J Alphabet Pronunciation

Posted by Mike Schumacher

The letter ‘J’ is one of the most popular letters in our language. It even has its own pronunciation! Many people call it as the “You” or “I’m In Love With You” sound, but this isn’t quite right.

The correct way to pronounce the letter ‘j’ depends on where the word is located in your sentence. For example, if the word ends with -ly, then you say the ‘d’, not the ‘t’. So, instead of saying, for instance, the word _student_ like so:

Studenty students studenty students

Say: students dstudents dstudy students

QED (that’s a quick explanation of each part)!

There are some other tricky sounds that contain the letter ‘j’. These include the words, ‘judge’, ‘jump’, and ‘job’. When these three words are said together, they create the sound like, ‘oh goog!’

So, the correct way to speak the word ‘bicycle’ would be: bik-uh-GEEN-sis. Not buh-GAHN-SISS. Or bee-ZHEENSIS.

We could also make the word ‘yesterday’ into the phrase ‘yezzatry dayz’. Nope, don’t do that either! That’s just wrong.

P is a vowel

The letter ‘p’ is one of your vowels, which are sounds like “buh” or “mah” you know when someone says their voice is rising? That is our perception of how loud they are speaking!

A word that starts with the letter ‘p’ is pronounced as either a phi (like the sound made by rolling up paper into a thin sheet) or a pi (the way we say cheese!).

A perfect pronunciation of the p in prance does not exist. Some people drop the e at the end to make it more close to a fie but that is wrong! If you wanted to be very exact you could also use both tones, but most people do not even recognize there is a difference between the two.

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