J Alphabet Song

Posted by Mike Schuck

There’s an old song that parents can really help their kids learn to read by using the letter sounds correctly. It goes like this: “J is for jelly, milk, and juice. Yay!”

Too bad it doesn’t say anything about K being for keep going, even though I just learned your middle name is Kevin. Or H being for hope, because you made me laugh so hard my stomach ached.

It also ignores L being for let go and relax, which are great tips when you’ve been reading for hours and your eyes feel like they’re gonna pop out of their sockets. (I know – we all have those days.)

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That’s why I’m introducing you to another easy way to help your child learn how to read — the alphabet song. This fun little ditty teaches children the order of the letters in words and helps them associate printed letters with spoken sound.

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