Q Alphabet Song

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Have you ever noticed that every child seems to learn their initials of the alphabet at around the same time? A kid would know what an H was, then maybe a G and so on until they learned how to spell the word ALPHABET!

Most children seem to learn their ABC’s in order, but not always. Some kids may be taught M or P before A, for example. But most often, everything goes in order from A to Z.

Why do some children learn their letters in order while others don’t? There isn’t one reason why this happens, but here are some theories.

It’s just the way things work. Kids who learn their letter patterns later probably spend less time teaching themselves new letters and more time learning other material. This can make them feel left out because they’re spending time catching up instead of moving onto the next letter.

Kids who learn their letters later also might not see the importance of knowing their first few letters. They could think any word with those letters is easy to understand and add little incentive to practice them.

Some parents forget about educating their kids about the importance of literacy when lessons come too quickly after each other. It can feel like a whirlwind where nothing gets focused on enough.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter if your kid learns their ABC’s in order or out of order. What does matter is that they learn how to read and write.

G, H, I, J

q alphabet song

Let’s do an alphabet song! Start with the letter “G.” What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of green? Grass? Planting a new flower bed? A garden?

That’s right! The letter “G” is one half of the pair that makes up the color green. Green is made from both blue and red colors. So what is the next un-greenable thing? A pure white item, of course!

Start singing out loud (yes, really!) as quickly as you can without losing any notes – “The letter ‘G’ means green like plants! Plants are green and so am I!”

Now move onto the next letter…the letter “H.” What does the word have in common with green? You guessed it! It’s also another color that we find everywhere around us. What color is this?

If you said orange then you’re very close! The opposite side of the green color scheme is called the “violet” or sometimes just “blue” color scheme. Oranges belong to this family too because they contain some measure of each of these colors.

To make a more vibrant use of oranges, try mixing them into other shades of colors.

K, L, M, N

q alphabet song

The next letter is my favorite of all! What about you?

I have an alphabet song that starts with the letter K. Let’s try it out together: “The key-key-kloo k to reading is k to life, k to learn, k to know how to do, k to be happy, k to make yourself giggle”.

The second word is fun, which makes sense because the first letter is actually FUN! This song teaches people how to read, which is very important if they want to take advantage of education opportunities. It also helps them enjoy themselves, which is always a good thing.

The third word in this song is GRIN, which means to smile or laugh. I think we can agree that someone who is smiling or laughing more will feel happier. Therefore, this song could help anyone achieve a healthier mental state. 🙂

Now let me tell you some things about the letter M.

O, P, Q, R

q alphabet song

The next word is easy to say! It’s our second letter “O” of course!

Let’s try it again with our third letter “P”. You can probably tell what this syllable sounds like already!

And now our fourth letter “Q”, which also happens to be one of the most popular letters in kids’ games. What does this sound like? Ayyy…

Finally, our last letter “R”, which we know from before is pronounced like bear (with no h). So how do we say that word using the lal-la pattern? Errr…

S, T, U, V

q alphabet song

The next letter is an acronym for something that starts with the word Sit. This something is called Statue.

The word itself comes from the Latin words statuare, to set up or establish in position. In this case, it refers to setting someone down as stillness.

This is not only true of statues but also of people who have a profound effect on you. People who make you feel calm and relaxed make your body relax and sleep well. They are what we call “statue” makers.

Having a person like this in your life can help you focus on staying focused and being more peaceful.

It can be a friend, parent, teacher or significant other. It doesn’t matter which one, just find someone who makes you feel calm and steady.

And don’t forget about yoga! Yoga has a lot of benefits, including calming effects. Try doing some breathing exercises, practicing relaxation, etc. Also, try practicing yogic principles such as meditation.

W, X, Y, Z

q alphabet song

The next letter in our alphabet song is definitely not like the others! This one goes as follows:
T-I-N-G-E-D – this is an easy word!

The first three letters are pretty straightforward, but what about the last two?

They both contain the -ED suffix which means to make something done or completed.

For the second half of the word, we have ting so therefore the whole word is “tending”!

This is a very common way to pronounce the word ‘think’.

Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, Stop

q alphabet song

As you can probably tell, I am not very creative when it comes to organizing my toys! Luckily, creating educational games is an excellent way to organize and enhance learning while also being fun. In this article, we will be looking at one such game that does both of those things exceedingly well!

The game is called A-Z Game and it teaches your children how to read by having them play as either an animal or vegetable in a game where they must make sound effects using the letters of the alphabet.

There are six different levels in the game which increase in difficulty as players progress through the set curriculum. Each level requires the player to add additional sounds to certain words depending on what letter the word contains.

For example, at the first level the word “cat” only has the sound of the l o ttter so there is nothing for the child to use when trying to create the s p e c i f ic e effect. At the second level the word cat contains the l u g h t t r a n d so there is already a sound used for that letter.

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