Musical Alphabet Song

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Have you ever seen an alphabet song before? Most people have, at some point in their lives! An “alphabet” song goes through each letter of the alphabet as a rhyme or sentence. For example, the song could say something like “The way to start is by saying goodbye” or “Ooh what a lovely day, it’s raining cats and dogs.”

A lot of these songs go through the letters quickly so that you can’t tell how they are organized but there is usually a big reason for putting all those parts together. The reasons vary from celebrating the starting of the school year to celebrating holidays such as Valentine’s Day or even just because it’s fun to sing!

Having an alphabet song set up is a perfect way to begin practicing your handwriting. If you’re struggling to write your name or want help getting your pen flow, this could be helpful to you. There are several ways to learn how to do cursive handwriting so this would also be helpful if you’re looking to improve your writing skills.

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

In this song, the first line is “Baa, baaa, black sheep”. The word ‘baa’ comes from the Persian word for ‘no’ or ‘die’. That makes sense since it is telling someone that their actions have caused them to die!

The second part of the lyric is also very powerful. It goes like this: “If you work hard and you really try, / Then maybe your luck will be mine”. What does this mean?

It means that even though I may not be as talented as others, if I work hard then my chances are just as good – if not better than theirs. This can apply to anything — studying, career opportunities, etc.

However, it cannot be said often enough: do not compare yourself with other people. Why? Because there is no way to know what they had going for them that made them successful.

Your success depends on you alone. You get out of life what you want by working hard and being willing to put in the effort needed to achieve your goals.

Ballad for the day

musical alphabet song


Baby, baby, baby

musical alphabet song

Let’s see what the alphabet song says about the letter D. The first word is “Daddy!” which sounds nothing like Daddy. It almost seems feminine instead. Then we have “Da-daaaa!” as in “Da da Da DA!” And then there’s “Dum Dum Dee Dum!” As in “diddle didle dingle dee!”

I think it was clever of the writer to use all these different styles and tones for this song. She gave you some tips on how to sing an alphabet song properly. Now let’s listen and compare!

The correct way to do this song is to really sound out each syllable and emphasize the right tone at the right time. But I’m not sure if people truly know how to do that. So here are some basic steps to learn this song correctly!

Start by singing the first half of the song (the prelude) twice. Then add the second part once more and put your own spin on it.

The letter “C”

musical alphabet song

The next song we will learn is called the Chiptune or chip music version of the alphabet! This type of music is known for having very fast, catchy beats with bass drops, triplets, and other rhythm patterns that stick in your head.

The first few notes are usually an octave up (a note one higher than the original) followed by two notes an octave lower. This pattern continues to go down until it reaches a rest, where there is no sound for one measure. Then it repeats!

This style of music was made popular in the 1980s when computers were becoming more widespread. Due to their easy listening nature, many people began creating chips (short pieces of computer code written to create the music) and recording them onto floppy disks or mp3 files.

Some musicians even make money producing this kind of music as it has become quite popular! Many artists have recorded songs using only chips which help contribute to its popularity.

Circle of friends

musical alphabet song

Let’s start with something simple. A circle of friendship is when you know one person well and think that they are great people. You trust them, believe in them, and feel comfortable being yourself around them.

This person could be someone you met once at a party or someone who has known you for years. It can be someone who was your coworker or colleague, or it can be family members.

It is important to remember that while there may be a small amount of things you don’t know about this friend, like their favorite movie or food tip, you do not need to know everything about them.

If you have a circle of friendship, keep trusting them and invest in relationships where you both understand each other and enjoy spending time together.

Can’t hold me, I’m too tough

musical alphabet song

“Tough” is not a word often associated with music, but it fits for this song! This fun musical alphabet song features catchy lyrics and rhythms that any child can enjoy. The rhythm of the song makes it perfect for little kids to learn and sing along to.

The song starts off with the letter “B” and goes down by one note each line. At the end, it adds an extra tone then drops back down one note. For the last B, it drops two notes instead of one!

This brings us to our first tip – try changing the key your singing in or adding some more notes at the end of the songs. Add an A after the second to make it go up a whole step, add a C at the very end to keep dropping by a third.

Cellophane smile

musical alphabet song

The next song is called “Cellophane Smile”. This one is very catchy, and it sounds like something that would be popular in the 1980s. It also contains some interesting lyrics which include references to cars, boats and airplanes!

The music and lyrics of this tune was written by Robert Martin (he wanted to call the song ‘I Like Cars’ but his publisher thought differently). He actually wrote this song for someone he did not know well who had just got their driver’s license.

In the lyric, the person mentions how they can now drive safely because they have received their license. And then the singer drops the cellophane smile onto the car window as they drove away!

Martin later included this song in an album he made about life lessons and experiences. Sometimes we lose focus quickly after achieving a goal, so make sure you keep your smiles for a while! These songs will always stick with most people.

The letter “D”

musical alphabet song

Let us begin with the letter D, for dancer. This song is very rhythm oriented and requires you to keep time while singing along. When the song says my feet are moving I agree!

The lyrics tell the story of someone who wants to be more involved in dancing, so they go out and buy a pair of dance shoes. After buying them, however, they realize that they are too big and uncomfortable. It is not comfortable enough for people who already know how to dance to help you learn how to dance!

This can be an annoying drawback as you try to learn how to dance. Therefore, the next line tells you to take off your old sneakers and put the new ones on instead.

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