How To Rock A Music Video

Posted by Mike Schumacher

A music video is more than just an entertaining way to watch TV, it’s a medium in itself! With the ability to tell stories, showcase never-before-seen scenes or features, and keep up with the ever-evolving technology of filming, editing, and distributing videos, this tool has grown exponentially over time.

Music videos are typically two to three minutes long (though some can be longer) and they’re usually set either around natural light or using artificial lighting. They often feature several characters interacting, narrating, or performing for their surrounding audience.

Whether you’re working on your own personal song or need help creating a cool MV, this article will go into detail about how to start producing your first music video.

Plan your video shoot

how to rock a music video

A music video is more than just having a great song and throwing it into a camera! Besides those things, there are many other components that make or break the effectiveness of your MV. These components include the filming location, final cut, editing, and overall presentation.

Location is an important part to consider when shooting a music video. You want to pick a setting that fits the lyrics of the song. For example, if the song is about saving money, then you should film the video in a place with lots of advertisements. If the song is about trying to find love, then a pool party-esque setting would be appropriate.

The length of each shot also makes a difference. More seamless shots mean longer lengths so they can feel natural for the viewer. Short, choppy cuts are better for making a effect such as excitement, but not necessary for every song and movie!

After all of these considerations, the filmmaker has their cutting style. Some like to use very fast edits while others take their time to create a smoother flow.

Choose the right location

how to rock a music video

Choosing your filming locations is an integral part of creating a music video. You want to make sure you have adequate research done before choosing where to film!

There are two main reasons that filmmakers choose certain locations for their videos. One is because it fits with the song or theme, and the other is due to the fact that the setting is familiar to the audience.

For example, if your song is about traveling then choosing a trip destination or area as the setting can emphasize this message. If the majority of the song is in English then using an authentic looking locale will help convey that language element.

General tips: be careful not to overdo it by adding too many references to the scene. Try to keep it simple and naturalistic.

Organize your equipment

how to rock a music video

After you have gathered all of your needed materials, make sure that everything is in order! This includes music videos as well as the editing software.

It is very common to run into issues where someone else has left something for you or you need to do some work later, so it is best to organize what you have and know how to use it.

Also, if you are using an external editor such as Adobe Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, be sure to save your files somewhere close by just in case they crash!

Organizing and labeling your computer tools can help streamline your production process and avoid any complications down the line.

Work with a professional photographer

how to rock a music video

As mentioned before, you will need to find your own unique style and then go beyond just taking beautiful pictures of the song and video. You can also create some interesting photoshoots or music videos!

The second part is finding a location for the photo shoot. This could be at a studio, outside, or even in your own home if it’s very pretty. Make sure everything is totally natural and not too planned.

After that, you will have to research good photographers online or through friends. Do not hire anyone without doing an eye-opening amount of research first!

That goes double for any artists or musicians you meet as a lover of music. A lot of people try to take advantage of those who love what they do so make sure you are not buying their services.

Plan your theme

how to rock a music video

A music video is almost always linked to a song or album, so knowing the lyrics of the track you want to use as your base will help determine the theme and style of the movie. If there are no clear lyrics, that’s okay! You can still do some research and figure out what part of the song sounds like it could apply to different situations, or even just take inspiration from other parts of the song to create your own version!

Another key component in choosing the right theme for your video is finding an element or aspect of the song that supports the story. For example, if your video is about how much your significant other loves you then probably not having any pictures of them before he/she met you is not the best idea!

There should be at least one picture somewhere in the video where they both look happy and together. Or maybe you could use a scene from their past as a backdrop to show off their compatibility.

Make a playlist

how to rock a music video

A music video is always accompanied by a song! Most of these songs usually tell a story or showcase a specific part of the movie. Having a good song can really help set the tone for the film, so it’s important to pick one that fits the genre well.

If you are not sure what kind of music goes with your movie, there are some great resources available to use. Some companies will create a soundtrack based off of the movie, which is very helpful since they have already done the work for you!

Making a playlist is an easy way to start creating your own music videos. You can either make it yourself using free software or online services, or pay a professional to do it for you.

Practice filming

Now that you have your song, music video or clip prepared, it’s time to film! Recording yourself is a tricky thing to do unless you have done it before.

If you are new to recording, then start small by practicing with just one camera position and one person. Pick a location that is easy to access and not too private (for example, if you practice in your bedroom, use a room next door!).

Once you feel comfortable, add more people and multiple cameras! If you are ever struggling to find the right tone for your voice, try singing along to some songs and matching the beats and tones with what you want to say.

Practice makes perfect! And don’t be nervous about sharing your recordings – everyone has to start somewhere. You can always keep editing your videos and improving them until they are professional quality.

Plan your shot list

how to rock a music video

After deciding what genre of music you want to include in your video, it’s time to start thinking about which songs you will use as shots. These individual pieces are called clips or shots.

Most people begin song selection process by choosing a verse, a hook, or both. Then, they choose either an instrumental break, or a crescendo section that leads into the chorus.

After those two main parts have been chosen, then comes the rest of the song! The other sections can be used as additional shots. For example, if there is a slow piano piece, then this can be used as a continuous background for the video. Or maybe there is a guitar solo, so you can use that as the climax of the video.

There are many ways to pick and mix songs to make great music videos.

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