Names Of Different Drum Beats – A Deepdive

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss names of different drum beats.

Since there are different types of drum beats such as snare, tom, snares, floor, cymbals, and a whole lot of others, it is important to understand the differences in each one so that one can associate and practice accordingly.

This will enable the drummer to play with the rhythm and hence will be able to play various types of songs and other different types of drum beats.

1. Kick drum

man learning drums

Its name basically means there is one kick sound during a song. The kick drum is usually played by a snare drum and occasionally a tom, which can also be played by a bass drum.

This can also be called the slow and slowest of all the percussion sounds. It is said to be at its basic fundamental sound that is used as the foundation for the rest of the drum beats in a song.

2. Snare drum

Also called as resonant, it is the loudest and loudest of all the drums. The sound generated by the snare drum is loudest during a hit.

3. Cymbals

It is the sound that results when the body of the cymbals hits the surface of the drum. This cymbal sound can be both high and low in sound, depending on the kind of cymbals one is using.

There are different types of cymbals like a bass, resonant, floor, ride cymbal, ride, crash, and sometimes a ride crash cymbal.

4. Floor cymbal

The floor cymbal is played by hitting a cymbal on the floor with one’s feet.

The vibrations of the sound are known to be carried out by the floor and are felt by the people standing on the ground.

5. Toms

This type of drum is usually played by hitting the cymbal or toms with one’s hands.

There are various types of toms available in a drum kit, which is known as a snare drum set.

6. Drums

This is basically the drum kit.

7. Trumpets

Colorful jazz concert

The trumpet is used as the highest sounding sound of all the instruments, and the best way to produce this sound is by blowing the trumpet.

This is done either on the flugelhorn, or on a French horn. This is known as a very loud sound and is also called the mark of beauty, as it is one of the most recognized sounds in the world.

8. Saxophone

This is the best type of saxophone to play. They are said to produce an extremely high pitched sound.

9. Guitar

Guitar is another instrument that is used to produce a very high-pitched sound.

The advantage of playing guitar is that it is used to play a multitude of different instruments like the flute, trumpet, saxophone, etc.

10. Piano

A piano is another instrument that produces a very high-pitched sound and is also called the mark of beauty, because of its sound.

List of drum drumming lessons

drummer playing live

There are many ways to learn how to play drum beats.

However, when it comes to learning drum beats by ear, a few drum beats can be learned by just listening to the song or watching the song in order to get an idea of how to play it.

Here is a list of drum beats that one can easily learn.

1. Intro:

This is one of the most important and best drum beats that one can learn. It is the introduction part of the song.

2. IV:

This drum beat means the I-V chord progression. It is played at a tempo of around 170 bpm.

3. ii V:

This is a simple drum beat that can be learnt easily by playing it over a backing track.

This is a powerful and a strong drum beat that has a lot of funk and it will also give an audio-visual experience to the listener.

4. IV IV IV:

This is a simple drum beat that helps to warm up the player. The notes are played with a simple drum beat.

5. 5C:

This is a rhythmic drum beat. It is played by hitting the bass drum with the hi-hat as a single drum. It helps to improve the rhythm and timing skills of the player.

6. VIII:

It is a drum beat that goes up and down using drumsticks. It is easy to learn and easy to play.

7. xyw:

It is an 8 beat drum beat and can be played in various tempos.

8. x,y, z,c x,y,z,c,

This is a drum beat that is fast and is played in a simple way. It is also easy to learn and can be played on the drum kit as well.

9. i, i, i, z,i, i:

This is a drum beat. It is played with different drum beats and different actions. It helps to improve the fast rhythm and speed.

10. i5:

It is a drum beat that is played with varying tempo. It is a simple, but a powerful drum beat. It also is played with a simple pattern.

11. i7:

This is another example of a drum beat. It is played with a drum beat in quick succession, which is used by beginners to improve the speed and skill of the player.

12. o7:

It is a drum beat that helps to strengthen the technique of the player. This is a simple, yet an easy drum beat that can be used as a part of a backing track or just a part of a song.


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