How To Start Listening To Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Listen to music you like! That’s the best way to get into it. If you never listen to any songs that are beyond what genre they belong to, then how can you know if these songs are good or not?

Many people start listening to rock music at a young age when their parents push them towards learning more about music. Some even say that kids who don’t learn an instrument in school won’t have a chance of getting a job because employers look for team players and musicians.

But there is a fine line between knowing how to play an instrument and doing so out of sheer passion. I understand why some might feel pressured to pick up an instrument but we as adults really need to discourage this habit.

Why? Because most children who struggle with an instrument give up before they even try hard. They may think that they will never be able to make a success of themselves by playing the violin, guitar, or piano.

This article will talk about some easy ways to get your feet wet with one of America’s greatest musical exports-rock music. You do not need to know how to sing nor does it matter whether you like “the right kind of music.”

I hope my tips help you become more invested in the music community and maybe inspire you to pick up a new hobby.

Make a list of your favorite songs

how to start listening to rock music

Now that you have an idea what kind of music you like, it’s time to pick your next step!

You need to know what song is best for starting off listening to rock music. What works best is having a piece or series of pieces that sound good when you first listen them.

A great way to find this new song is by looking at YouTube. You can use our top 10 tips for finding new music online to help you get started.

From there, it’s up to you whether you want to learn how to play the guitar, bass, keyboard, or drum set. No matter which instrument you choose, one thing is universal – practice!

Practice as soon as possible after learning the chord, scale, or pattern in the song you wish to master. This will help you connect the lessons with each other and make progress more quickly.

Watch a video of yourself singing along

how to start listening to rock music

Starting out listening to music is almost always done through exposure, which means listening to lots of different types of songs and at least a little bit of each song.

That’s what artists do! They listen to lots of other bands and songs to find new things they can add to their repertoire. For example, Iggy Pop learned how to play guitar by studying the chords and riffs of hard rock songs he likes.

By doing this, you will start to develop your ear (how well you are able to recognize sounds and identify melodies) as well as learn some basic fundamentals like chords and scales.

If you are already familiar with the basics of music, then you can choose to focus more on learning specific instruments or voice parts. For instance, someone who knows how to read would look into lessons for piano or violin.

Try listening to music with headphones

how to start listening to rock music

One of the best ways to learn how to listen to rock is by doing it! If you are already listening to some type of music, then you have made an initial step in learning how to identify songs and what styles they belong to.

Practice listening to longer pieces of music than only a few minutes long. Most people start listening to music at the very least one song at a time through headphones. This is not ideal for developing your ear-muscle memory.

By practicing longer exposure to music, you will eventually be able to recognize and tell which notes go together to make up a song and what genres these songs fit into.

You can also practice being aware of the lyrics to a song while simultaneously figuring out whether or not the singer’s tone and range match that of the genre. Many people cannot do this because they are too focused on either the vocals or the rhythm section — both important components when trying to determine if something is rock.

This article will discuss more tips to help you develop your knowledge of rock music.

Become familiar with classic songs

how to start listening to rock music

Many people begin listening to rock music by exploring what is referred to as the classic-rock genre. These are usually considered to be pieces or albums that come in and out of fashion, but never really go away. Some examples of these types of artists are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and so forth.

Some say that the reason why these bands remain popular years later is because they write great lyrics that touch upon important issues and things going on in the world at the time of their release.

However, beyond those reasons there’s just plain old quality musically expressed passion which many people find attractive. It is definitely an easy way to start listening to rock!

There you have it — all starting points for more advanced genres! To dive into other styles, though, you will need to move onto the next step.

Listen to a variety of songs

how to start listening to rock music

As we already discussed, listening to music is a great way to lose weight! If you want to know what kind of music makes people feel good, then find out how to listen to rock music.

Rock music can be difficult to enjoy if you don’t like bass or drums. Having strong bass and drum sounds will distract from the rest of the song.

Some people may not agree that this type of music is for everyone, but I assure you there are many ways to learn how to listen to it without getting too distracted by the bass or drums.

There are several types of rock music that contain lyrics and melodies. Try learning some basic chords and practicing singing along as you listen.

Try not to compare music to each other

how to start listening to rock music

There’s no reason you can’t like some songs, but there is definitely a reason that others don’t appeal to you. You probably just didn’t like what they wrote or how it was written.

Some people feel uncomfortable listening to certain types of music because they perceive the lyrics as being too vulgar, obscene, or hateful. Others may dislike the way the song uses an unusual instrument such as the guitar in a way that makes it sound weird.

However, none of these things matter unless you let them!

If you are going to get upset about something you hear, then chances are you won’t be able to listen to any more music for the rest of your life. So why bother?

Thinking about it this way might make you reconsider whether it is worth investing your time in listening to offensive material. If you ever find yourself struggling to settle down with a particular piece, try re-evaluating the source by comparing it to another one.

Become familiar with bands and musicians

how to start listening to rock music

As we already mentioned, listening to music is a way to enjoy it, so why not learn how to do it better? There are many ways to get into rock music!

You can listen to all of the popular songs off-tunes or in order, which helps you hone your ear for melody. This is good if you are more skilled at recognizing melodies than creating your own.

Alternatively, you could try getting some inspiration by looking up what artists use sound effects and instruments well. For example, The Beatles used lots of synths and cowbells, so learning about those might help you pick up their sounds.

There are several great resources available free online and offline to begin exploring the art of listening to music.

Listen to rock music genres

how to start listening to rock music

Many people begin listening to music with sound chords, but not all songs have lots of strong chords. This is because some songwriters use musical phrases or riffs instead of individual notes as part of their melody or structure.

These melodies can be very catchy and usually contain repeated sounds that give the listener a sense of completion. These are called motifs and they’re what makes it possible to recognize a piece of music you’ve heard before!

When investing in your music collection, look for pieces that feature these motifs or parts that stick out like nails. If you find one or more such sections, listen to them several times until you understand how the artist built his or her song around those components.

Once you do, write down the lyrics so you can refer back to them later. Also, read up on the artists’ past works so you know who they are like and what styles of music they produce.

This way, when the next song you want to learn comes on, you already have some context about it.

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