Musical Alphabet Show

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This week’s musical alphabet is something fun and different. Rather than having you identify each letter of the alphabet as a song, we’re going to do it by category instead!

As you may have guessed, our categories are inspired by music. Each group of letters will be one such song that fits into its genre very well! What an interesting way to learn some of the basics of music theory!

This article contains important information so please read it carefully before proceeding. There are links at the end for you to explore more easily.

Letters of the musical alphabet

musical alphabet show

Let’s look at some letters! The next few paragraphs will be each one followed by a question. What will they be?

The first letter is A, the second B, and the third is C. How about we learn their names together?

A is the initial sound that most people speak with when breathing air. This is our universal language. We all understand it because we all have lungs to hear it.

B sounds are made when lifting your stomach or chest up. For example, when singing or dancing. Or doing exercises like crunches or push-ups.

C is the noise you make when exhaling after being still for a while. Like when sleeping or sitting down.

These three sounds combine into one thing: phonetics! That’s the study of how humans use sounds to communicate. Now let’s practice!

Start listening to a song and try to recognize what letter each note is. You can do this out loud or alone in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter. Just listen and write down which notes are which letters.

Musical terms you should know

musical alphabet show

Many people are familiar with some of these musical terms, but few understand what they mean fully. If you’re looking to truly master music, then it is necessary to be very well-informed about all of them!

This article will go over ten important musical terminology that every musician should know. These include concepts like rhythmic patterns, notes, scales, chords, and more. After reading this article, you’ll have a solid base from which to begin learning more about music!

Disclaimer: The following articles are intended for readers who already have a general understanding of music and the English language. If you do not, we suggest starting with our beginner’s lesson pack or one of our other primer series before diving into this content.

The following 10 terms will be discussed in detail, making sure you are completely understood both logically and grammatically. To make sure you have mastered these, take a look at our review questions section at the end of each subsection.

Popular songs based on the musical alphabet

musical alphabet show

Many people have made song lists based on the music letter system. These are often referred to as “musical alphabets” or “song list strategies.” Some of these include the greek muses, blues notes, major key songs, r&b notes, etc.

All of these systems focus on one thing: finding your internal compass or what you want to do with your life. The term ‘internal compass’ refers to what type of person you are. People who feel that they know how to make things work outside of me help me find my internal compass.

This can be tough sometimes since I don’t always agree with other people’s actions and decisions. But for the most part, I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter too much what someone else is doing with their lives because we all will deal with our own set of problems in different ways.

Popular bands based on the musical alphabet

musical alphabet show


Musical instruments

musical alphabet show

Now that you have learned some of the basics about musical equipment, it is time to get into more detail!
As we have seen so far, every instrument has its own special shape or configuration and tonal qualities. Instruments are made out of different materials which help determine how they sound.

Some examples include wood, metal, plastic, and fluid (water-based) substances such as brass or copper. The way an instrument is constructed determines what tones it can make.
For instance, a violin is made from wooden strips which combine with each other and the skin to create various notes.

A guitar uses strings and fretboards to achieve different sounds. The quality of the string and thickness affect the tone. The bass is just like the floor – it does not have a top! haha.

Famous artists

musical alphabet show

Artists are very creative, so there’s no reason you can’t be too! There are many ways to get into artistic expression. Some of the most popular forms include painting, drawing, sculpture, music making, and writing. All these art forms come from our natural creativity, so it is not uncommon to find people who make their living as an artist.

Many great artists have made a name for themselves, so why don’t you try to look up some of those in your books or songs? You can also learn about famous painters, musicians, and writers by looking around online.

There are many educational sites and YouTube channels with tips and tricks for aspiring artists. It is never too late to start creating, so enjoy all the resources that exist out there and pick one or several to focus on. Having a talent for something is wonderful, so do what you love and believe in and hope things take care of themselves.

Famous albums

Many consider The Beatles’s 1967 album, A Hard Day’s Night to be their break-out record as they began to achieve mainstream success. It features songs such as “And I Love Her,” “I Want To Hold You Close,” and “Tell Me What Is Wrong.”

The song “Can’t Buy Us Time” is an example of how humor can play a major part in music. This song is very humorous because it makes references to everything from space invasions to politicians that are not trustworthy.

Music has many powerful tools at its disposal for changing emotions and expressions. When used effectively, this ability can strengthen your relationship with others and help you deal with difficult situations.

Famous songs

musical alphabet show

Many people are familiar with some of the songs in the music genre, but what about knowing all of them? It is possible to know almost every song ever written if you understand how music functions as a language. This way, you would know who or what inspired an artist to write a certain song, and you could even create your own songs!

Music has lyrics that tell a story, usually involving emotions and concepts. When listening to a song, what parts of the lyrics do you focus on? For example, when someone says I love you in a song, they might emphasize the word love, or they may emphasize the rest of the phrase “I love you”.

Some musicians use metaphors and analogies in their lyrics to convey a message or describe something. A few examples include Cat sat on the table, you can eat me up, or The room was full of people and only one person stood out. These are called metaphorically richly-developed themes or ideas.

A parallel theme occurs when two things resemble each other, such as tall stories resembling falsehoods. An example of this is the song I will never forget, where the narrator tells a short, dramatic story that reminds him of another short, dramatic story he heard earlier. This parallel concept works because both stories share a structure – start, middle, and end.

Interlude phrases occur throughout a song, taking breaks from the narrative flow.

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