Music Industry Scandals: 7 Shocking Stories You Need To Know

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Scandals have a tendency to ruin reputations and careers. In the music industry, scandals have even been known to end lives.

Sadly, there have been several music industry scandals in which someone involved in the business was sexually assaulted or harassed. These incidents have sparked national conversations about harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Several high-profile figures in the music industry, including top executives and famous musicians, have been accused of sexual misconduct or assault. These stories have made headlines for several years, especially around the time of the Me Too movement that took place in late 2017 and early 2018.

Unfortunately, many cases involving sexual assault or harassment in the music industry go unreported due to the stigma surrounding these types of incidents. Many victims are afraid of how their accusations will be received and whether or not anything will be done about it.

This article will discuss seven shocking stories involving sexual misconduct and assault in the music industry that you need to know. These stories range from older cases to more recent instances occurring in today’s society.

One of the most infamous music industry scandals of all time

Music Industry Scandals: 7 Shocking Stories You Need to Know

Pop music superstar Madonna has been making waves since the 1980s, with hits like “Like a Virgin” and “Vogue.” She is one of the most famous and successful music artists of all time.

Along with her musical success, Madonna has been involved in several scandals throughout her career. Some of these include the 1994 fashion photo shoot with nude models resembling Madonna and Jesus, her relationship with model Georgio Armani and how that affected her career, and her controversial book titled “Sex.”

During a photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar in 1994, Madonna posed on a wedding throne while dressed as a bride. Behind her were nude models that looked like angels surrounding her, seeming to support her as the new bride. The shoot was meant to convey the new status of being married, but it did not go over well. Many people saw this as offensive due to the resemblance to Jesus and his Twelve Apostles.

The Rolling Stones and their debaucherous tour

Music Industry Scandals: 7 Shocking Stories You Need to Know

While the Rolling Stones are widely considered to be one of the best bands of all time, their tour from 2003 to 2005 is not remembered very fondly.

The band was notorious for their partying and drug use during their early years, but this time, it was the band’s members in their mid-40s that were partying hard.

Fans reported seeing guitarist Keith Richards stumbling on stage and nearly falling off of his stool while playing. He also appeared to be extremely drunk during performances.

Also reportedly drinking heavily and taking drugs on tour was bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts. According to reports, Wyman left the tour early due to his disdain for all of the excessive drinking and drug use.

On top of that, lead singer Mick Jagger was reportedly having an affair with model Kate Moss while on tour. The two even reportedly got married in a secret ceremony, only to divorce a few months later.

The downfall of legendary singer Amy Winehouse

Music Industry Scandals: 7 Shocking Stories You Need to Know

If there’s one thing the music industry is not short of, it’s scandals.

They seem to happen every other week, or even more frequently than that. Scandals involving drug use, sexual misconduct, and corruption are all too common.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior tends to be glorified in the entertainment business. That makes it even more crucial to remember that these people are human, and that their fame comes at a cost.

Among the many scandals in music history, some are quite shocking. These include the downfall of legendary singer Amy Winehouse, a hip-hop star who reportedly suffered from mental health issues before his death, and another rapper who was accused of committing murder.

The death of Prince

Music Industry Scandals: 7 Shocking Stories You Need to Know

In April 2016, the world lost one of the greatest music legends of all time: Prince. The singer, songwriter, dancer, and artist passed away at his Paisley Park home at the age of 57.

Prince was known for his innovative music style as well as his secretive nature. He was famously sued over copyright infringement when his song “Love Symbol” was discovered to be very similar to a previous song. He claimed it was a new original work, but the court found that this was not true.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous lawsuits filed against Prince regarding alleged copyright infringements. Many artists have claimed that he used their work without permission or compensation and took legal action as a result. Some of these cases were settled out of court.

In one case, a California musician named Mara Rogers alleged that Prince stole her song “Uptown” and changed some of the lyrics to create his own song “Uptown Downtown.” She filed a lawsuit against him in 2001, but it was dismissed in 2003.

A look at Mariah Carey’s rocky career

Music Industry Scandals: 7 Shocking Stories You Need to Know

Mariah Carey is one of the greatest pop singers of all time. She has a five-octave vocal range, which means she can sing from very low notes to very high notes.

Carey began her career in 1990 and quickly became a star. However, her success would be challenged many times over the years as she faced a number of scandals that threatened to ruin her reputation.

Several of these scandals involved her relationships with men, including her ex-husbands and backup dancers. Some were more serious than others, but all had some effect on Carey’s career.

The first of these scandals came when Mariah divorced her husband Nick Cannon in 2009. Reports emerged that Cannon had been cheating on Carey with a male model, and that the two had engaged in homosexual behavior in the marital bed. This obviously caused some tension between the two, and damaged Mariah’s image as a faithful wife.

Revelations about sexual misconduct in the industry

Several music industry scandals have involved allegations of sexual misconduct. These include the death of singer-songwriter Prince, who was found dead in April 2017 due to opioid overdose, and the New York Times and Daily Mail reports that he had a double life as a gay man that he tried to keep secret.

Additionally, several women came forward with claims of sexual misconduct against hip-hop superstar Jay-Z. The allegations came out as part of his divorce proceedings with his wife, Beyonce.

Other music industry scandals include Sony Music CEO Russell Simmons being accused of multiple instances of sexual assault, and the death of rapper Tupac Shakur being connected to his rivalry with East Coast hip-hop group Death Row Records.

You can read more about these stories below. Several other music industry scandals have also occurred over the years, impacting both the artists and their fans.

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