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Posted by Mike Schumacher

As we learn about music in elementary school, we usually get taught one or two of its major genres- such as pop, rock, jazz, classical, etc. These are very helpful in defining what kind of music people listen to, but they can sometimes limit your listening experience.

Music is so much more than just these five types! There are an infinite number of styles that use elements from all of these main ones, making it hard to refer to them as “major” genres. A genre like punk uses some pieces of rock, blues, and other musical forms, while also having lyrics that emphasize social justice and equality.

We should always strive to expand our music palette, exploring different styles and finding new things we enjoy. In this article, you will learn about eight (8) amazing and unique subgenres of music that contain totally unexpected element(s).

The Beatles

queen rock music

After meeting at an early music festival in England, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr formed a band together. They recruited their friend George Harrison to be their lead singer and guitarist. With these three as the main writers of the songs, it was only natural that they would eventually recruit another talented musician to join them.

Their musical style was mostly influenced by rhythm and blues and folk music. However, what really set them apart from other artists of the time were their lyrics.

They wrote about personal relationships, politics, religion, and all-around topics that were not typically discussed in rock music back then. This is why many of their songs are considered to be beyond genre.

Some examples of this include Let It Be‘s famous lyric “What have we got behind us? What are our dreams for future?” and Yesterday’ has lines like “Yesterday when I could barely stand/I needed something, someone, any way to feel alive” and “Tell me who can make me feel strong again.

Bob Dylan

queen rock music

In just over five years, Bob Dylan has sold more than 50 million records worldwide. He is one of the most influential musicians in popular music history. His songs have inspired many artists to create their own music and style.

Many consider him to be the greatest songwriter of all time. Many others believe that he is not a true musician at all but rather an artist who happens to write songs.

He was famously reluctant to accept his status as a major musical figure. Even after becoming well-known, he would still refer to himself as a singer instead of a writer or performer.

However, with every new album he releases, his status as a creative force grows stronger. It seems impossible to separate his lyrics from the way they inspire other writers.

His melodies are always memorable and his voice has become so iconic that it shapes how people perceive artists of all genres. His distinctive sound has also influenced later singers’ styles.

Dylan is famous for constantly developing his craft and exploring different genres and modes. This constant experimentation has led to his current success while also inspiring future artistic approaches.

He once said that if you want to get good at writing, read lots of books and listen to lots of music.

Led Zeppelin

queen rock music

When you say that someone is one of a kind, you mean it! There are not too many people in this world who can claim to have inspired an entire generation, nor are there very few who know every song they put out like the vast majority of music listeners do. For those with acute ears, their songs consistently win praise for both their lyrics and vocal performance.

Led Zeppelin was quite possibly the greatest collection of musicians ever assembled under one roof. The reason for this lies in the fact that each individual member has left behind pieces and fragments of themselves within almost every album.

These parts combine together to create something greater than the sum of its parts; these individuals infused what genre or style of music they originally played into what we now refer to as “Led Zeppelin”.

Their musical legacy continues to live on through various projects and reinterpretations, leaving fans around the world to admire and explore the depths of their talent while also adding new layers to the original concept.

Jimi Hendrix

queen rock music

As we all know, Jimi Hendrix is one of our favorite musicians to listen to. He was known for his flashy wardrobe, experimental music styles, and explosive guitar licks. But what many people don’t realize is that he didn’t start playing guitar until he was in high school!

He didn’t begin practicing seriously until he was 20 years old. At this time, he was already experimenting with different instruments like bass and drums, but it wasn’t until he picked up a six-stringed instrument that things really took off.

Hendrix eventually perfected his skills enough to perform at several prestigious music festivals. It is said that his famous lightning bolt guitar solo was inspired by an electrical charge he felt while holding his guitar.

His talent quickly caught the eye of other artists who wanted him to play along with their songs.

Frank Sinatra

queen rock music

As we discussed earlier, rock music was not your average genre before the 1960s. It consisted of mostly lyrics about love and relationships with little to no musical influence or references that do not relate directly to it.

But then something happened. Artists started incorporating rhythm into their songs, which influenced other musicians to do as well. More importantly, these artists infused their songs full of energy, syncopation, and rhythmic patterns that linked together.

These types of songs became popular due to the unique feeling they gave you. They make you feel good and/or energetic!

Frank Sinatra is one of those artist who made an impact in this area. Not only did he write some amazing songs, but he sang them with passion and presence. His style has been imitated many times since his death over 30 years ago, but none have quite matched him.

His singing voice is among the most recognizable around today. He had a deep, rich tone that people are still talking about more than half a century later.

He also possessed what music theorists call “color” or intensity in his vocals. This means his lower register was not just strong, but extremely powerful. This quality gives his songs even more depth and appeal.

Michael Jackson

queen rock music

As we discussed earlier, music has always served as a tool for expression. Artists use their craft to convey messages or ideas to their audience. It is not limited to stories or songs with lyrics, but can be total experiences.

Music created by artists such as Michael Jackson allowed for an immersive experience. His songs and albums were so well-crafted that his listeners could lose themselves in them completely. He was very creative when it came to both songwriting and musical styles.

His songs often mixed different genres together, creating unique hybrids. For example, his song “You Have Been Chosen” mixes gospel, dance, rhythm, and blues, and funk into one powerful track!

He also incorporated references into his songs where other songs would inspire him. Two of my favorite examples are “The Girl Is Me” and “This I Know.” The first samples parts of Marvin Gaye’s classic song “What Happened To Our Dream?” while the second uses interpolations from Toni Braxton‘s hit song “Breathe (Me Again).”

These references show how much he listened to music and how much he loved great songs made by others. He wanted to create his own pieces of music, which is why he wrote many of his own hits.

One of his most famous songs is called “Beat It.

Elvis Presley

queen rock music

When you consider the span of time that some artists have, it really does put things in perspective. For example, look at what happened to Elvis after he left the Army! He was totally unprepared for his next step when he left the service.

He tried acting but failed miserably. He had no formal training so he taught himself how to sing and play guitar. Luckily, he picked up singing quickly since he already knew how to do it.

He then took music more seriously by practicing every chance he got. Before long, people were listening to him perform songs they never heard before. His style mixed classic tunes with new sounds which made him very popular.

His popularity continued to grow as he performed for large crowds all over America. It is said that he sang like no one else because of his ability to connect with his audience.

Many musicians today still use parts of his vocal technique such as taking breaths or using vibrato (the way your voice shakes while singing).

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