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Posted by Mike Schumacher

I’ve gathered together twenty of my favorite new songs for you to listen to this week! These tracks will appeal to all music lovers, whether you are a novice listener or have been listening to music for years. Some may even make you dance or sway your body to them!

Many of these songs come from artists that people already know and love, but they still sound unique and powerful. This is because the artist put their own personal touch into the song and/or recording studio technology was used to create an effect that fits the song.

Some may not be familiar with some of the singers or musicians who contribute to the songs, which also adds another layer to enjoy. They might recognize a voice from TV, film, or sports, or maybe it’s just plain beautiful. Either way, they have done something incredible with their art!

I hope you enjoy these twenty new songs as much as I do! If there’s a song you particularly like, leave a comment below and tell me about it.

Twenty One Pilots – “Ride”

Twenty one pilots have released their new song, ‘Ride’. The track is an upbeat bubblegum number with some funky bass drops. It’s got some catchy lyrics as well.

The music video for this track features lots of flashy effects and vibrant colors. There are also some interesting choreography elements in it! All these additions add to the fun factor of listening to the song and watching the video.

Overall, I think this song is pretty entertaining to listen to. If you like songs that make you want to dance or do something energetic, then try out ‘Ride’ by twenty one pilots.

Taylor Swift – “ME!”

new songs on the rock fm

As you probably know, Taylor is currently in the midst of her Red Tour which has seen her perform several songs off each album as well as some new tracks. One such song is called ‘ME!’

This new track comes after she released the song “Delicate” back in May. The lyrics for this new song seem to be about asking someone if they want to do something with you before doing it, and also asking them how they feel when you’re not around.

It seems like she’s referencing past relationships that ended due to one person being too dependent on the other. She wonders whether or not he/she wants to keep things going because they need your attention and love.

I think it’s great she wrote this song because it can help others who may find themselves in similar situations. It may even give people who have lost faith in their relationship an opportunity to rekindle the spark.

Ed Sheeran – “I Don’t Want to Love You But I Do”

new songs on the rock fm

In this song, he seems to ask if you want to be his girlfriend or just be friends. He says that although he doesn’t want to love you, he does want to make sure you are happy.

He also states how he would never hurt you and hopes you can find what you’re looking for somewhere else. All of these things indicate that perhaps he is not completely confident in your friendship, but wants to keep trying.

He may feel insecure about loving you because he worries it will hurt him more than help him. This could be due to past experiences with romantic relationships or fear of losing you again if he invests in you.

Whatever the case may be, he really wants to know if you want to be more than friends so he can decide whether or not to let himself care about you.

Lady Gaga – “Perfect Illusion”

new songs on the rock fm

With her new song ‘Perfect Illusion,’ Lady Gaga is bringing back some of the glory that made her famous in the first place. The track is an electro-pop number with lyrics about chasing dreams and believing in yourself.

The music video for the tune features Gaga interacting with different people throughout their lives. At the end she comes together with all these individuals under one roof, where they enjoy the song and celebrate their accomplishments together.

Gaga clearly has a strong passion for helping others succeed and encouraging them to believe in themselves. This is why she is so well known! Her songs always emphasize this message.

Artist: taylor lyon – « I will show you »

Song: taylor lyons ft michael balden — i will show you (feat.

Eminem – “Won’t Forget You”

new songs on the rock fm

Em does some serious soul searching here as he looks back at his life, both past and present. He wonders if people will remember him after this album is released, whether they’ll think of him as The Artist Who Failed or just As Himself. In this song, he seems to lean more towards the second option.

He tells himself that he won’t forget you, but then immediately follows up by saying how much he misses certain things about your personality. This ties into the idea of failure as mentioned before. People may still associate you with what you failed to do, not what you did accomplish.

You see it happen all the time- people get famous for something and then later on they fade away because nothing really changes about them. They are who they were before so others move on from being inspired by them.

Taylor Swift – “You Need to Calm Down”

new songs on the rock fm

As always, Taylor is serving us some of her best songs! Her new track “You Need To Calm Down” was released on May 6th and it’s an empowering song that encourages listeners to put more focus into their lives instead of constantly looking at the phone or computer screen.

Swift seems to be taking a break from writing music she feels needs help lifting other people up and giving them hope for a brighter future. This is evident in the lyrics of this song where she calls out people who are not in control of their emotions and actions.

She also asks questions such as why they keep talking about how bad their life is when they spend all day thinking about how much money they make. It is very clear that Taylor does not agree with these individuals and she wants everyone listening to understand that you need to learn how to manage your own happiness and stress.

Her voice sounds extremely powerful when she sings certain lines like “I’m trying to teach myself how to feel less stressed out but I don’t think I’ll ever succeed”. You can definitely tell she has done this type of work before and knows what she is talking about.

Ariana Grande – “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”

new songs on the rock fm

After her jaw-dropping performance of ‘Dangerous’ at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, it seems like Ariana has officially found her own style! The singer released her new single ‘Breakup with your girlfriend’, which is an upbeat track that encourages other people to break up with someone they are no longer interested in.

The song features lyrics such as “You’re not enough for me/ You’re just not interesting anymore” and “I’m bored, I want more”. It also asks if their relationship can survive after a breakup, and suggests breaking up instead of trying to keep things together.

Ariana wrote the music and lyrics herself, and she produced the recording of the song alongside Ryan Rosato and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Ali) of Epic Records, who both helped develop her career.

Ed Sheeran – “Shape Of You”

new songs on the rock fm

As we all know, Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest music artists in the world right now. He has had an incredible career so far that includes seven number one songs and two Grammy Awards!

His latest song is called ‘Shape of you’ and it was released on March 30th 2018. It is not only his most listened to song on Spotify, but it also broke some records.

The song reached #1 in over 40 countries around the globe making it his third consecutive global smash hit. The lyrics refer to someone who is always thinking about their love life which makes sense as this song is about relationship relationships!

It is very romantic and catchy with great vocals from both ESheen and Justin Timberlake.

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