Organ Rock Music

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Have you ever heard music that sounds like it was written especially for your soul? A lot of people refer to this type of music as “organ rock” or “church music.” Some artists even include their stage name which includes the word “Organist” in them!

There are several reasons why organ rock is such an incredible genre to listen to. This article will discuss some of these reasons, along with some interesting facts about the musician who created many of his songs using the piano, guitar, and/or voice as additional instruments.

I hope you enjoy listening to some organ rock while reading this article, and feel free to share it with others if you choose.

Popular organ songs

organ rock music

Many people know popular organ music by their song or chorus, such as “Happy Birthday” or “O Come All Ye Faithful.” Others may recognize pieces of an organ piece by how well musicians play it. For example, someone might be familiar with the bass line to the organ song “Prelude in A Major” because they heard it in another context.

There are many reasons why people enjoy organ music. Some like the way the instrument sounds and the different melodies it can create. Other parts of the song use rhythm which some find soothing.

Some lyrics include messages about hope for life or faith in God. These types of songs make listeners feel good and hopeful. Organs were a common musical instrument before electronic instruments took over, so there is something special about this instrument that makes it appealing.

Less popular organ songs

organ rock music

There are many great organ songs that are not well-known. You may have never heard of some of these tunes, but they are just as good if not better than more famous ones!

Many people recognize the song “O Come All Ye Faithful” by Charles Wesley or the song “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. But there are several other less known organ songs that you can learn for free online or via YouTube.

You do not need to be trained in music theory to appreciate these songs, nor do they require much instrument knowledge. Some even consider them easy because they follow a simple chord structure!

These types of songs can help bring balance to your life. According to research, music has an effect on our moods and emotions. By changing the tone of your mood, different organ songs will allow you to relax and enjoy something new.

Top organists

organ rock music

Many professional musicians play the instrument of music as their main source of income, working in concert halls or recording studios to make enough money for food and clothing. While most famous artists were trained professionally at an early age, some top organ players have never received formal training but instead picked up the craft by practicing and teaching themselves.

There are many great professional organists around the world! Here we will talk about five of the best – let’s take a look.

1.) Larry Harney

Nationality: American

Professional name: Professor Larry Harney

Larry Harney is one of the greatest living organists you’ll ever meet. He has been playing the instrument his whole life, starting when he was six years old! His talent quickly set him apart from other children his age, earning him invitations to perform at church services and recitals.

He later began taking lessons on the piano before moving onto the harp. It wasn’t until high school that he decided to give the organ a try, completely out of habit. Luckily, he loved it immediately!

Since then, his skill has only improved with time. Not only does he play beautifully, he also teaches himself new things constantly! For example, he recently learned how to use software to compose and edit pieces.

Harney’s first paying job came at the young age of seventeen, performing during a Sunday service at his local church.

Top organ composers

organ rock music

Many people know music from the big names like Mozart, Bach, or Beethoven, but there are actually quite a few top organ composers in history! Some of these greats include:

Frédéric Chopin – His compositions feature rich melodies and touches that emphasize rhythm. He is known for his use of third-scale tritone licks and arpeggios.

– His compositions feature rich melodies and touches that emphasis rhythm. He is known for his use of third-scale tritone licks and arpeggios. Olivier Messiaen – Like Frédéric he used rhythmic patterns to create beautiful sound, however he mixed it up by using unusual instruments such as the glockenspiel, harmonium, and autoharp.

He also experimented with timbre, which is the quality of a sound determined by what material it is made out of. For example, notes that are struck hard have higher pitch than ones hit lightly.

William McDowell – His music is characterized by its fluidity and natural flow. He incorporated modes into his pieces making them more accessible to listeners who do not play an instrument.

Top organ recordings

organ rock music

What is an orchestral instrument?

An orchestra has many different instruments that play separate sounds to create music. The most well-known of these are the brass, such as trumpets or horns; woodwinds like flutes, clarinets, and oboes; and strings, such as violin, viola, and cello.

But what if we were to take away one of those other instruments? How would the song work without its key component?

The answer is the organ! The organ is typically thought of as being more church oriented, but it was originally designed for entertainment purposes. It’s not uncommon to find organs in bar rooms and theaters where they can be used for listening to music or for advertising.

Many musicians make use of the organ when practicing their own instrument. Since it produces similar tones to some of the other instruments in an orchestra, it helps them hone their technique. This is particularly helpful since the organ usually takes longer to master than others.

There are several reasons why people enjoy recording an instrumental track using the organ. One reason is because it gives the listener a feeling of relaxation. When you remove all of the other instruments except for the organ, there isn’t anything else for your ear to listen to. Only the sound coming from the organ exists, creating a sense of calm.

Another reason is so people can learn how to play the organ.

The best organ albums

Many people consider jazz to be all about improvisation, but there is one element that many musicians typically include in their music that goes beyond just playing what you know off-the-top of your head!

That element is called an instrument group or instrumental piece. A instrumental piece is when an artist writes a melody, rhythm, and/or licks for a certain instrument (like the flute) and then they work with others to play those parts as fast or slowly as needed to create a sound combination.

The most famous examples of this are pieces like “Happy Birthday” for the piano, where someone else adds the other melodies and rhythms before it is played by everyone. This way, the musician doesn’t have to start from scratch creating the song, which can take hours!

Some songs use this technique more than others, but I think every album should at least contain one such song if they want to be considered true artists.

Examples of organ in movies

organ rock music

Over the past few years, there have been many great examples of the dramatic use of music in film. A large part of that is due to the rise of the soundtrack album. However, even before soundtracks were an integral part of filmmaking, movie makers made frequent use of musical instruments. One such instrument is the orchestra-sized piece known as the orchestral score or “orchestration” (no pun intended).

The term “orchestral” typically implies big band sounds, but it can also refer to choir pieces and/or individual instruments such as piano or guitar. In fact, some would say that the popularization of radio involved using orchestras more than anything else!

Many filmmakers these days add their own unique touch to this type of scoring. Some take inspiration from the original work and slightly tweak it, while others create new parts to fit the scene and add additional flavor. Either way, they are usually very well received by audiences.

One such example comes to us today with our list of ten songs that feature the organ.

Examples of organ in TV shows

organ rock music

Over the past few years, there have been several instances where the music department of a show has featured an orchestel or orchestra-like instrument that is not necessarily considered to be a stringed instrument but rather something else. This special instrument is typically played by one individual per scene and almost always features a rich sound!

Many people refer to this unique instrument as an “organ”.

The reason why it gets this name is because it looks like an old fashioned pipe organ. These organs had pipes going up and then coming together creating different shapes and patterns. Some even have keyboards attached to play more complex chords!

This concept was brought to life through technology and designed to mimic that musical style.

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