How To Say Rock Music In Spanish

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Speaking about music is one of the greatest things you can do if you are really into it! And no, talking about what genre your favorite song is or which artists you listen to most frequently is not saying music!

Music has an incredible power over us; it can motivate us, inspire us, calm us down, and so much more. It is therefore very important to know how to talk about music!

In this article, we will go through some easy ways to say rock music in Spanish. Whether you are referring to hard, heavy music like punk, metal, or alternative, or soft music like ballads or acoustic songs, these trick questions will help you express yourself clearly.

Sing along

how to say rock music in spanish

If you love listening to music, then you know how important it is to have a source for new songs. Having your own collection of songs can be expensive if you are buying singles or buying albums that contain many tracks.

There is an easy solution to this! You can listen to other people’s music free of charge through Spotify. Not only will this cost-free service give you access to all of the popular songs, but you get 6 months of use out of the app and web version accounts per person!

Spotify has special modes for different types of listeners. There is one called “Rock mode” which gives you quick access to some classic rock tunes such as Power Ballads, Hair Metal, Grunge, etc. This way you don’t have to search through lists for something new.

If there was ever a time to learn some cool chords, now is the time! Some of these songs include simple ones like power chord riffs or lv3 shapes. Or maybe just learning a few guitar strings! (That last one may sound weirdly specific, but hey, we’re talking about learning a musical language here!)

And while most people probably already know what a power ballad sounds like, no one really knows what a hair metal song is.

Compose your own song

how to say rock music in spanish

A lot of people get stuck when it comes to writing songs. They start with an idea or theme, but then nothing really happens beyond that.

They write some lyrics and then maybe add some chords here and there, but they never actually compose a full song.

This is totally okay! It’s not just for beginners. Even experienced writers will find it helpful to take notes on this article since we can all learn something new.

Writing a song is like creating anything else — you have to start from somewhere. By simply composing one sentence, two sentences, or even one whole thought, you already have created a piece.

Once you get the basics down, you can expand onto other parts such as adding music, changing the genre, etc.

Learn to read music

how to say rock music in spanish

The first thing you need to do when trying to describe rock music is learn how to read music! This will help you identify what notes are being used, how many beats there are in a song, and whether or not it has a verse, a chorus, or both.

Music theory is also very important to know about. Theory includes things like modes, chords, and intervals. Once again, these can be learned through reading and studying music!

Another key part of rock music is lyrics. Because songs often use metaphors and examples, knowing the context of the words helps understand the meaning of the song.

Lastly, practicing singing along to some songs is an excellent way to improve your voice and understanding of music! There are several apps that have feature rich audio settings which make this easy to accomplish.

Summary: Knowing how to read music, theory, and vocals will all aid you in describing different types of rock music to non-musicians.

Get an instrument

how to say rock music in spanish

Having an easy way to listen to music is very important, so choose your genre and get an instrument!

There are many types of instruments you can play. They range from pianos that you use your hands to press down on to make notes to guitars with strings attached to strum or pick chords.

You can also have percussion such as drums where you hit them using your hand or feet! Percussionists usually play a set number of pieces depending on what type of event they are practicing for.

Start a band

how to say rock music in spanish

Now that you have listened to a few songs, and you know what kind of music you like, it is time to start your own band! If you already have some instruments, go through all of their uses and see if there are any free sounds or apps you can use for your song.

If you do not yet have an instrument, no worries! You can find lots of resources online about how to learn guitar, bass, piano, drums, etc. By practicing regularly, you will soon be able to play your new favorite songs!

And once you have learned how to play those songs, get into a group with other people who also love this type of music and share your passion!

We would very much encourage you to try out singing in front of yourself and your family.

Practice often

how to say rock music in spanish

Learning any new language is difficult, but learning how to describe music is even harder! If you are struggling to describe what kind of songs someone listens to, or how they listen to them, then it’s time to practice.

Practice makes perfect, so why not get into the habit of practicing using your own words? You can do this by listening to your favorite songs and writing down important lyrics or notes that stick out to you.

Alternatively, you can take some time to look up synonyms for terms such as “rock”, “dance”, and “pop” and see how these relate to each other. This will help you form more complete sentences with less chance of omission!

Once you have the basics down, you can start trying to describe different types of rock music.

Use proper pronunciation

how to say rock music in spanish

There is no universal way to speak about music, but one of the things that people seem to agree on is how to say rock in their language!

Most languages have a term for hard or heavy music – la música pesada (Spanish) or dura musique (French). For lyrics, some use sonido (Spanish), parole (French) or diálogo (Portuguese) depending on what kind they want to describe.

However, none of these are totally correct! In fact, there’s not even an easy way to say “rock” in any language! That’s why it’s important to be aware of the different ways musicians and non-musicians refer to each other’s music.

In this article we will discuss three types of terms used to refer to rock music, along with the most common ones you will find outside of Spain, France and Italy.

Mix it up

how to say rock music in spanish

In fact, one of the greatest things you can do for any music genre is just mix it up! Try listening to different kinds of songs from all types of artists and genres.

Music comes down to how well you know your styles, so why not expand upon that?

By mixing it up, you will find out what styles appeal to you more than before.

You will also learn new vocabulary and terms related to the music which are very important when learning Spanish. Plus, you will enjoy the song more because you invested in knowledge of the lyrics and musical concepts.

There’s no need to be overly pretentious about it, but knowing some basic terms like “Bass” or “Keyword lofi” means something to those who appreciate this type of music.

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