with other people is an excellent way to gain more insights into the art form you love and to develop your own creative skills.

Start by reading music books and listening to as many albums as possible. Then, search online for musician communities and discussion groups. Some sites even allow you to create an account and connect with others so you can contribute and be inspired by what they have to say!

It’s important to remember that not every artist is the same, which is why there are so many different styles of music available. No matter how popular or successful someone may be, they will never write like you might hope to one day.

But if you want to learn how to compose and produce your own music, then spending time studying the work of past masters is a great place to begin.

Find a manager

how to produce rock music

As mentioned before, being an artist is a tough job that requires you to be in constant work mode. A lot of times, aspiring artists look at it as a goal they want to reach, so they go into business for themselves.

But what most people don’t realize is that being your own boss doesn’t always make sense.

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for everything — from marketing, to finding new clients, to producing music, to managing employees… and all of these things require money!

Finding enough capital can prove to be quite difficult if you’re not familiar with other successful entrepreneurs in your area.

That’s why it is important to find a good manager or producer who can help you grow your business.

A manager will take care of the day-to-day running of your business while also helping you achieve your larger goals.

Start a band

how to produce rock music

Having your own group of people that work together in a creative fashion is an incredible way to start writing songs. A lot of musicians begin by creating music as themselves, or with only one other person. By having more than two people involved, you increase the chances of getting new songs!

Forming your own band gives you the opportunity to write about things that matter to you, create great relationships, and use your skills and talents to inspire others.

There are many ways to form your band. You can be within a close-knit family unit, like a couple who both play guitar and want to collaborate on lyrics and melodies. Or you can be friends who enjoy sharing thoughts and creativity before coming together as a team.

Whatever style of band you choose, make sure that it will push you to achieve your goals and give you the inspiration and motivation you need to keep going.

Plan out how the members of your band should interact with each other before bringing them all into a room to write. This way you’ll know if something doesn’t feel right, or if there’s not enough trust between individuals.

Write down your list of songs

how to produce rock music

Now that you have your song notes, it’s time to write down all of your songs! Start by writing down a few short lyrics for each note (no need to include any punctuation).

Next, think about how you want your music to flow. If you feel like there is too much silence, maybe add some more singing or musical segments to make your music longer.

If you notice that certain chords keep coming up, try organizing your notes into groups of similar chords to create new sections of music.

Once everything is written, organize your lists by length and genre. You can then pick which order to put them in according to these two categories.

Write out your album in order

how to produce rock music

One of the most important things when it comes to producing music is writing down what songs you want to include onto an album. You can do this easily by creating a song list or using a software such as Spotify where you create playlists!

After you have all your songs written, organize them in order of how they should be on the album. This way you can start recording from the next song up until you get a good chunk of content for one area of the album.

Once you have that content, then move on to the second part which is recording these songs and sequencing them into place.

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