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As seen with our introduction, music is something that has always inspired people to create new things. It can motivate you to work out, help keep you awake while studying or sleeping, and even inspire you to make your own!

Music has also been a source of inspiration for artists and designers who use it as a tool to convey an idea or message. Technology companies use music in their logos because it appeals to the senses and stimulates emotion.

In this article, we will talk about one such artist and designer – Jordan Howe. Who he is, his artistic style, and how he incorporated music into his logo and business identity are all important information you need to know.

Read on to learn more!


Jordan Howe is a graphic designer, entrepreneur, and musician. He is well-known for using music as a powerful tool to emphasize his designs. Starting off doing album covers and packaging layouts for bands, he eventually made the transition to designing full logos and brands.

He is most famous for incorporating musical instruments and motifs into his design projects. These include color schemes which feature specific colors related to music (such as red for energy), and typography that looks like notes and lyrics.

Howe has designed several products, including web development tools, mobile apps, and furniture. All have integral music to accompany them, emphasizing the importance of music in his career.

J Howells Baking

j howell music

As we all know, baking is an incredible source of pleasure for most people. When you develop your skills as a baker, you can create mouth watering desserts or even bake something new!

Many individuals start learning how to make sweets from watching YouTube videos or reading cookbooks. While this is great for getting started, it will not give you the full picture of what you should learn.

There are many different types of bakers that have various specialties. For example, someone may only teach you how to make vanilla cakes, but they might never tell you why using coconut oil instead of butter would be better in some recipes.

These experts usually have their own website and/or social media pages where they share their knowledge. By viewing their posts, listening to them talk about food, and looking at their pictures and materials, you can get a good idea of who they are and what they offer.

J Howells Antiques

j howell music

A few years back, one of my favorite places to visit in San Francisco was the area around Van Ness Avenue and Market Street. I would stroll down any number of side streets and stumble upon a treasure trove of cool junk!

A lot of people enjoy buying old things because it gives them a sense of nostalgia for what time period the item comes from. Or maybe they just like looking at pretty objects with rich history.

Whatever your reason is, if you are ever traveling give yourself some extra time to search out antique treasures! Luckily, there’s something for everyone — whether you’re looking for rings, tchotchkes or even furniture!

One of my favorites discoveries was this little music box. When I picked it up, it played “Happy Birthday To You.” It was so perfect that I got it home right away!

It took me about two weeks to source this piece. All of the pictures I found online did not do it justice; it was very hard to tell how beautiful it was without seeing it in person.

J Howells Art

j howell music

This artist is all too familiar to most music listeners! His unique style has made him one of the top singer-songwriters in America, with his songs being well known both within the industry and outside of it.

Howell began writing songs when he was very young. At that time, he wrote poetry instead. He later shifted towards singing and songwriting and now he can be heard in various styles. Some say his lyrics are motivational while others describe them as heartwrenching.

He is best known for using metaphors and imagery in his songs. These include references to nature, animals, space, and technology just to name a few. Many people refer to this as how he writes ‘poetry with numbers’.

His talent as an artist is undeniable and he continues to grow in popularity due to his catchy melodies and lyrical content. When he is not touring or recording, you will likely find him doing something artistic such as painting, drawing, or sculpting.

J Howells Diamonds

j howell music

There is an incredible jewelry collection at JDiamonds that goes unnoticed by most people. The collection consists of diamonds in various shapes, sizes, and styles to match any budget.

Many do not realize these gems are natural formations that occur deep under ground. They grow as minerals seep out and combine with other elements to create beautiful stones.

The diamonds you will find here have been ethically sourced and certified as such. This means they were mined according to international standards and regulations. These rules include how mining impacts the environment and the workers’ rights.

Their production doesn’t involve using heavy machinery or chemicals which limits the amount of air pollution and water contamination. These measures help preserve the local habitat and cut down on waste products left behind.

J Howells House

j howell music

Located in west London, The J Howells House is an intimate music venue that has seen some incredible performances over the years. It was opened by owner John (J) Howell in 2003 as his personal hang-out space where he would play for friends and enjoy music himself.

Since then it’s blossomed into one of the best underground music venues in Europe! With impressive lineups and spectacular sound quality, there are never any empty seats at the house.

It was listed as one of Britain’s top five small rooms to see a band in our Top 50 Venues series back in 2017, with Gigwise calling it “one of the most consistently excellent live music spaces you can find anywhere in England”.

In recent times, it’s been home to everything from indie folk to hip hop to thrash metal to funk to disco – even celebrating New Year’s Eve with a DJ set by legendary dance musician Nile Rodgers!

What makes this place so special isn’t just its intimate feel or great acoustics, but also how much it means to those who attend. Many people have made significant connections while hanging out here and many more have left feeling inspired after a musical experience.

Not only does The J Howells offer a safe environment free of distractions like alcohol or drugs, it encourages conversation and interaction between attendees which usually comes up during the breaks.

J Howells Jewellery

j howell music

As jewellers, jewellery designers or just lovers of all things sparkly, there are few people who don’t know at least one jeweller by name. Most have heard of Tiffany & Co., Ben Ong Studio, Olivia Burton, Claire van Zyl and so on, but what about everyone else?

Well, I’m here to talk about one such artist!

Her style is very unique and she doesn’t like being categorized as anything other than that. But we can refer to her as a neoclassical jeweler, neo-romantic jewelry designer or simply art piece maker!

Artists such as this create pieces that appeal to both your heart and mind. They strive to use only high quality materials in their designs, which often include diamonds, silver and gold.

But not every design needs to be over-the-top expensive; even something simple will do its job well! This article will talk you through some tips for creating your own artistic gemstone jewelry.

J Howells Liquors

j howell music

As we grow older, we begin to realize that life is not about being more like the people around us, but rather it is about being less like them.

It is about living in your own way, spending time with people who make you feel good about yourself, supporting others as they pursue their dreams, and doing things that matter to you, instead of chasing what other people have or how much money they have.

It is also about realizing that some people are not worthy of your attention, energy, and love. You can choose to invest in people who make you feel good about yourself, or keep yourself available for those who do not.

This will be very hard at times because we all need connections from time to time. But if you want to maintain your mental health, you must learn when to hold out and keep your heart protected.

J Howells Men’s Apparel

Finding quality men’s apparel can be tricky, especially if you are not very well-trained in fashion. There are many different brands that offer great products but most of them are expensive!

Luckily for all of us who love finding new styles to admire, there is an easy solution! You can learn how to dress like a pro with our article here at BestUndiesForYou.com!

In this article we will talk about some top brand clothing lines for guys and why they are worth checking out. Then, we will discuss some major retailers where you can find their merchandise.

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