Most Hated Musicians of All Time

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Having haters is the unfortunate consequence of being a superstar. It goes hand in hand with amassing a legion of fans. One is as likely to lose clout as easily as they are likely to shoot to heights of fame in Hollywood.

Often a singer or a band is at the receiving end of hate for simply being too successful. At other times, the hate is justified and is based on bad behavior offstage.

Whatever the reasons may be and whether they are deserving of the hate or not, here is a list of the most hated musicians of all time. All the people on this list receive a very strong reaction from fans and haters alike:

Justin Bieber

justin bieber

The golden boy of modern pop, Justin Bieber also happens to be the most despised artist globally. His music video ‘baby’ has consistently been one of the most disliked videos on the internet.

Although, initially, the hate was excessive and unwarranted, Justin’s behavior gave plenty of reasons to his fans to disown him. From thrashing his neighbor’s property to acting rowdy with the paparazzi and  getting arrested for DUI, this lad has made very poor life decisions.

The alleged rumors of cheating on his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez did not help with his reputation either. However, Justin seems to be making amends. We just have to wait and see if this is just another phase or Justin is indeed a reformed man.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love has a strong presence wherever she goes— sadly, most of this presence makes people feel eerily uncomfortable.

Although unjustified, half of the hate directed towards her comes from grunge fans that somehow hold her accountable for a great loss to music. However, she is also criticized for her poor parenting style, constant substance abuse and unruly appearance.

Courtney’s tale is truly tragic. She is often blamed for Cobain’s heroin addiction. Whether she is a victim or a villain, it is uncertain. However, her most hated musician status certainly makes her part of our list.

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus

In early 2010, after Hannah Montana ran its course, Miley Cyrus became a target for critics, who labeled her as troublesome and insensitive. After she shed her squeaky clean image to become a gyrating mess, many fans disapproved of her.

Miley Cyrus was no role model like Hillary Duff and she made this clear with her uncaring attitude and a surge of controversies. Her spats with female rappers and her scandalous performance on the VMA was also met with extreme criticism.

In 2013, with the release of her new album Bangerz, she was also accused of cultural appropriation. MIley, however, distanced herself from rap genre in 2017, but was once again called out for trashing the hip hop culture.

Chris Brown

chris brown

Chris Brown’s remarkable talent as a singer and dancer is overshadowed by his abusive past. The gifted singer was embroiled in a shocking and disgraceful scandal in the late 2000’s, the effects of which still scar his career. The singer ended up in court on charges of abusing his ex girlfriend Rihanna.

Since then, Chris Brown has been regularly featured in gossip columns for his many encounters with the law. From alleged assaults with weapons to being held for inquiry on suspicion of rape, the singer has been unable to clear his public image.

His violent streak has not only stalled his once thriving career but has also made him one of the most notorious and hated names in the music industry. Ironically, Chris still enjoys a loyal following that chooses to overlook his shortcomings, thus awarding him some relevance as a musician despite his struggling career.

Paris Hilton

paris hilton

Paris Hilton is disliked mainly for having no particular talent. Her claim to fame is apparently her lineage, her heir status and her supposed ignorance of Walmart ever existing. Her dimwitted and vapid persona boasted on reality series also gets her no extra credit. Besides this, there has been no proof to legitimize her image as a performing artist in Hollywood.

In fact, her performances have been lackluster. She is hated by many people simply because her music is just considered awful.

AXL Rose

axl rose

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 12: Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses performs live on stage at Allphones Arena on March 12, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Tame and disciplined are two words you would never use to describe AXL Rose. This famous musician is known for his wild behavior and diva-like ego.

Possessing every possible flaw which makes a person unlikable, such as arrogance, egotism and superiority, AXL is considered a giant inferno of self centeredness by fans and critics. His deliberate attitude broke apart one of the biggest bands in the world ‘Guns N Roses.’

For this very reason, AXL Rose takes the crown of being one of the most hated musicians of all time.

R Kelly

r kelly

Possibly one of the biggest stars of the 90’s, R Kelly’s career has gone downhill and with good measure.

His interest in underage girls was an open secret during the 90’s, as his marriage to a 15 year old singer Aliyah hit the gossip columns. Although the marriage was quickly annulled, R Kelly’s interests have only grown relentlessly, while the age bracket of his victims has grown smaller.

The singer was allegedly accused of being involved in terrible acts in 2000. From the things that surfaced, pictures of underage girls, pedophilia and abuse top the list. If the sheer numbers of troubling allegations against him are any indication, then this singer deserves his spot amongst the top most hated musicians of all time.

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