Name of Drum Set Brands

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Have you just started picking up the drums and are looking for kits to buy? If so we’ve put together a list of popular drum sets and our two-cents about them.

It can be a difficult choice, since drums are a very personal item. You also want to make sure you are getting the best for your money, so we’ve taken that into consideration when putting together this list.

Tama is a good brand for beginners

Tama, is always ahead of their competitors. Without a doubt they offer some very fine hardware. 

The team behind Tama drums must have thought out every detail prior to manufacturing. Numerous big names endorse Tama in their higher models, but their cheaper models sound great for the price.

I can go on and on, but I’ve never been dissatisfied anytime I’ve sat behind a Tama kit! 

If you like jazz, Sonor may be for you

The shells and the drums of Sonor kits are outstanding when we’re talking about toughness. Sonor kits are the drummer’s drum set. 

They aren’t super costly either. I wouldn’t exactly call them inexpensive, however their cost is economical and the quality is so dazzling. Maybe other brand names like pearl, Yamaha, Tama and others are far bigger maker of drumset however Sonor is much better than those drumsets.

this is an outstanding brand name and its quality is very high which is assessed its sound My Sonor set sounds incredible – better than any other brand I’ve played. In addition, simply by taking a look at how well the set it constructed programs that it is greater quality than other brand names such as Pearl.

The all-around beast, Gretsch

I’ve spoken with lots of drummers over the years and the majority of agree that Gretsch is either the very best or second-best make ever. Gretsch kits can accustom any kind of music from jazz to heavy rock. If you’re a beginner I would suggest a Gretsch kit, their sound quality and feel would invite a newbie easily.

I’ve used a lot of drum sets, but when I played on a Gretsch set I never heard a drum set seem like that, alive, and best whenever, really, the only drum set I ever utilized that in fact came alive for me. 

Remarkable quality that only pearl can match, great tone and feel to the toms. Cost-effective shells, affordable hardware & excellent size variations.

Pork Pie packs a punch

I heard the Pork Pie kick drum and the depth of tone that it had and understood I needed to have it.

I bought a set 3 years back and have never looked back. I have had Pearl, Tama, Ludwig and DW sets and the Pork Pie set blows them away. 

Their custom build drums are signed and dated and their service is remarkable. The snare drums sound so powerful it’s almost unbelievable. They also have really cool finishes. 

Ludwig is a solid choice. 

Ludwig is one of the best drum sets out there and they have a very famous sound making them and history to them, dating back to the 1930s. Their construction quality is on the top and they provide better value than most of the other huge premium drum companies out there.

Their drums have a really unique, complicated warm, fat, yet airy percussive punchiness oozing with tone and harmonic intricacy that are quite unique to them. Many other drums do not have that type of tone. A lot of all of the biggest drummers all have actually utilized Ludwig. 

Pearl makes some great drums

Pearl drum sets, from the beginner sets to the pearl masters and referral high-end sets, deliver terrific sound quality, shell and hardware quality. They are also relatively cheap. 

Depending on the model you can get more bang for your buck. 

DW construction is unbeatable

Almost nothing beats DW in regards to construct quality and hardware design.

They’re punchy, yet resonant with smooth overtones and are among the easiest drums to tune I’ve ever had. Incredible drums and an incredible feel when you play them. They make playing easier, because everything you play just sounds incredible.

However they are on the expensive side, so take that into consideration when making your decision.

C&C drums are one of a kind

These drums may not be household names however they are kings in the custom drum world. Many big indie bands and touring legends (including Ringo Starr) have rocked these kits.

They are not at all on the cheap side, but if you are looking for something special check this company out.

Zildjian makes awesome cymbals

Zildjian is a great cymbal company with decades of experience. Even their cheaper cymbals I’ve been impressed with. 

Going way back to the 1960s, drummers were tearing up the kit with Zildjian cymbals and to be 

honest, those cymbals sounded heavenly.

Dream Bliss is a fantastic cymbal company you may not have heard of

Dream Bliss cymbals are incredible for the price. They are thin cymbals with a warm and dark tone which work great for rock as well as jazz. 

The great thing is they are usually about half the price of other cymbals I’ve seen, and I prefer them more!

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