How To Run Games Better On Laptop

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Running games on a laptop is much different than running them on a desktop computer or smartphone, which have larger screens that can easily be adjusted to show less content or more of it. A laptop screen cannot be expanded in size, so making the game full-screen is not an option unless you have a very large monitor or your game has a setting for this already!

Running games on a laptop therefore requires careful consideration of how many features needed by the game are necessary at any given time. For example, if there’s only one quick scene with no dialogue or actions, then you don’t need high graphics settings like there would be on consoles or PC, and thusly these programs can run quite well on lower quality settings.

There are several reasons why having higher quality settings is important when gaming on a laptop. Some examples include: playing older games, experiencing new games first, or just because you want better visuals. Most people agree though that even low quality settings will usually look good enough unless you are super picky about aesthetics.

This article will discuss some ways to improve the overall performance and usability of laptops while still giving you all the same rich experiences as before! If you are struggling to find the right settings for a game or feel that your laptop is starting to slow down, read on to see what tips we have for you.

Use a battery charger

how to run games better on laptop

In order to run games as efficiently as possible, it is very important to have a good power supply. This article will talk about what kind of chargers are needed for gaming laptops, and which ones are best.

Many people do not know how to use their laptop’s internal batteries properly. Batteries require different levels of juice to maintain full strength, and some can even damage your device if used improperly.

It is crucial that you learn how to take care of your computer’s batteries in case something happens. For example, if your laptop suddenly stops working, you will want to make sure they lose no charge before trying to fix it!

There are many types of chargers available. Some only provide low voltage DC current (power supplies), while others produce high-voltage AC current (battery adapters). It really does not matter which one you have, but making sure your computer has an adequate power source is essential.

This article will discuss whether or not using a universal USB charger is appropriate for your gaming laptop.

Use a backup plan

how to run games better on laptop

Sometimes, even though you’ve done all of the things mentioned in this article, your laptop just won’t run a game well. It might be that there is not enough memory left over for it or the graphics card isn’t working properly.

If this happens, use another computer! You can play most games via online services like Steam or Origin, which have their own servers that people pay to use.

You will probably need to invest in some extra software to make this work, but don’t worry – they are very affordable. Most of them automatically detect when someone else has logged into the service so you don’t have to do anything other than wait for it to start up and log in.

Make sure you have enough space

how to run games better on laptop

As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest issues that can hurt your game experience is not having enough memory or disk space. Thankfully, both of these are very simple to fix!

Most laptops come with at least 2 GB of RAM, which should be more than adequate for most people. If yours does not, then it is probably an older model that has been discontinued.

You will also need some sort of external storage device such as USB flash drive, hard drive, or SSD (solid state drives) to save games.

Update your software

how to run games better on laptop

It makes no sense buying an expensive gaming laptop if you have poor computer running skills. If you are using outdated software or software that is not compatible with your machine, then it will not perform well and may even cause issues.

Running games on a good quality laptop requires stable software that has been optimized for Windows 10. You want to make sure that everything from your browser to your music player to your video editor works seamlessly together.

You do not need all of the most advanced features of each app, but you should be able to easily switch between apps and create a smooth experience overall.

Most gamers find that Google Chrome is the best web browser to use because it is fast, easy to navigate, and does not take too much space. For example, you can organize tabs and panels how you like, which helps preserve screen real estate.

This article will talk more about optimizing your graphics card performance and your CPU performance.

Check your hard drive for errors

how to run games better on laptop

A common cause of slow game performance is having an out-of-date operating system or poor Windows settings. When you start up your laptop, make sure it’s set to check for hardware issues and software conflicts every time you turn it on!

This will take longer than usual to complete, but it’s worth the wait as it can save hours each week by avoiding lag and/or crashing.

By default, Windows checks only once every few minutes which isn’t very often so if you find that your computer is taking a long time to boot up then this could be the culprit. Make the setting more frequent (every couple of seconds) and see what happens.

You should also right click on any empty area of your screen and choose Settings -> System Properties -> Details – under Startup Settings you should have On Startup Checks perform a quick scan. If you don’t have this option yet, go back into Settings and look under Hardware / Devices / Systems – you may want to reset this one too.

Run a diagnostic test

how to run games better on laptop

The first step in running any game better is to make sure your computer is up and running properly. You can do this by running a diagnostic test. There are many ways to run a diagnostic test, but one of the most popular ones is called Reimage.

Reimage is an online tool that scans every part of your computer for possible issues. Because it is able to scan so thoroughly, it is very likely to find something even if you don’t know what it is yet.

By having it check all of these areas, then identifying the problem, it gets rid of anything unnecessary so your computer can focus on gaming!

Since we mentioned before how much of a powerful machine your laptop is, making sure everything is working well is important. If someone was going to play the hardest games like Fortnite or Call of Duty, they would want their computer to be as strong as possible.

This article will tell you how to run games on your laptop more effectively.

Rest your laptop for a minute every hour

how to run games better on laptop

While having a gaming laptop is great, being able to run games efficiently can be tricky if you don’t take time to rest it! Luckily, there are some easy things that you can do to give yourself more time to re-focus before diving back in.

The most common way people lose track of time while gaming is by keeping their computer running or playing actively. But we know that spending lots of time sitting with computers is bad for our health so this isn’t ideal.

Instead, you can make an effort to let your computer “sleep” or shut down completely for a few minutes every half an hour. This sleep mode doesn’t mean totally turn off, just stop charging all the electricity it has consumed.

By doing this, your machine will use less energy which gives you more time to recharge before getting back into game action. If possible, try waking your laptop up using the wake feature instead of always turning it on when connected to power.

Switch your laptop on and off repeatedly to check for compatibility issues

There are many different software programs that game manufacturers use to test their games before releasing them, some of which are free to use. Most of these apps have you connect your computer via USB or LAN wire and then they test the graphics settings or file formats of the program.

Some apps even test whether the game has any kind of lagging or stuttering and if so, what type of internet connection you have (lag-free or mobile data). They also determine how fast your computer is to give you an idea of how well it will run the game. Some apps even compare one version of the game with another to see how similar or different they are in order to get more information aswell!

There are several ways to run PC games without too much hassle, but something we cannot recommend is using a low quality video driver. A high quality video card will make gameplay way better, but not everyone has access to those at this time. If you do however, then making sure your CPU is up to speed is important!

For people who find themselves having a bad gaming experience due to poor drivers or hardware, there are few things that can be done aside from looking into getting new equipment. One solution that some gamers employ is switching out laptops.

Luckily, there are sites like where you can look through all the recent changes made to windows and linux versions to see if anything was added or removed.

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