Ray Chen to Giveaway 100 Kennedy Violins in Practice Challenge on Tonic App

Posted by Ben Heckler

Renowned violinist Ray Chen has announced an extraordinary giveaway of 100 violins from Kennedy Violins, a leading supplier of student and professional string instruments. This news broke following a captivating and entertaining video of an event at the Colburn School, where Chen challenged students to a unique competition—participants attempted to outplay the virtuoso on specially modified violins (with configurations such as reversed strings and abnormal tunings) to win a prize of $50 or a $1500 Kennedy violin.

The giveaway will take place on Chen’s app, Tonic, starting March 18th. Tonic users have a seven-day window to accumulate practice hours and listening XP. The top 100 users displaying the most dedication between March 18th and 25th will each receive a violin from Kennedy Violins, fostering their musical journey.

Tonic, founded in 2020 by Ray Chen, is a cutting-edge platform designed to transform the solitary practice sessions of musicians into an engaging and communal experience. It aims to make classical music more accessible and enjoyable, connecting musicians worldwide. The app allows users to host live practice sessions, participate in community events, and engage with a global network of music enthusiasts.

This giveaway not only highlights Chen’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians but also showcases Tonic’s pivotal role in building a supportive and dynamic music community. Over a million live Studios have been created on Tonic since its inception, with users from over 130 countries contributing to its vibrant and creative atmosphere.

For a chance to win one of the 100 Kennedy violins, download the Tonic app and start practicing today! Embrace this unique opportunity to enhance your musical skills and become part of a global community that celebrates the joy of music.

Check out the full video of Ray Chen at Colburn here: https://youtu.be/ctIbXWIHVXo

About Ray Chen

Ray Chen is a celebrated, international concert violinist, known for his captivating performances and innovative approach to bringing classical music to wider audiences. With a passion for education and community engagement, Chen continues to inspire young musicians worldwide.

About Kennedy Violins

Kennedy Violins is known in the US as the No.1 supplier of high-quality violins and string instruments to both students and professionals. Their long-term commitment to excellence and education aligns with Chen’s long-term vision of supporting musicians at every stage of their journey.

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