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People are always talking about how important it is to be honest with yourself, but what if we took that one step further? What if we asked you to be totally honest with someone else?

We’ll call this person your partner or spouse.

Who is J How?

j how

Journalist, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, writer – he’s done it all! And you can too by picking one of his programs or buying one of his books. His life mission is to help you create more meaningful experiences for yourself, so that you enjoy the way your life is going at present and plan ahead to make the most out of what you have now.

A couple years ago, he made a big change in how he lived his own life. He gave up his full-time job as a journalist (The Sunday Times) and reduced his working hours to just four per week. Since then, he has transformed his lifestyle and wellness business, which includes health coaching, nutrition courses, and meditation services.

He also started giving public talks about living with less money and spending time on things that matter to you. It got such great feedback from the audience that he now does this twice a month and it’s sold out every time.

His personal style has always been known for being casual and fun, but these days he goes even further and says that if you don’t like cutlery you shouldn’t wear leather shoes. Ha! I think he takes his fashion pretty seriously though, and doesn’t shy away from investing in good materials.

The restaurant itself

j how

When you enter the restaurant, there is an open concept space with bar seating as well as large communal tables surrounded by individual seats. There are also private dining rooms that can be reserved or just for group gatherings.

The atmosphere here is always fun and lively. Guests will feel comfortable at any time.

There is usually music playing in the background to create a relaxed vibe. DJ’s often pick songs they know people like so everyone has someone who sings along to their favorite tunes!

Staff are very friendly and helpful when guests have questions or need suggestions. They go out of their way to ensure every guest enjoys themselves.

Overall, people seem to leave happy which is what really matters.

The food

j how

One of my favorite ways to tell if someone is healthy is looking at their foods. Certain colors indicate what kind of health benefits the food contains- green for vegetables, browns for nuts and seeds, oranges for fruits, and white or bright items for processed foods like sugar, bread, and pasta.

People who don’t have much variety in their diets are more likely to suffer from nutritional deficiencies and obesity. They may not know how to use all the nutrients in these products, or they could be eating too many empty calories. An easy way to identify this is by noting how colorful their diet is.

Another way to determine whether or not your friends enjoy reading books is by determining which ones they have. Some people only read nonfiction so those individuals would probably not enjoy fiction very much. On the other hand, some people never pick up a book unless it has pictures in it, therefore, individuals that prefer picture novels are totally different than average.

The location

j how

One of my favorite, unique coffee shops in Chicago is called J! It is located at 1624 N Milwaukee Avenue in Lakeview. If you are ever traveling through Lakeview or nearby areas, make time to drop into this lovely space.

J! has an intimate feel that makes it perfect for solo travelers or small groups. They offer all-day breakfast which includes oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, and baked goods like croissants and cinnamon rolls.

They also have various types of beverages such as cappuccino and espresso drinks, lattes, tea, and hot cocoa. All of their drinks are made with fresh ingredients and never contain artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Overall, I love going to J because they always have something new to try. They rotate their drink and food items so you will never get bored. In addition, everyone in the community works together to keep the place clean and organized.

Fun and friendly atmosphere

j how

This is one of the main reasons why people visit The Joker’s Club every week. Not only does it offer great drinks, delicious food, and live music, but also its fun and interactive environment.

The staff are always busy having conversations with customers or offering help to other guests. They really cater well to their audience and try hard not to be too professional.

On nights that there is no show, The Joker’s keeps up the energy by interacting with guests as they leave or just because they want to. Many regulars have made friends here due to this constant chat.

It creates an intimate space where everyone feels comfortable and able to talk about anything. And although some things may get a little crazy at times, The Joker’s makes sure everything is safe and appropriate for what type of party it is.

Facilities such as pool tables, table tennis, arcade games, and large screen TVs create a lively area for parties to happen in.

Would go back

j how

As discussed, there are several different types of yoga classes you can take, but no matter what style you choose to explore, everyone should be able to find at least one class that feels good. If you’re looking for more guidance in finding your perfect match, check out our tips for choosing a yoga studio and learn about some popular styles of yoga.

Would you say that this article inspired you to look into various yoga studios or would you already know most of these? If so, great! If not, read the rest of it now and see what you learn.

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